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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Versatile Blogger : This is for you girls!

I saw those tagging thingy on some of the blogs that I am following. It was really fun to read such post, thou it looks like a chain message (if you know what I mean, those chain messages that you often receive on sms' are truly annoying) there's  an appreciation on each of every post.  This is how it happens, an authors needs to make a post which has questions and she needs to answer it, at the end of the post, she needs to tag several number of persons to make the same post.

And it was my very first time to be tagged by a blogger. I am so touched when Ms.Jonna of "journey of my life" posted a comment on my blog and saying that she nominated me as a Versatile Blogger. I am so happy because she did appreciate my blog. I know I am new in this thing, and I am not really good in blogging, pero she always visit my site and always commenting on each post. If you are reading this, Ms.Jonna, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for spending time reading my post and leaving comments on it. I truly appreciate. There maybe time that I wasn't able to comment on your post, but this time I promise, I will spend more time reading your post hehe :)

The rules are...
1. Nominate 10 fellow bloggers who are new to blogging
2. Let them know you have nominated them.
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4. Thank the bloggers who have nominated you in your post.
5. Add the versatile blogger picture to your post!

Here are my fellow bloggers (not really new into blogging) but you'll definitely enjoy and love their posts:
    1. Noe of "Color is my weapon"  - You will definitely enjoy her make-up tutorials while using affordable brands of make-up.
    2.  Maggie of "A Beautiful Rhapsody" - This sweet and funny girl will surely make you laugh and enjoy watching some of her videos with her pangga and helpful product reviews.
    3. Tintin of "Girl's BFF" - This sweet fb friend of mine, a busy student that finds happiness in blogging with simple tips for a student like her.
    4. Georgia of "Wake-up for Make up" - Mistisa looking girl, a teacher, with beautiful baby face share her stuff on her blog.
    5. Jes of "MakeupLove" - You will be amazed on how she do her Make-up will a step by step tutorials while using affordable make-ups too! 
    6. Angel of "Pinkoolaid" - See how she transforms into a 'gyaru' look. Get some 'gyaru tips' on her blog and you will definitely love it!
    7. Yapo of "" - Same with Angel, Yapo shares how much she loves Japanese stuff and of course the gyaru look. She even shares those Japanese fashion style. Check her blog and see her cute pink hair!
    8. Donna of "My Lucid Intervals" - The blogging atty.? Hehe this licensed atty. makes her time balance by working and blogging. Be amazed by those HD pictures of her make-up reviews and video tutorials.
    9. Shiela of "Blushbaby" - Have queries on make-up, check her blog for local and imported brands.
    10. Bee of "Bee's kyote" - Bicolana blogger. Shares her thoughts about her favorite make-up brands like Elf,  Maybelline and some kpop cool stuffs.

      I assure you guys, your click to each link is worth it. Those blogger that I've mentioned above are truly amazing!

So, this is my time to reveal those 7 truths / facts about me:

1. I am a Christian (a Jehovah's Witness). This is the very first time that I reveal my religion  to all of you,  as you may notice, you can't see any post about Christmas or New year in my blog. If you have a question regarding this, please don't hesitate to comment :)

2. I came from a poor or let's use the word 'Simple Family'. We ain't rich, so I can't showcase you those expensive products like Mac, Bobbi Brown and other luxurious products because I can't afford them, that's why I am trying to look for cheap products but worth it to try. I know, you don't have to be rich to be able to make your own blog, it's just the confidence girl!

3. I am a frustrated call center agent wanna be when I graduated in college, that's the only job that came up to my mind that's why I am very eager to become one, unfortunately, I flop on some BPO companies but I was successful on some (thou I only work there for 1 week, I really don't like sales account). I am not really good in English, so you may notice that I have a lots of flaws in my grammar, but I do believe that I can enhance my English skills inso many ways and one is  through blogging, that's why I keep on trying to post in English. But then, when I found this current job of mine, it took away my courage to become a call center agent, why? Because I feel comfortable in this work, rather than working in a CC. A lot of friends of mine are encouraging me to apply on their company, but I opted not. I love my current job :)

4. I am a moody person.  They said that I look so snobbish and mataray. But don't worry, I am still a friendly person :)

5. I've been having long nails since when I was in high-school.  But not too long, neither too short. I have this uncomfortable feeling whenever I cut my nails too short and my hands look so ugly hehe. That's why I keep my nails long but I do trim it just to keep it clean (hindi naman yung parang mangkukulam na).

6. I have not really so dark, but a little bit of dark underarm (I know it is gross, but that's the fact!) I've tried a lot of deo, those with whitening formula, pero almost all of them didn't do the job, so I stick to Nivea deo's. I have hairy underarm that's why I pluck 2 x a week and it leads me on having chicken skin (maybe that's the reason of having dark underarm, often plucking).

