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Friday, September 28, 2012

4th, 5th & 6th Part of My Face Care Routine

Here's is the 4th, 5th and last part of my Face Care Routine, since I already made a review about the two products, I am just going to state below if it is effective or not, but if you wanted to know more, you can click on it's title for a depth review.

So the 4th part of my FCR is applying a pimple fighter product. I have extremely acne prone skin, so even if it is not my PMS period, I usually suffer from having pimples in different area of my face. To prevent it I use this amazing product from Garnier.

Garnier Pure Active Anti-Imperfections Cooling Roll on with Salicylic Acid. I already made a review about this product last June and I must say that this helps me to prevent acne. Thou it might sting at first, but pain is tolerable naman. Within 2-3 days, it dries the pimples. Indeed, this is such a great product! This is matipid din since I am using this for 5 months now, and I still have 5% product remaining.

Thou I have oily skin, using facial foam, toner and applying salycilic acid might remove the precious oil on my face making it too dry. So I need to apply a good moisturizer with whitening formula to lighten up my acne scars while I am sleeping. What I am using? I use Eanvie Whitening Spot that I've got from Ms.Liz' gift.

Anyway, here's a few info about Eanvie:

Photo credits to :
I don't have any idea if how much it would cost, but I think you can see this at Watson's.
It is 40 ML.
The bottle is made up of thick glass.

T_T, okay okay it's written in Korean I forgot to take picture of the box, english yata yung description dun.
It comes with a pump, so you have the control on the amount of product and it is also very hygienic.

Without flash

With flash
It has a milky / serum like consistency with a scent similar to Etude House Moist Full facial mask.

When applied on skin.

See, it looks like you applied water on your skin lang.
A little goes a long way.
It has a semi cooling effect when applied on your skin.
It sinks on my skin after 1-2 minutes without shiny or oily finish.
It may sting a bit also, specially if you have broken skin but again, pain is tolerable.
Bare face, hello acne marks and big pores!

With Eanvie

When spread

With flash.

What I like about this product is that, when I wake up in the morning, my face looks softer and well moisturized but without oiliness or whatsoever. Parang I don't want to wash nga my face para supple pa rin yung skin. hehe

Pretty Thing:
- I love its scent
- Has cooling effect
- It comes with a pump
- A little goes a long way
- It acts as a good moisturizer
- Cute and elegant packaging
- With whitening formula to help brighten up acne scars

Ugly Truth:
- It sting if you have broken skin
- Whitening effect may vary, you really have to use it religiously

Recommendation :
Yes, I do. If you are into Korean products, you can definitely try this one. I really like the fact that it does not break me out. I am not using Maxi Peel for a long period of time now (2-3 months) and I can say that it somehow help to lighten up my acne scars. I am currently having a big break out now :| dahil malapit na magkatapusan, malapit ng dumalaw ang mga hapon. And also I really love the packaging of the product, it's so hygienic and you have a complete control on the amount of the product that you are going to apply.

And for the last product, I use Myra - E Daily Sun Protect Moisturizer in the morning though I am not using this when ever I use a liquid foundation, cause it tends to make my face oily (big time!), at baka maging source na ko ng langis sa mga susunod na taon, I just usually use this during weekend specially kapag lalabas ako ng bahay, or kapag nasa bahay ako. It's lightweight naman pero it makes your face a little bit sweaty lalo na kung di aircon ang bahay nyo tulad namen. But nonetheless, for 49-pesos moisturizer, I can't ask for more.

And that's it! Thank you guys for reading my whole posts of my Face Care Routine! I'll make a new DIY post on Sunday so stay tuned and hope all of us will enjoy the weekend!

Take care,

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Facial Cleanser : Eskinol Classic White Facial Deep Cleanser

 Here's the 3rd part of my face care routine series.
You can check the main entry here.
First part is here.
Second part is here.

