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Friday, February 12, 2016

Caite Couple Watch

BF and I love watches. We've been seeing a lot of couple watches online, but when we saw "Caite" (kai-tee), an affordable brand of watches (not really sure but internet says it's from Japan), we went to nearest mall where it was available, and fortunately, when we went there, Caite has 20% discount on watches if you buy 2 pairs. Steal!!!

Only few pairs were available that time so we ended up buying this pair:

 It's a stainless watch, water resistant, quartz movement with chronograph for design purposes only.

I love their packaging, hindi tinipid, it has its own box and watch pillow. There is no manual included in the box, since this kind of watch doesn't need an instruction anyway.

The watch is lightweight, but very prone to scratches. The stainless they use was not high quality, the edges were bit sharp. These watches look expensive upon first look. 

This is le bf's watch.

 And this is mine.

The saleslady adjusted the bracelet to fit our wrist.  

It still looks decent and not cheapipay right? 
Would you believe that this cost P369.99/each? Plus we got 20% of the total price! Swak na swak to para sa mga students!

We decided to wear this during special occasions. It might get a lot of scratches if we wear this everytime. So, have you seen or bought watch from this brand?

Anyway, we also have Casio couple watch review HERE and another casio sporty couple watch review HERE.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Beauty Cosmetics Dianne Brush Set

Ever since I fell in love with makeup, brush set has been on my wishlist for a very long time. I don't want to buy cheap brushes at department stores or those replica ones because I don't want my money to go to waste. So when I had extra money, I decided to buy myself a brush set from Beauty cosmetics. 

By the way, last year beauty cosmetic brushes were available at Robinsons Galleria, but after visiting it for 5 times, brushes were always out of stock. I don't want to buy online because I have to pay extra 100+ pesos for the shipping fee (kuripot eh). Then, I went to the Podium since beauty cosmetics informed me that dianne brush set is available there. Fortunately, there is only 1 set and I texted them to reserved it for me. And there I have my very first brush set.

So here's Dianne Brush Set.
Sorry, if some of the brushes are dirty, I did not wash them before taking pictures.

Diane Brush set comes with 12 synthetic brushes, 4 brushes for face and 7 for eye area/eyebrow and 1 for the lips. But of course you can use it whenever and whatever you like.

Size is medium, not too long and not too short, you will have a very nice grip when applying product to your face using these brushes.

Face brushes are : |LEFT - RIGHT| 

Brush handles have brand labels on it. I also love that it doesn't fade even after several cleaning. It also has shimmers on the handles which make it look elegant and expensive.

Small Brushes : 
Angle Liner brush | Liner Definer | Eyeshadow flat shader brush| Bullet brush 
Small Blending Brush | Round Blending Brush | Angle Brush | Concealer Brush

Closer individual photos:

Powder Brush - This brush is comparable to artist studio brush from Landmark, but this one is more softer and not scratchy, It blends powder perfectly.

Flat top Brush - Or buffing brush is use when applying liquid foundation.

Stippling Brush - can also be used in applying liquid foundation with very light coverage. You have to stipple it while applying the foundation to avoid streaks and cover your pores.

Angle Blush brush - this angle brush helps you to find the contour of your face. You can use this in applying blush to your cheekbone and contour your face with the help of your bronzer.

Small Angle Brush - this brush can be use in contouring nose, blending eyeshadows reaching the part between your eyelid and browbone.

Large Shader Brush -People with big rounder eyes will enjoy using this shader brush. It can apply enough amount of eyeshadows. But personally, I use this as blending brush.

Blending Brush - but me thinks it is a bullet brush, and almost similar to large shade brush. I don't know why beautycosmetics made these two brushes almost looks the same. But nonetheless, you can use this on your own preference.

Small Blending brush - this brush is a little thinner than usual blending brush. It's perfect for those who has small eyelids.

Flat Shader Brush - this brush can be use in packing eyeshadows, focusing on the eyelids. You can wet this when applying glittery shadows.

Concealer Brush - this brush is a little bit thinner and longer than the flat shader brush. It can be use in applying concealers and highlighting the browbone area.

Brow / Eyeliner Brush - this one is slanted to make eyeliner/eyebrow product application easy. Brush is soft and very much helpful in applying waxy eyebrow liners.

Lip Brush - of course you can use this in applying lip products or even using it as gel liner applicator.

Well, you can use the brush anyway you want. That's what I am doing with my brushes. I am not really enjoying using the small brushes (except for the slanted brsuh) because I am not that good in applying eyeshadows so I usually use the big brushes for my foundation, blush and contouring. I enjoyed this brush set, and it feels like you're a professional makeup artist when you have a complete set. Tehehe.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

I love matte foundation. So I decided to try this foundation from Maybelline since it was on sale the time that I bought it in Robinson's department store. I won't make this post long, so here is my review of the said foundation.

Price : Originally at P499, I got this for only P350.00 together with Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara (review soon). I don't usually buy foundation in malls because you can buy online for almost 30-50% off the srp. But since it was on sale, and I have the chance to choose the perfect shade for me, I decided to try the foundie and found my shade.

Shade: I am not really sure how many shade it has, but I only saw 2-3 shade available in the Maybelline stall, and I am in the shade "Medium 0" (light beige) which I think is the best match for my skin tone. It was really hard to choose the right shade! One of the hardest thing ever!

Packaging: It's heavy and bulky. Unsanitary. You have to dip you hands to pick up the foundation. Use spatula to scoop the product.

Texture: It's mousse so it's thick. During the first month, the foundation is very smooth, then after 2 months of using this, the mousse started to form into granules. I don't know if it is normal.

Coverage: Coverage is light to medium. But I really like the finish because it is matte and can be considered as second skin. It feels really light on the skin and it has smooth finish. But it accentuate dry patches so moisturizing is a must prior to applying this.

Application: The perfect tool to use in applying the foundation is by your fingers. It can melt the mousse while making circular motion. I also tried using buffing brush, it works but it seems like a lot of product goes to the brush. It's a little bit hard to blend.

Staying power: I don't usually apply powder after applying this mousse foundation because it may look cakey if I do. I just blot the excess oil after 3-4 hours then apply powder foundation at the middle of the day, and it still looks good naman. So basically it stays for about 4-7 hours without primer (oily skin) then maybe it will last up to 8-10 hours when applied with primer and powder.

Maybelline has dryer finish while L'oreal looks silky.

Is it worth it?: Yes! This is actually one of my favorite foundation. It feels so light to the skin and it has good coverage. Price is affordable. It can be use as everyday foundation specially made for those who have oily skin like me.

It's currently on sale, you can buy this for only P250.00.!

Here's a before and after picture of me wearing the foundation. 

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