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Monday, February 18, 2013

I will be back soon . . . . .

Its been two months since the last time that I updated my blog. Na stucked na ako sa "I have a crush on" post ko. Sorry guys for not posting anything on my blog. I am not that busy but I find myself not so interested in blogging because of not having a camera. You know how important a camera is to every blogger. I know I can post random topics even without a picture but I think, it will be more entertaining and informative if there are pictures on my posts.

I miss blogging. I have tried several products lately but wasn't able to share with you how effective they are. I miss replying on each of your comments. I miss my blogger friends.

I just wanted to say thank you to those who message me that they miss me and my post. Don't worry loves, I will be back. I just need the right motivation and a new camera. I've been telling you since December that I will be having a new camera, but dang! "Mahirap ang buhay" that's why I need to buy first the more important things. But I promise I will be back.

During my 2 months of not posting anything, I have the chance to try a lot of products and I am very excited to share it with you soon. I am very happy now that I found the products which suited my skin type and I am proud to say that I have "less-acne" and "less-oily" face.
I am still active though on my facebook and twitter account. I also watch tons of makeup tutorials and planning to make my very own tutorials too once I have my camera. I hope you guys will still support me when I come back.

As of now, I just wanted to say Thank you to those who keep on supporting me! I love you guys.

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