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Monday, October 28, 2013

Ever Bilena Advance BB Cream

BB creams. It's the famous face product among Asian women. Especially on Japan, Korean, China and even in our country. There are many brands to choose from in the market nowadays. Some are budget friendly and majority is in high price range. Honestly, I haven't tried a lot of bb creams. The only one I tried was from Maybelline, and a free sample of Lorea'l bb cream. They were nice but methinks that bb cream is not suited for my skin since I have extremely oily skin.

So I look for something that has matte formula and of course a budget friendly one. And I found one at Ever Bilena. Maybe some of you had already seen or had read some reviews about this. But here's my thought about the product.

I have extremely oily skin and has dry areas which is in the corners of my mouth, corners of the nose and the areas where I have acne scars. Does the foundation covers my imperfection? Keep on reading below to know more.

I am a big fan of EB products. So why not give this bb cream a try. By the way, their bb cream comes in 2 variants. The Anti-aging and Whitening. The Anti-aging comes in a pink tube which has Pink - Undertone. While this one, whitening formula, has Yellow - Undertone which suits me better.

It has only one shade which is the Oriental.

Packaging : The packaging looks simple but elegant with its silver cap. At first glance, I did not expect that it will only cost 198.00 pesos for 50ml. I thought the price would be higher than that. The tube has all the information about the product, such as the ingredients, instructions and manufacturing/expiration date. Even if it comes in a tube, you have enough control onto the product because the hole is small enough so the product won't burst out.

Formula : The bb cream itself, as you can see in the picture has yellow undertone which is a good thing because I have yellow/olive skin tone. The consistency is not watery. You actually need to squeeze the tube to get the product. It has thick consistency so you have to blend it immediately because it tends to dry up fast (you don't want to have cakey foundie right?). Fortunately, this one has matte finish!


Application : If I am in a hurry I usually use my fingers to apply the foundation on my face, it also helps the foundation to melt so i't won't dry that fast. Sometimes, I also use the Artist Studio flat foundation brush but you have to blend it really well, making a patting motion to avoid streaks. But fingers always do the job! You can layer  the bb cream, but for me  one layer is enough.

On Face :
No primer or moisturizer underneath, just the Ever Bilena BB Cream
Staying Power : Base on my observation, the bb cream stays whole day if you apply powder foundation or setting powder on top of it. I have to retouched at the middle of the day (around 12pm)  to remove the oilyness on my t-zone with a blotting paper. I saw some fading underneath my eyes and my acne scars started to show up. If you have dry skin, it is a must to use moisturizer prior to this bb cream. It may exaggerates your fine lines if you dont.

Here is my picture, with complete makeup. I set it with my Maybelline Shine Free Foundation

Tips : Dry or Oily skin, you need to use primer or moisturizer before applying the bb cream. Set it with a powder which is 1 shade darker your skintone. This bb cream gave me white casts on pictures specially on flash photography. But don't overy apply your setting powder because you don't want to look cakey though.

Recommendation : Product always has it's disadvantages and advantages. But despite of those disadvantages, I still recommend this bb cream to those who are in a very tight budget and to those who has oily skin. The Matte finish is what I really love about this product. You just have to blend the product really well, find its matching powder foundation. I actually love this than the Maybelline BB cream.

So that's it.
Hope this review helps.
Have you tried this bb cream?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Shine Bright Like Diamonds

 Just sharing with you my current nail polish.
I named this Shine Bright like diamonds because of the chunky glitters on it. 
Isn't it pretty? Curious if what nail polishes I used?
You will definitely like it because it is so affordable.

 The glitters are actually color gold. Flash washed out its real color.

These are the nail polishes that I used. 
OMG in Strobe P19.00
Rain in Black out P16.00

So yeah, try this out and you will surely love it.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation

Evil scars, Acne, Bumps, large pores and oiliness, those are the things that I hate about my face. I've tried a lot of products in the market to solve my problem, but I just haven't met the perfect solution for it. So a good foundation is what I really need if I want to achieve a temporary flawless looking face (specially on important events). I haven't tried a lot of drugstore liquid foundation because since you all know, I am  "kuripot" so I always go for local brand like Ever Bilena. So I am very glad to receive this baby from my Aunt who gave this to me for FREE! Yehey!

Yes, it's the super famous and most rave drugstore liquid foundation from Revlon, the Colorstay Liquid Foundation for Combi/Oily Skin. After reading a lot of reviews and youtube videos, my hands are itching to have this and see if it will work for me. Glad to know that it did not disappoint me!
To those who are not yet familiar with this particular foundation, here's the information about the Revlon colorstay:

"Longwearing coverage with a lightweight formula that won’t cake, fade, or rub off. With Time Release Technology specifically formulated for combination or oily skin to control oil absorption and shine. Your look stays flawless throughout the day."

It is available in 20 shades, but majority are in pink undertones. Fortunately, Aunt got the yellow undertone for me which is the 300 Golden Beige shade.
Here's what the foundation claims.

The bottle doesn't come with a pump and it is made up of heavy glass.
The foundation looks like darker in the bottle, but upon application it actually differs.