7. And finally, I have a crush on a person that I haven't met and see (pero ngayon nakita ko na sya, sa picture nga lang). He is one of the author of my favorite site  I don't know why, hehe pero cool kasi ang authors ng site, so it makes me curious on how do they look like, and what type of person they are, so I really wanted to meet them specially ManongGuard (that is his pen name anyway, the 3 remaining authors are Bunso, BossChip and Kulturantado). They keep their real identity for the sake of their site and their privacy. They tend to tirade kasi the government and some politics on their site, so it took me so long before I found some information about them. As a matter of fact, until now I am still on searching for the real identity of the two authors, 'Bunso' & 'Kulturantado', but thanks to my ninja skills, I finally knew the real names of the 2 authors, ManongGuard & Bosschip. But I need to keep those infos. for the sake of the authors identity hehe I still need to exert some effort to see them and meet them in person. Hoping it will come true!
And that's all folks! 
Thank you so much to all my fellow bloggers!
You girls are so amazing!
Mwa mwa tsup tsup!
Sending you some kiss,

Monday, April 23, 2012

I am the winner of Ms.Shen's Contest: Garnier Pureactive

Hi  there girls!  How was your weekend? Days went too fast, urgh, it's Monday again today!
Anyway, I have a lot of reasons to be happy this weekdays, why? Hmm last night I hang out with my High school friends and fortunately I won a contest.

LAst March 20, Ms.Shen of blogged a contest to win the new products from Garnier. I just tried to answered her question to the best that I can, and Fortunately, last Saturday she announced the winner, and I was so happy, didn't even think that I'll be the one!

 Here is the question on Ms.Shen's Contest:
 And here is my answer (Sorry if there's wrong grammar):

And this announcement surprised me last Saturday Evening!
Thank you Ms.Shen for choosing my answer. I really wanted to try those products. And I'll blog it right away after I tried them.

Thank you so much Ms. Shen!

Anyway, please do check Ms.Shen's blog, I've been subscribing to her blog for almost a year na, you will surely love her make-up tutorials and product reviews! 

Thanks for reading!
Have a nice day!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Scarlet

Are you having a good one today? Or are you hating the temperature we have today? Aw, sobrang init no?
Anyways, here's my review on Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in SCARLET.
I bought this from my weekend haul here --> SM Dept. store haul

I am very curious about the Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick, a lot of girls says that it is good but some says that it is freaking drying on lips. So I have to try it to know the real deal.
Since, I don't have a really red lipstick (Nyx in Rose is frosted & not bright red for me) that's why I was planning to buy the Nyx in Electra or Eros, but it's hard for me to purchased that, so I opted for this EB ML in Scarlet.

So here it goes, this is how it looks like, it is in a black packaging (matte din ang tube).

The color of the lipstick and the sample color outside (I don't know the term for that one, yung sample color nya sa labas) looks fairly the same.

It is in bright red with orange undertone (sana tama yung description ko hehe).  



ON MY LIPS. with Flash

  Brightness may also depend on how pigmented or light your lips are. I have a pigmented lips, a bit darker so you'll see that I have to apply 2-3 layers to make the lipstick stands out. I used lipbalm underneat (Maybelline Colorbloom) to prevent the dryness.

              •  Definitely Matte!
              •  Wearable Red
              •  Budget - friendly for a kuripot like me :D P130.00
              •  Long lasting (after 5 hours, meron pa din sya)
              •  No weird smell
              • Suits on morena or pale skin

Chapped Lips (So don't forget to apply lipbalm underneath, one layer is enough)
Minimal Stained (When you eat of course)
Fading Label (Tanggal agad yun Ever Bilena sa tube ng lippy)

And there you go. I hope this post help you to decide whether you try the EB in Scarlet. I am rating this 8/10. I am actually wearing this today!  Together with the Red Wayfarer :D
Have a nice day!
Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend Haul: Watsons Goodies baby + Chelsea Brown Flats!

Hi sweeties! How's your weekend? Just to keep this blog updated I am going to share to you my weekend haul. I only have 1000bukcs to spent. So I need to look for a very cheap flats (I really wanted to buy one, I am tired of walking on heels almost everydaY!) and a satchel bag. But, wasn't able to buy the satchel bag online cause of my brother, he accompanied me on SM, ayon napagastos sa kanya. Haha. So here's what I've got:

Sure aid Mouthwash P 45.00 (from P99.00)
Pure Beauty Cleansing Water P36.00 (On sale)
Deep Actin Shine control MoisturizerP36.00 (On sale)
Vaseline UV Lightening w/ free Total moisture P154.00
Maxi Peel No. 1 P32.00
Nivea Dry Comfort Deo P73.00
Shine Control Papers P18.00 (On sale)
Garnier Light Complete Cream P14.00
WWW Plastic Wayfarer P99.00

And hey! Don't judge this products because of their cheap price, I bet you, it works! Specially the Deep Control Mattifying moisturizer? HG! You should try it on your own! (I sounds O.A).