Cost : P28.00
Where : Watson's
Content: 75ML
 After removing my makeup with Pure Beauty Cleansing Liquid and Washing my face with Pond's Whitening Deep Facial Foam, I still need to use cleanser to remove the excess dirt that makeup remover and facial foam cannot deeply remove.

Since I love cheap products, I am currently using Eskinol Whitening Deep Cleanser P28.00.
I am not going to enumerate too much info about the product since I know, a lot of you know about this already. Even our mom knows it, right?

It said to be whitens and controls oil.

 What it promise:
Direction for use:

To prove that this 28-peso product does the job in removing dirt residue, here's the proof:

See, even after washing my face with Pond's, may dirt pa ring naalis yung Eskinol?
Who would have thought that this 28-peso cleanser will finish and complete the job of the first two products that I've used which were obviously have higher price than this?

So let's just list down the good and bad (if there is) thing about this product.

PrettyThrifty Thing:

- Cheap
 - Prevents oil
- Has cooling effect
- It removes tough dirt
- Does not break me out
- You get a lot of product (75ML)
- Gives you a fresh feeling after using this

Ugly Truth:
- Can't see it's whitening effect
- May sting a bit if you have broken skin
- May irritate some who doesn't like product alcohol based cleanser
- You have to put a lot of product onto the cotton to maximize it's cleaning ability
 (shocks, di ako makapaniwala na naconstruct ko tong sentence na to!). 

 DEFINITELY I DO! If you are really in the budget and looking for affordable, mild but does the job in cleaning your face then this is really for you. Plus I think, I rarely heard those who had breakouts in using this. My mom uses this for a long time now because when she use different toner / cleanser it irritates her skin.

And that's it! I hope it helps if you are looking for cheap cleanser.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pond's Flawless White Deep Facial Foam

Sorry for being MIA. I wasn't able to post anything on my blog since Friday. There's something wrong with my Desktop computer, it keeps on shutting down (mukhang kailangan na ng kapalit). Well moving on, since I am not finished yet with my Face Care Routine post, I am just going to finish it this week so I can proceed to new products and another DIY post. (Err, too bad, I revamp my shoes but I don't have my memory card with me during the weekend so I can't show to you how does it looks like before).

So, to start the week, here's another review about the second step that I do during my FCR. After removing my makeup with Pure Beauty Cleansing Liquid, I wash my face with Pond's Flawless White Deep Whitening Facial Foam (wagas ang pangalan!) to remove totally the makeup on my face. I am not really a big fan of Pond's products, since I noticed that majority of their products did not work for me, but this one is okay. Anyway, here's how the product looks like.

Cost : P200.00
Where : Got this for free
But you can bought this on Watson's and any leading department store
Content : 100 ML
The new GenActiv formulation has two main components: 12-HSA or 12-hydroxystearic acid, which renews skin cells, and niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3 naturally found in some foods like salmon and tuna, and is used in cosmetics as  skin-lightening ingredient. It’s proven to improve hyperpigmentation. Pond’s claims to have pioneered the use of vitamin B3 with its comprehensive lightening regime first developed in 1992.
 The back tube and it's ingredients:

I really like the packaging of this facial foam because it is in pink tube, and has a fancy pink cap.

Parang the cap is half the weight of the tube.

It also contains a lot of product.
It has micro scrubs but fret not because it will not irritate your skin naman.
 And yes, even the micro scrubs is in color pink!
I texturized the photo so you can see the micro scrubs.
So, wanna know if it does the job when it comes to removing excess makeup and what it claims to be a whitening facial foam? 

 here's the before and after picture:
See the difference? oh yeah, pardon that distracting face behind me
 (nagkalat talaga ang mga engkanto sa amin hehe).

It really brightens up my face after washing it with Pond's. Making it softer and smoother.But I am not really convince on it's whitening effect, I've been using this for couple of months and can't see the whitening benefit that it claims.

