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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pinlak Falls at Infanta Quezon

The happiest summer will always be spending it with your family! Last May 1, this year, since its holiday, we decided to have our first out of town with the whole family.

We travel 3 hours from Rizal to Infanta quezon. It was a long fun ride since we rode only a tricycle and a single motor.

Have fun and enjoy the pictures I have taken while we are on our way to Pinlak Falls.

The beautiful sunrise at Morong Rizal.

From our home  we will pass by Rizal towns, such as Binangonan, Cardona, Morong and Rizal, and as we were travelling you will be enchanted by the beautiful nature that you cannot see in urban areas.

The smell of the fresh air and the warm sun rays.

I love the little baguio in Infanta quezon. Super lamig! Ang sarap!

It's like you're at the top of the world. Seeing the clouds and the mountains

And we stop over at famous Jariel's park to eat breakfast. Of course we have our baon para tipid at mas masarap magshare with your family. Salo tayo!

nephew and niece

You will surely love the break taking sceneries! . While seeing the beautiful places along the road, I was whispering to myself "nagsisiksikan ang tao sa Manila, but the real beauty is in here".

And after the long ride with lots of ups and downs road, we finally reached our destination:

It's a 5-minute walk away from the national road under the bridge:


 The water is SUPER DUPER COLD!!!

Welcome to Pinlak Falls! 

You only have to pay 300 pesos for the cottage and 10 pesos per head.

The boys are pretty much enjoying the massage given exclusively by the pinlak falls.

Mama and I cannot swim, kaya tampisaw lang. hehe

Look how clear the water is:

What a coincidence, some of our friends spent also their holiday in Pinlak, so it's double the fun! We decided to go to another falls behind pinlak falls, it was a 30-minute walk in rough, rocky road.

We hire a guide since nakakaligaw kapag first time mong magpunta.

They named it "Tolome Falls", naming it after my brother's palayaw. hehehe

And the fun has come to over, we decided to go home around 3pm since it wasn't good to travel at night. We had fun! The cold water washed away the word "summer".

Let us thank God for creating this wonderful earth.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

44 Piece Professional Makeup Palette

I sometimes offer makeup service for my friends and cousins. Last year I missed two clients because I declined to have their makeup done, why? Because of lack of makeup tools. So I decided to collect makeup palettes this year so whenever someone ask for my makeup service I am 100% ready and available.

I've been eyeing  these 3 online shops which sells makeup palettes, but since I am a "thrifty person" (hence the name of this blog) I compare the prices of their products and find out that the makeup palettes are all the same, except that the 2 online shops only change or personalized the palette to have their online shops name printed on the palette. And Glittergirl Shop offers the cheapest price so I did my first purchase of this 44 piece pro makeup palette to them.

Dirty little secret : I find out that this palette is Singapore authentic or what we all know a replica. The palette that I got from glittergirl shop has "MAC" label on it, but I know that it wasn't authentic. I wasn't actually inform that the product was MAC replica because I have seen the same palette from the 2 online shops which makes me think that it was just a non-brand makeup that they import and have their online shop name printed on the palettes. So yeah, the makeup palette that you will see below is a mac replica, it was actually just the same with makeup palette that was being sold by the other 2 online shops.

But nonetheless, I don't have regrets in buying this palette, because I really need this wide selection of colors i doing makeup look.

Here's how it looks like:

Upper Portion compose of lipsticks and concealers. It's detachable.
Lower portion of the palette compose of eyeshadows, blushes and contour/highlight.

The palette has 16 lipsticks - 6 cream concealers - 16 eyeshadows (matte and shimmery)  - 3 blushes - and 3 contouring/highlighting powders.
Youcan detache the first palette and put it at the back of the palette's lid.

Lipsticks 1-8
Lipsticks 9-16
Lipsticks are not matte, some are very pigmented and some are just  so-so lippies. I love using the red shades and the peachy shades perfect for "young-looking" makeup. The lipstick usually stays on for about 2-3 hours.

Cream Concealers
Cream Concealers - I am glad that it contains a lot of concealers. It is very important to have a wide selection of colors since your client doesn't have the same skin tones. 

Eyeshadows 1-8
Eyeshadows 9-16
Eyeshadows - Some were shimmery and some are matte. Dark colors are very pigmented. It has fall out but eyeshadow primer will surely solve this dilemma!

Blushes and Contouring powders
Blush - I love the blushes from this palette, they are pigmented. I only wish they add coral-ish shade!

Contour/Highlight powder - It isn't that pigmented but I think it's good enough since contour and highlight should be really just minimal. It's blendable and buildable.

You might not like the artificial scent of the palette but for it's price I still love this palette! I will make a saparated post for the swatches of this palette, so stay tuned!

Thanks Glitter girl shop for a super fast transaction and for the freebies!

The palette only cost P500.00 plus 50pesos for shipping fee in MM. Other shops sell this for 800+pesos.

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