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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Skin break - out :(

Yeah I am having skin breakout this week. I really don't know what's the main reason, but i do believe that sleeping too late from the past few days had something to do with it. I have pimples on nose, one on the right side of my chin, another one on the cheek, and one at the right side of my cheek bone. And i notice that my face look so dull, like it was unradiant, and a lot of scars from previous acne breakout.

Maybe you're asking what product am i using right now on my face. Hmmm, lately, I've been using this Ponds Anti - Bacterial Facial Scrub from the Thrifty Cart that i posted last month and The Pond's Pinkish-Whitening Cream at night (or sometimes in the morning as a make up base). I never forget to wash my face when i arrive home from work, even if i'm too lazy to wash it and i just wanted to lay down on the bed, i still kick my own ass to wash my face before i go to sleep.

So may verdict, i think Pond's products have something to do with this breakout that I am experiencing right now. Sabi ko na eh! hindi talaga ako hiyang sa Pond's :(. Maybe i should go back with my toner (mix of Maxi peel no. 1 & eskinol toner). Since i find it effective for me, thou i need to be more patience when i am using the Maxi Peel alone, cause it will peel off the dead skin cells, and you have to endure the itchiness and some redness and flakiness on your face for almost 2 weeks. But after that, i'll be having radiant and whitier skin thou. But, but, but... tinatamad na naman ako mag-peeling ng mukha! Cause i find it really hard to put foundation on my face since it will really cause you flaking! Err. What shall i do guys? Should i stop using the Pond's and switch back to my toner? Or can you recommend me a [toner/facial scrub/facial wash] that is swak sa budget?.. I really want to have radiant and acne-free skin!!! naiiyak na talaga ako!
P.S - i'm done with my period for almost 2 weeks now, so i'm a bit curious why this breakout is happening only now?!! Why o why Delilah??..

Here's a picture of mine :( no edit. see those ugly pimples??

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ask The Authors -

I'm an avid follower of this site for almost 7 months now :) Napaka full of sense ng mga authors nito at talagang nakakatuwa. I always make sure to pay a visit everyday (like 3 times everyday specially when i have a lot of vacant time at the office). What i like about them is,
  • They have sense of humor
  • They are very concern about the latest happenings in our society or even outside our country
  • They can really make me laugh by their funny posts everyday :D
  • Thou sometimes they used to post some of rated PG's post, hehe di ko nalang yun binabasa.
  • Dahil feeling ko gwapo ang authors behind this blog. hahahaha
  • at marami pang ibang dahilan, try nyo na din basahin ang blog nila and i will make sure to you na tatawa talaga kayo!

 I tried to submit a question (random question lang) and i thought they will ignore it, but after almost or more than  a month, they posted on their facebook account ( that the answer to my question has been already scheduled and it will be posted by next month (which is posted last October 9, 2011). I was so happy when i saw that post :) hehe so here's the link to that :)

Once again, i would like to thank all the Authors of, na sina:
  •  Bunso (Ultimate Crush) hahaha
  • Boss Chip (Second Crush)
  • Kulturantado
  • Manong Guard
More power to your blog guys! mabuhay kayo! Sana mkita ko kayo Soon.
Thanking You,
Jen :)
(ohh this is the Nyx Louisiana :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thrifty Critique - NYX Round Lipstick in Lousiana & Rose

October 2, Sunday, Sis Abegail informed me that finally the nyx lippies has arrived (thou the first na nakuhaan nya ay scam). I ordered Louisiana & Femme (but sadly, OOS ang femme) so ambush choice ang Rose (since wala din ang Electra / ERos, i badly wanting red lipstick!). I thought there will be some regrets upon choosing these two colors, but after trying them at home I was amazed by the colors and how pigmented it was! So to make it short, here's the Pictures.

 Left (Lousiana) - Right (Rose)

More Pictures:

On Lips:

Naked Lips

Nyx Rose 

Nyx Lousiana

  • Both Lippies are super pigmented, like just with a few swipe, you can see the color!
  • For me, it's long lasting (yeah for a cheap price) like it stays on my lips for 6 hours (but i apply again after lunch til i get home)
  • Cheap!
  • What i don't like is the smell and its taste. Taste like soap! :P
  • But over all, it's two thumbs up! Good quality if you're investing in new colors of lippies (Which is imported). I'm going to try the Electra / Eros and Femme, hopefully next time it's not out of stock.

That's all for now!
Much Love,

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Thrifty Cart - Part 3

Hello guys! I hope that you're still enjoying the rest of the weekend despite of the bad weather. I already have two Lippies that i ordered online (Louisiana and Rose) so sad because Femme / Eros is not available :(. I also bought yesterday Asian's Secret Lulur Whitening Body Scrub (and i used it yesterday), and Iwhite Nose trip. I'll be posting reviews this week about those products :)

That all 4 now,
Much Love,
- Jenny -

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