PrettyThrifty Thing:
- Affordable
- I love its scent
- Cute packaging
- It has micro scrubs
- It brightens up my face
- A little goes a long way
- It removes excess makeup
- Glad, it did not break me out.

Ugly Truth:
- Does not tighten pores
- Does not whiten my face
- It cannot remove waterproof mascara

Yes! I still recommend this specially to those who loves Pond's. This is a nice facial foam, since it has micro scrubs which will help you to remove dead skin cells and it brighten up your face after one wash. Thou I don't see any whitening effect from using it for 2 - 3 months,maybe it did, but only 5% of lightening my acne scars, I'm thankful cause it does not break me out unlike the other Pond's facial foam. And also it will surely worth it because it will lasted you for 3 months (within everyday use, morning and evening).  Indeed, this is a affordable and nice product.

Have you tried this facial foam? Let me hear your thoughts about this product. Next Review is all about Eskinol Whitening cleanser :)
Thanks for reading and hope you'll have a nice day!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Makeup Remover: Pure Beauty Cleansing Liquid

So the rest of the weekdays will be focusing on the Products that I use for my Face Care Routine.
This is the first thing that I do during my face care routine.

One of the major problem I have is, Acne. Yes, I have semi-sensitive ,acne prone and oily skin. And as of the moment, I am still in the hunt for the best product that will help me to fight the said problems on my skin. But today, I am just going to make a depth review about the Pure Beauty Cleansing Liquid.As part of my face care routine, this serves as my makeup remover. Stubborn water proof mascara is very hard to remove.

Cost : P99.00
Where: Watson's
Content: 90 ML

Actually, this is my second bottle from the same brand, thou the first one is the cleansing water for Sensitive Skin (the one that looks like water) , I already emptied the bottle and it lasted me for than 5 months  and it cost P36.00 only. So i decided to buy again since it's cheap and really does the job in removing makeup, but the bad thing was, OOS yung regular one, so I opted for this. I thought it was P55.00 kasi it was on sale, pero upon paying it, P99.00 pala. 

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Weekend Haul: Maxi Dress+Lingerie+Accessories+Shampoos

Here's another post, showcasing  my weekend thrifty haul.

Last Sunday, me and my mom went to Sta.Lucia (Cainta) to buy umbrella, pero we didn't even think na aabutin kami ng almost 8 hours bago makauwi. Will tell you the whole story later on.

Sta.Lucia and Robinson's Metroeast were both on SALE. And I'm so glad that we walked around Robinson's department store and guess what I've got, a maxi skirt, 2 brassieres and 2 undies for only 500 pesos!!

Maxi Dress from Sun Kissed

Wanna know how much the dress is?

Monday, September 17, 2012

My current P1000-peso Face Care Routine

Hi guys! How's the first day of your week? Sorry for being MIA for almost 3 days. Been a little bit busy and lazy to make a  blog post. Well anyway, nagleave ako sa work today, knowing na makakagawa ako ng maraming posts pero I ended up cleaning our room. Whew. 

Anyways, here are the products that I am currently using for my face care routine, thou I am still searching for new products that will address my skin problems, but these current products that I am using is quite nice naman.

I am using these super affordable products. I will make a separated post if they are effective or not. Meantime, here it is:
Left To Right:
Pure Beauty Cleansing Liquid, Pond's Withening Deep facial foam, Eskinol withening otner, Garnier Cooling Roll-on, Eanvie Whitening Spot & MYra-E Daily Moisturizer

Friday, September 14, 2012

Thrifty Shopping Tips (TST) brought to you by PrettyThifty!

Since today / tomorrow is Payday, I decided to publish this prior to the day that It was intended to be (Tama ba yung pinagsasabi ko? hehehe). But first of all I would like to say HAPPY WEEKEND everyone! Sorry for the lack of post for 2 days, kinda busy and lazy to make a review.  So I decided to push this post instead.