 Hehe, I have these wayfarer too, so cute. Got it for only 99 pesos! Sobrang init pag nagpupunta ko ng Makati habang nakaakay sa fx, atabi ni Manong driver, I really need ta shade.

Nevermind the face, at least it balances my round and big peslat!

And there you go, How bout you? Did you find some goodies last weekend? Lemme hear it through your comments.

That's all folks!
MMTT (Short for mwuah mwuah tsup tsup)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gift from an Ex-Lover

Hi there, I'm just going to showcase my pasalubong from my tita ( she was my tito's ex-girlfriend).Hehe, not my ex-lover no. LOL ^^
Gonna share to you the story thou, when she and my tito we're together, (I was like 10 palang noon) and we are very close to her, she stayed on our house for few months, she cooked for us and she even do the laundry (funny thing is, maski yung malilinis na damit nalalabhan nya) she is so masipag! She knows well how to make 'pakisama' sa amin. She's from Mindoro, she brought me there when I was 12 and I stayed there for almost a month. Aw days went so fast, it's been almost 10 years na pala. To make the story short, unfortunately, di sila nagkatuluyan ng tito ko. Sometimes, things don't work ouut. Well at least now, they both have their own family na, pareho pa nga silang may 2 kids na (a girl and a boy). Nevertheless, we should always keep on moving in life.
So, she has 20 day vacation here, and despite of the past, still, we have good communication pa din, thanks to facebook! So here's my pasalubong from her.

Zara lang yung paper bag, hehe sorry nagusot na :D

2 perfumes, actually those candies from Mark & spencers are 3 platics, my nephew already ate the  2, snickers (my fave!) and break chocs (nakain na rin yung 2) hehe

Sobrang tipidng mark& spencers sa labeling ng product ang liliit ng sulat.
this is for nanay,

I dunno if it is replica of Raph Lauren's blue perfume,  but whatever it is, it is so mabango!
Love the bottle too!

White Mush of Body Fantasies hehe may pangalan ko pa talaga
Sobrang bango neto, pero di sya masakit sa ilng, sobrang soft lang nya at nakakafresh talaga! Using this everyday at work! :)

I wil be doing a review about the 2 perfumes, and that will be the first time na magrereview ako ng perfume, mahirap yatang magdescribe ng 'smell' ng perfume. haha

That's all for today!
Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sweet Nails

with laki nguso :D
Here's my NOTW :)

I entitled it 'Sweet Nails' because I know you will surely agree that the combination of nail polishes looks like candies. I even imagining those designs on cakes. hehe 

More pictures below:
I was planning to cut my nails, and make it a little shorter, but I decided not to,because I don't have nail pile, it's hard to make the tips smooth w/o it.

Here's the closer look.

My right hand.
And these are the nail polishes that I used they are so cheap so nothing to worry di to nakakabutas ng bulsa :D, to come up with this cute nail art design, here's how:
From Left - Right: Sassy in Aquamarine, OMG in Mojito, Caronia in Sweet Surprise, Sassy in Sparkling Gold,& Sassy Colorless.
P18.50 pesos only :)

1. Apply one coat of Aquamarine on your nails. One coat is enough, we want to have a very light nails since it is frosted.
Wait until it dries a bit. A minute is enough.

A little bit of messy, mejo matagal na kasi to'. P27.00 for 10ML

2. Next, use the OMG in Mojito and do the traditional french nails. I usually do mine vertically, following the grown up nails of mine. One coat is enough since this nail polish is a bit creamy and thick. Wait until it dries, approximately 3 minutes on both hands.

Caronia, it's been my HG nail polish P30.00

3. Third, Use any matte and bright nail polish for our flowers. 
Simple tip: To come up with cute flowers, use your dotter (if you have one) or a pointed tool like ballpen, toothpick or aspile. Use your dotter of choice, dip it on to the  nail polish and make 5 dots on your nails. After doing it on both hands, use a pointed tool again like needle or the pusher (cuticle pusher) and ran it through the dots inward.
Wait for another 2 minutes until it dries.

P 18.50 pesos only!

4. The fourth step, use a sparkling or glittering nail polish for our dewy dots. Just do it randomly. Better to use a silver one rather this one. This is too light kasi so you can barely see the dew drops on my nails.