Here's how the product looks like inside.

On the swatch:
 (err, blogger roughen the images once again. My freckles are not that obvious in personal)

 It matches my skin tone when applied on my hand.
The foundation only needs your hand to blend it.
See how it covers and hides my freckles on my hand?
After 10 minutes.

On my face:

I did not put any concealer or primer underneath. See how it even-out my skin tone and minimize my pores. It also mattifies my skin.

After more than 8 hours:
I retouched only at the middle of the day with a very thin face powder using my Maybelline Shine Free Foundation. And yes, the foundation was still there!

 Flash Photography:
Instant Flawless face!

Honestly,  the shade that I got is quite lighter than my face. So it tends to give me whitecast on flash photography, but it oxidize after an hour so the shade matches my skintone.

The Good Points:
- Matte
- Sweatproof
- Great coverage
- Doesn't feel heavy
- A little goes a long way
- Good for oily or combination skin
- It stays long even in humid heat
- Great for picture taking / photography (if you got the right shade)
- Needs only minimal retouching or 1 blotting paper if you have extremely oily skin

The bad side:
- Expensive (for me)
(it cost around P900 on drugstores here in the Philippines, so better check out online store which sell this around P550 and up)
- Doesn't come with a pump
- Some says they don't like the scent (but it doesn't bother me)
- Combi/Oily skin formula may tends to dry some parts of your face if you are in fully aircondition room
- It dries fast so blend immediately
- The bottle is super heavy
- Majority of the shades are pink undertone so you'd better find which shade matches yours
- Some did break out with this foundation

Application : For me, I prefer my fingers to apply the foundation rather than my liquid foundation brush because it streaks a bit. With fingers, it helps to melt the foundation. You can use primer if you want and moisturizer if you have parts on your skin which are dry.

Setting Powder : You only need a thin powder to set this foundation because it tends to look cakey if you overdo it. You can also use dark powder foundation if the shade is a bit lighter than you and vice versa.

I also use this to my clients and I really love how it stays on their face despite of sweat, tears and humid heat!
And for me, this is by far the best foundation I ever tried when it comes to coverage and staying formula.

(If you want to pre-order, you can ask PrettyThrifty Shop)

And that's it.
How bout you gals, have you tried this foundation?
What's your experience?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lime Crime Great Pink Planet

While thinking of something to blog about, I remember that the last time I reviewed this lipstick from Lime Crime which I got free from Ms.Martha of TBJ, I did not post pictures of its swatches. So I decided to re-post it, now with pictures wearing it my lips.

This is my most expensive lipstick so far (though I got it for free). I mean, if you will see my lipstick collection, I only have lipsticks which price range are about 75 pesos to 300.00. So I am happy that I received this gift last year. Isn't it gorgeous?

I love the packaging of Lime Crime Lipsticks. They are in this cute milky pink sturdy tube with sparkly unicorn on it. So lovely.

Take note, this lipstick will turn 1 year old this December, but look! The tube still looks new!

The shade is in "Great Pink Planet".
Lime Crime is well known for its super opaque lipsticks.

I am not really a big fan of the shade. It suits those who have fair skin or Caucasians. But if you love Nicki Minaj, you will surely love this shade :)

Here's the swatch on my wrist. I really don't know why the blogger seems to sharpen the pictures. It looks like texturized tuloy :(

It is said to be that Pink Planet is a more toned version of the shade Countessa Fluorescent. It is a milky pink with a smidgen of lilac.

On lips:
LOL, this is actually me. Sorry for the mustache!

The lipstick is very opaque and pigmented.
A little goes a long way. But I have a hard time applying this on my lips because it streaks a bit. It's creamy but you have to moisturized and exfoliate before using this lipstick. The lipstick has vanilla scent which is super yummy. But it doesn't taste delicious though, and it feels a little bit waxy.

I think this cost around P700+. You can try the other colors such as Centrifuchsia, Cosmopop, Countessa Fluorescent and Retrofuturist.

And that's it.
How bout you guys, do you have Lime Crime Lipstick too?
What shade?

Happy weekend.
Thank you!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Shawill Color Cream Eyeshadow

Hoola! Just wanted to share with you a precious gem which is a super budget friendly eyeshadow from brand Shawill. I bought this last May, when I had a bridesmaid client. Since I am on a tight budget, I look for something affordable at Watson's near our place. And I found this.

I actually got this on sale that time, so instead of paying P128.00, I think I only paid P98.00 for this.

This eyeshadow has 6 creamy, not-so-shimmery eyeshadow.

Looking at the eyeshadow, they don't actually look like creams. But it is actually eyeshadow creams which stays better than normal eyeshadow.

This is how it looks like with flash.

The color selection is great specially if you are sporting colorful makeup :)

The swatch:
without flash
The eyeshadow has shimmers on it.

I did not apply eyeshadow primer underneath. It has good color payoff and pigmented.

The eyeshadow are very easy to blend.

It doesn't have any weird scent.

So if you are looking for affordable eyeshadow, you can try this one :)

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