Some of you already know that I am a thrifty person. I usually buy things if it is on sale.
So I came up with my very first Shopping Tips for you. Hey guys, this is just my own preferences. All of the things that are listed below were based on my own perspective and experiences. This might not work for those who are brand conscious and have lots of money lmao :D. But if you are a thrifty and junkie person like me, you might find some additional tips below.

TST - Thrifty Shopping Tips brought to you by Prettythrifty!

1. If you want to go shopping,  Plan first.

2. Create a list of the things that you really NEED to buy.

3. Look for the shopping mall which has an on going SALE like: Clearance Sale, 3 Day Sale, Anniversary Sale and etc. But make it sure that the shopping mall is near you so there will be less hassle and less transpo.

4. Prior to your shopping sched, Save! Save! Save. Whether it's from your school allowance or from your Sweldo (if you are working) kapag napagsama sama yan, lalaki na yan!

5. Shopping day. Eat first before you leave home. 
(I usually do this so I don't have to eat when I arrived at mall, maybe I do but for meryenda nalang, which is not more than P100).

6. Make it sure to wear flats. Don't ever wear high heels. Why? Because you will. . . .

7. Walk! Walk! Walk! Yes, the very best thing to do is to walk around over and over again. Dapat matatag ang paa mo sa paglalakad to look for cheap / affordable items. Therefore, you can compare certain products or brand if what is
cheaper and better na swak sa Budget mo!

8. Buy first the things that you badly Need, so if you have spare money you can buy the things that you want, for example
accessories and other kaek-ekan sa buhay.

9. Don't be shy. Wear extra "kapal ng mukha" (layer your foundation) lol! when making halukay or siksikan sa mga items na may "Red Tag" or "Mark Down items".
 Believe me, may hidden Gems sa mga ganyan, you just have to be patient.

10. Have an accompany. The best buddy to have is your (if possible) Mommy, Nanay, Mudra, Ermat o Mama. Proven ko na, the best ang nanay kasama, mahaba ang patience. Mas masarap kapag may kausap ka or katulong sa pamimili if you are torn between the two panties. lols. (Well maybe if thrifty din si nanay!).

11. And last but not the least, SELF CONTROL. Yes, you have to say STOP! When you already have the things that you really need to buy. Think that you will be breaking a LAW if you will buy those things which will EXCEED to the allocated amount that you set for your self. Remember, ang laman ng WALLET ay hindi UNLIMITED

12. And remember, unexpected moments might come tomorrow or on the next day.  I learned that from my mom:  

"Wag basta basta gagastos, may mga di inaasahang panahon, for example, you might got sick, or mawalan kayo ng bigas, or dumating yung mga bills, or there could be someone who will come to you and ask for your help if she / he can borrow
your money for emergency purposes, at least may madudukot ka."

The things that I mentioned above is basically and literally the things that I considered first before I shop. Since I only earn a small amount of money on my work, and we are just an average people (tipong 3x kumakain sa isang araw,maximum 4 times pag may meryenda). Nagworked yan saken. Kahit na Kuala Lum-poor ang family namen, somehow nakakaipon pa rin naman ako ng Shoes (currently have 20 pairs of shoes I didn't mean to brag), Bags, Makeup and Accessories. Pero if you really want to buy something for yourself, you just have to be THRIFTY and WISE specially if you work for yourself and kung hindi naman kayo wealthy. Be CONTENTED din and learn to ACCEPT the fact that you can only BUY this because you only EARN this. 

And there yo u have it. I hope you didn't find this post a crappy one. I just wanted to share with you the ways and my principles when it comes to spending money. We aren't rich. I work hard so I can buy the things that I need. But, I always consider those things which are highly important like the necessities of the family. 

Kasi nga may motto ako, and it goes like this:

Paubos na ang lipstick ko at blush,
Pero mas mahalaga ang tubig at gas.

Hehe, happy weekend everyone!
Enjoy and be wise!

What do you want to see in my very first Giveaway?

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