5. And finally, apply your top coat!  And voila! You're done with 5 simple steps!

** Remember, you don't need to be a professional to achieve certain nail art designs, all you have to do is a wide imagination and practice. Practice makes permanent! Just keep on practicing. 

Hope you like it!
Thanks for reading sweety!
Enjoy the vacation!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How did I fall in-love with lipstick? (Lippies Swatches)

I am not really the type of person who loves to wear lipstick. I am always afraid to wear one when I was in high school, since it is actually unnecessary to wear lipstick when you're inside the campus. Why? Because in a public school like mine, wearing lipstick is inappropriate, your teachers might scold you or your classmates might tease you. So, i used to wear lipbalms or lipgloss at that time. Me and my friends used to have the 'kikay kit' or 'grooming kit'. It contains, baby powder, ponds pink face powder (that we usually use as blush on), eyeliner, eyelash curler and of course lipgloss. The only time that I can remember when i used to wear lipstick was during my Senior's prom and graduation day. I really hated it and I am ashamed of wearing lipstick that time, maybe I am not confident wearing it. But that was before.

When I was in college, things change but in a gradual process. I still go for lipgloss, and at that point I wear mascara too.  But you can't see even one lipstick on my grooming kit. There's foundation, blush, eye lash curler, mascara, lipgloss and eyeliner, but there's no lipstick. After graduation, that's the time I decided to wear lipstick, the moment that I bought the Nichido lippy in Raspberry and found out that it suits my skin tone. So usually, I wear lipstick whenever I have a job interview or I'm going out to mall or church. 

Suddenly, things changed, when I got my first job, and have been hooked on reading beauty blogs, it affected me a lot. It makes me become more conscious about how do I look and become a make-up addict, but not really too much. So, today, I know now how to wear lipstick, and starting to LOVE them. I learned that, lipstick can really change a girl's look. It can literally change and make your face bloom. And I know now how to pair and when to use Red, Pink, and orangey lippies. I even learned how to identify its undertones. hehe 

So that's the story of 'How I fell inlove with lipstick', how bout you guys? What's your story about falling inlove with lippies? 

Oh by the way, last Saturday I decluttered my make-up organizer. And I decided to make a lipstick swatch. I am starting to collect lipstick as of now, so I only have few here.

So here's the swatches:

AND MORE PICTURES, here are the pink lipstick that I have:

pictures were taken without flash, you can se here that Nyx Louisiana really stands out.

  • Lime Crime - P900 ?
  • Revlon - I don't really know the price it was just a gift from my cousin
  • Nyx Louisiana - P140
  • Aido - P100 with eyeshadow palette

Here's the Ever Bilena Lipstick from their palette, it doesn't actually have a label on it:

Again, with no flash, The first one on the left side is almost similar to Nyx Louisiana but 2 shades lighter, while the 2nd from the left is a nude one, it looks good with a smokey eye, while the 3rd one is a dark red with brown undertone, you can pair it with just eyeliner and the last on the right side is my favorite, almost like bright magenta but still wearable. These lipsticks come in a EB palette, i forgot how much it was but it's likely more or less P300.00 only with 6 e/s and 2 blush on.

And the orangey shades:
Nichido is a pretty coral lipstick, it really suits the my dark lips it looks so natural. While the Avon lipstain is good for everyday use like if you wanna go to market w/o overlooking. The Nyx rose is a shimmer red with pink undertone, good for everyday use too if you don't want the too much red. The Avon Simply pretty in Cinammon, it was really red if you swipe it like 2 times, but a wearable one thou. And last the Aido 09, it is orangey and good for a summer kissed look :)

  • Nichido - P 165.00
  • Avon Lipstain - P 150?
  • Nyx Rose - P140
  • Aido - P25

*Would you like to know which lipstick / lipcream stays for good? After I've done the swatching I immediately washed my arms with running water and a bar soap, but before that, I let the water runs through it and everything stays on its place, no lippy has been smudged, so afterwards, I washed them with a bar soap, and 70 % of the lipstick had been removed, but the Ever Bilena lipcream / lipstick stained my arm, so for second time around, I get my shower gel and my shower net to remove the residue of the lip creams. It surprised me, because EB lippies were the most inexpensive lipstick among the rest and it actually stays for good and hard to remove, maybe because it is more likely on creams which has thick texture.

*And one more thing, I let my dog to sniff my arm before I wash it, he doesn't like the smell of the lipsticks except for the lime Crime Pink planet, he really stop on the area where I swatched the LC and he really wanted to lick it. hahaha. (LC lippy smells like candy thou)

That's all for now. Next time I'll be making a swatch on my lips.
Hope you did enjoy this post!


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