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Friday, October 2, 2015

L'oreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation : W6

I am investing in good drugstore foundation. Since L'oreal Tue Match has been a topic of beauty bloggers in recent months, I  have decided to try it for myself and see if it will work on my oily skin. 

The shade I got, unfortunately is 2 shades darker than my skintone. I watched reviews on youtube and read beauty blogs to know what might be my shade is, but still got the wrong shade. I really thought that it will 100% perfectly match my skintone, but NOT!!
Anyway, I am still going to use this foundation specially during summer. And whenever I bought again a wrong shade of foundation in future (lighter) I can mix it with this foundation to achieve my perfect match.

Price: This is being sold at the L'oreal stall in malls for P600 pesos, but I bought this online for only P350.00 only + shipping fee. I saved almost 40% off the srp.

Packaging : The bottle is made of glass but not the fragile one. I mean it's not heavy. But you still have to be careful since it may broke once it fell off on you hands. It doesn't have a pump so be very careful in dispensing out the product.

Shade : Base on their website it has 33 shades available (from Cool, Warm and Neutral undertones). So that's a wide selection to choose from. I have the shade W6 but I do believe that the perfect match would be W3 or W4.

Texture : It's liquidy. That's all. hehe

Coverage : Light to Medium. It's very blendable and buildable. You can layer this foundation but I don't since it's a little bit sticky. It has SPF17 which is nice, and yes it doesn't give you white cast on pictures! It can cover minor blemishes, and pores are less visible.

Application : You can use any brush or tools that you want since the foundation is very blendable (very true to what it claims). 

Longevity : 4-6 hours for oily skin like me. But if you have a good primer this might stay for up to 8 hours. Powder is needed since it doesn't claim to beat oiliness. It also transfer on tissues and clothing.

As you can see, it's darker than my skintone.
It also has micro shimmers, but it's not that visible when applied on face. I think the reason why they added shimmers is that, to make the skin glow. I think it suits those who have morena skin.

Comparison to my other foundation:
Left to Right:
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation (0)
L'oreal True Match Foundation (W6)
Covergirl Outlast Foundation (842)

You have to wait for several minutes to let it set on your skin. Make sure to apply powder on top of it to set it specially if you have oily skin like mine. I still like this foundation, though it isn't smudge proof and it did not match my skintone, the blendability is what I really love about this foundation. Plus, it doesn't give you a white cast. Maybe if I got the perfect shade, I would definitely use this as my everday foundation at work. It will works best with dry skin.

Some of the selfies wearing the foundation

Monday, July 27, 2015

Casio Couple Watch: A178 Gold and Silver

I love makeup, but I also have affection with accessories like watches. Last year we bought couple watch (which doesn't look alike) from Zalora, but since we wanted watches that will suit on formal attire, we decided to buy last January a pair of digital watches from Keeperph via instagram.

Casio A178
These watches are actually unisex. Mine is gold and silver for le bf. 

Casio  Illuminator A178 Silver : P1,300.00
Casio Illuminator A178 Gold : P1400.00
No shipping fee since they offer meetup.
Gold is just plated. Both are shiny and lightweight. You won't have hard time adjusting the bracelets because you can adjust it by yourself with the help of a fork :P

It has crystal display, dual time, alarm chrono and 10 year battery. Of course it is made of stainless steel and water resistant.

The only thing that I don't like with these watches is that, it isn't scratch proof. After wearing it for 2 days I already seen a lot of small scratches around it's display, but it isn't that noticeable. I still love it because it can add elegance to whatever you wear.

Thank you to the seller of these watches for replacing the silver watch! Madaling kausap :)

How bout you, do you own casio watch?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ever Bilena Fierce Red Lipstick

My original plan is to buy a MAC lipstick, particularly torn between Ruby woo and Russian Red, but my conscience told me not to buy it, "kuripot ka! Wag kang bibili ng mac lipstick". hahaha that's why I ended up on buying this instead.

I love red lipstick, but I notice that I don't have that much reds in my lipstick collection, so why not try the red lipstick from Evebr Bilena. My first purchased in this matte collection was the Ever Bilena in Scarlet which has orange undertone.

I am actually planning to get the love that red, but the SA told me that it was oos so opted to this one.

It's Fierce Red. Of course it's matte which I love.

It is a true red with a little bit of blue undertone which is nice because it brightens up your face and doesn't make your teeth appear yellowish.

The picture above looks like a bit of magenta-ish, I don't know why but it is actually a true red in person. Below picture is taken with flash, and I've been wearing the lipstick for more or less 2 hours.

I really love the lipstick. It looks sophisticated. It may be drying to lips (most matte lipsticks do) so make sure to exfoliate it first and apply lip balm prior to applying this. 

Overall, I really love this shade. But I still wanted to try ruby woo and russian red, someday I will buy myself one. :) hehe Sana!

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