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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Splash Mountain- City of Springs

Last May, we spent our honeymoon at City of Springs owned by Splash Mountain in Laguna. Our original plan was to go to Sundowners in Bolinao Pangasinan but it was already fully booked. So we decided to go somewhere else which is near from us.

It was actually a two-ride away from home but since it was our first time to go there, it took us 4 rides: A jeepney to Cubao, taxi to HM Transport,bus to Laguna then tricycle to resort. It only took us around 2 hours to get there. We arrived at the resort around 1pm. I already made my reservation and deposited 1k 3 days ahead. Upon arriving there,I paid our balance and they were kind enough to let us use the room before 2pm.

Reception Area

The place is quiet old but I like this kind of ambiance, away from loud city, from crowded place. It feels like nasa apartment lang kami.

We get the Deluxe Room. Of course, we booked the room which has queen-size bed but someone called me from the resort that the room was under repair so we will be using a room which has double single bed but we can actually move it and make it as a large bed.

Our room has indoor pool. Upon arriving, since I am very excited, I told the resort staff to open and fill the pool with water. The water was hot since it's from hot spring. The room is large enough "pwede pa tumumbling".It has decent bathroom and cool aircon. An old tv with cable,small ref and a table set. But sorry guys, there is no wifi there. Breakfast is not included, but you can bring any food and drinks that you want with no corkage fee! I love that.

You can order from their menu, but me thinks that packing and buying your food for your whole stay is much cheaper.

The indoor pool which is just around 3-4 feet.

Outside, you can see two big pools, one for adult and one for the kids. You can see the laguna lake at the veranda, which is very nice, the place is very neat! The first thing that we noticed, the lake doesn't produced any stinky smell, the water is very clean. Kudos to the municipal of Los Baños.

Kiddie Pool

After taking few dips at our inside pool and eating lunch we tried the pool outside. Hubby doesn't like the water because it's too hot for him. In the afternoon, we walk around the resort and buy some meryenda, we also went to their recreation area, youths were playing volleyball and basketball.Just like what I said earlier, the town was very clean. We roamed around the old municipal of Los Baños, I am fascinated how clean the town was.

Los Baños Covered Court

We spent two days and 1 night there. The air condition unit made me shiver, it rained on that night so we weren't able to go the pool so we just watched news. Next morning we took our last dip on the pool, eat lunch, and prepare for leaving.

Our stay was very relaxing. The place doesn't offer beautiful sceneries but for me, quiet place is what I've been looking for when vacationing, where me and my husband could talk about a lot of things, the worries that our wedding day gave us, and the future ahead of us. I don't like crowded places. So I definitely recommend this place if you are not into crowded places. You can go to the Splash Mountain resort which is near the city of springs, it has giant slide and 20-30+ pools.
They also have branch in Tagaytay

Room rates:

Visit Splash Mountain Resort official website HERE.
Thank you to the staff of City of Spirngs, til' next time!

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