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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thrifty Critique - NYX Round Lipstick in Lousiana & Rose

October 2, Sunday, Sis Abegail informed me that finally the nyx lippies has arrived (thou the first na nakuhaan nya ay scam). I ordered Louisiana & Femme (but sadly, OOS ang femme) so ambush choice ang Rose (since wala din ang Electra / ERos, i badly wanting red lipstick!). I thought there will be some regrets upon choosing these two colors, but after trying them at home I was amazed by the colors and how pigmented it was! So to make it short, here's the Pictures.

 Left (Lousiana) - Right (Rose)

More Pictures:

On Lips:

Naked Lips

Nyx Rose 

Nyx Lousiana

  • Both Lippies are super pigmented, like just with a few swipe, you can see the color!
  • For me, it's long lasting (yeah for a cheap price) like it stays on my lips for 6 hours (but i apply again after lunch til i get home)
  • Cheap!
  • What i don't like is the smell and its taste. Taste like soap! :P
  • But over all, it's two thumbs up! Good quality if you're investing in new colors of lippies (Which is imported). I'm going to try the Electra / Eros and Femme, hopefully next time it's not out of stock.

That's all for now!
Much Love,

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