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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Makeup Remover: Pure Beauty Cleansing Liquid

So the rest of the weekdays will be focusing on the Products that I use for my Face Care Routine.
This is the first thing that I do during my face care routine.

One of the major problem I have is, Acne. Yes, I have semi-sensitive ,acne prone and oily skin. And as of the moment, I am still in the hunt for the best product that will help me to fight the said problems on my skin. But today, I am just going to make a depth review about the Pure Beauty Cleansing Liquid.As part of my face care routine, this serves as my makeup remover. Stubborn water proof mascara is very hard to remove.

Cost : P99.00
Where: Watson's
Content: 90 ML

Actually, this is my second bottle from the same brand, thou the first one is the cleansing water for Sensitive Skin (the one that looks like water) , I already emptied the bottle and it lasted me for than 5 months  and it cost P36.00 only. So i decided to buy again since it's cheap and really does the job in removing makeup, but the bad thing was, OOS yung regular one, so I opted for this. I thought it was P55.00 kasi it was on sale, pero upon paying it, P99.00 pala. 

The packaging comes with a pump bottle. And it also has a lock on it's pumping nozzle which is a great thing!
So kapag accidentally natumba yung bottle hindi sya matatapon :)

Detachable  lock. Natawa ako nung first time kong bumili nito, I don't know how to open it.

Product Description:
Caution, Storage and Ingredients:
Moving on, this pink one has thicker texture than the first one I had. It is oil base and has a tendency of giving you a heavy feeling when applied to your skin and used as makeup remover. But it's tolerable naman since I'll wash naman my face after applying this.

Here's how it looks like when applied on my hand:

See it's oily and shiny.

I thought the liquid is pinkish (yung bottle lang pala ang pink), but upon pumping it out on the cotton balls, the product is yellowish just like this:
The virgin cotton ball (haha sa mga term havey!)

So you might wondering, does it really does the job? 
I provide a "Before and After" Picture so you see if it does the job.

This is the cotton after removing my makeup:

Nyay, gross!

Beofre and After picture of mine:
Left picture with makeup, Right: After removing the makeup with Pure Beauty.

See the result? It's good naman di ba?

And here' a picture of me, I mixed the Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Liquid with my lotion:
Shiny legs right?

Pretty Thing:
No weird scent
Cheap (if it is on sale)
You get a lot of product
It removes 60-70% of the makeup
Bottle safe since it has lock on the nozzle
Does not painful when accidentally goes into your eyes
Can be use as moisturizer too if you have extremely dry skin
Can be mix to your favorite lotion for shiny looking skin!

Ugly Truth:
I am not a fan of oil base products
It gives me a heavier feeling when applied on my skin
You have to pump two to three times to remove the makeup all over your face
You might ended up using a lot of cotton balls, so much better if you will use cotton pads

Hmmm, YES I still recommend this, thou imo, kung meron pa rin nung first one na ginamit ko, I'll stick to it. Pero syempre if you cannot afford those expensive makeup removers like Shu Uemura, then try this one! Since it's versatile and cheap product and does the job in removing makeup :)

Pure Beauty comes with the 3 variants:
Photo credits to: Ms.Kira Ramirez
Left - Right: 
Perfect Cleansing Liquid
Perfect Cleansing Oil
Perfect Cleansing Water

How bout you guys, have you tried any cleansing liquid from Pure Beauty? let me know through your comments and share it if you love it too! 

Next product will be the Pond's Deep Whitening Facial Foam.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. another stuff made in Korea. I love stuff from this country. I don't wear make up nymore. Hindi ko rin ito napapansin whenever I get the chance to drop by at Watsons. Next time I'm gonna check them out.

  2. I'm not sure if the cleansing oil is still in the market coz i can hardly find it! it must be selling like pancakes lately!



  3. Ganyan din ginagamit ng ate ko. Di ko pa sya natry as makeup remover. Matry nga! Great review sis!


  4. same tayo doon sa sinabe mo! I am also not and definitely will never be a fan of oil base products! okay yung price na P99.00!

    I am not a fan of oil base products

  5. Paraffinum Liquidum is mineral oil.

    This seems inexpensive for a cleansing oil, but for a product that's mostly mineral oil, we're better off buying Johnson's baby oil.

    Thanks for posting the ingredients :) Great entry again.

    1. Oh, now I know. thanks for the info Ms.Rae :) yep, sometimes when I'm out of makeup remover, I go for baby oil specially in removing stubborn waterproof mascara! :)

  6. Grabe sipag mo magpost, everyday twice a day ata hehehe

    1. Uyy, hindi naman Glenn, hehe halos 3 times a week na nga lang e. Salamat sa pagvisit! hehe kahit na puro beauty related post to vinivisit mo pa ri :-*

  7. I like oil based products. I have very dry skin and they are fantastic for me.

    1. Yes, it will surely suit your need! This is perfect for those who have super dry skin. :)

  8. great review. This is a must-try. Mura pa talaga.
    Thanks. Loving your posts.
    I followed your blog, I hope you can follow back


  9. I'm not a big fan of oil based products din since I have oily skin, I prefer yung water based make up remover. Although I saw my friend na meron siyang make up remover na tissue lang. Wonder where she bought it... :P Anyway I still think this is good for those who have dry skin... :P

  10. I love this!!I bought 3 bottles because the branch is having a huge sale and I got it only at PHP40~~ But I think this is out of stock na I went to a few branches but can't it anymore. I can only see the yellow one but I prefer this one instead..=) Great review ^_~

  11. Whew! That’s a lot of dirt from your face…but thank you so much for sharing this product. I think we have the same skin type. LOL!

    ~Pauline @Kallony

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