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Friday, June 29, 2012

Meet Maud and Kryz, my new Friends!

Two gorgeous shoes knocked-on the door last Wednesday morning!
Finally, after drooling on hundreds of wedges and high-heel shoes at online shop, I came up on purchasing these two lovely pairs.
Wanna know what's inside, let's open it!

COST: P500.00 
(Originally at P1,900.00) 
on sale
Where: Shoe Etiquette
Shipping: FREE!!

Say hi to MAUD!
So after 1 1/2 days, the MAUD arrived at home. 
You might notice that the shoes weren't inside a box. But it's okay, I have no problem with that.
These aren't mummy shoes. lol
 Excited on how it looks like, here we go!
They are packed with bubble wrap that is commonly used for fragile items.
How many inches do these heels have?
My name is MAUD! I am pumps, I am pumps!
Yes she has name. It was given by the owner of the Shoe Etiquette Ms.Denise!
Actually I did not give much of my attention if how many inches the heels are when I saw this on multiply, I just fell inlove with it's color kasi, Nude goes with almost everything you wear even in bikinis (just kidding!), So yeah, if your guess was 5 inches, then you are CORRECT!
5 inches heels with 2inches platform cork pumps.
About the shoes:Get a cool look this season with these stylish and comfy pumps. Featured round toe front, cork platform, thick but very lightweight heel, and slide style. Finished with cushioned insole for walking comfort.

Sorry for the ugly feet of mine, see, I have a lot of mosquito bites. Err!

She has an ongoing SALE on her Multiply shop, I've been planning to buy 2 pairs last month but err, sizes are too big for me. Until, she updated her shop and added this pair on her SALE. I opted for this since I was about to get 2 pairs from SO!Fab, too bad, shoes are almost sold out and I only have 1 style to choose from. So I asked Ms.Denise if the size 6 MAUD will fit me since she stated on its description that it was untrue to it's size. I fit 5 or 6 kasi on wedges.

Maud on her cam-whoring! lols:
As high as my Block and White lotion, whoa! (Review soon)

Sumaside view pa ang lolah mo!

So she re-measured it's insole and told me that it was exactly 23 cm, which is my foot size. She was even truth on saying that the heel of one pair has a little bit of damage on it, and she asked me if I am still willing to buy it, she sent me a picture showing the damage. It's okay for me, di naman ako maarte, haha and since the damage is too small and I can do remedy on it naman. So I proceeded on buying it. Good thing is, Ms.Denise gave me FREE Shipping for the shoes since it has damage on it.
Thank you Ms. Denise!!

wait, there's another one!
COST: P499.00
Where:  So!Fab
Shipping: P120.00
Sent through LBC again.
After awhile, mom told me that another packaged arrived that morning, and it's my SO!Fab shoes!
I accidentally discovered the site of SO!Fab, I was looking on Kryz Uy's blog and click on the link of SO!Fab, and guess what! They are having their Ambassador Shoe Sale. Ang galing! Haha, everytime I visit shoe sites, I always click on the SALE TAB, tapos if they have 500 below, I immediately grab it kapag may pera ako. 

I was about to get two pairs since it only cost P499/pair. I am eyeing on Kimi and Rosanna,
Photo credits:  So!Fab

Photo Credits: So!Fab (Rosanna)

 but since everything looks fabulous, I waited til' I get home to ask for someone's suggestion if which should I picked. But mom wasn't interested at all shes said: "Maganda nga kaya lang wala akong pera". Yes, nasa critical kaming kalagayan ngayon, haha wala kaming pera, pero I answered her: "Okay lang,ako naman ang bibili". Pero waley, she ignored me. Because it's getting late na and still, day has passed, and still, wala pa kong napipili, naglakas loob na ko to asked a guy which is a friend wanna-be of mine to choose 2 pairs on the site, he chose these pairs:

So I proceeded on the order form, but after I sent my ordered, the next day, So!Fab replied on my e-mail and told me that my orders were already sold out! Nyay! Ang tagal ko kasing pumili e noh? Kainis lang. So, ayun, bumagsak ako dito sa Kryz, thou hindi ko sya masyadong bet. Dito rin ako bumagsak!

So here's Kryz!:
Mejo nalungkot ako ng 5 % when I saw this, deformed box, pero siguro nagsabunutan lang yung sapatos sa loob. LMAO. just kidding!

Shoe info.
Hi guys, my name is Kryz!

Me and Maud have the same heel heights. We're both 5 inches!

Didn't capture it completely.

Only P499.00 Such a steal!

Kryz on her cam-whoring:
Don't get me wrong, I might look heavy, but fret not! I am lighter than MAUD. hahaha

Ang lakas maka DIVA!

Here's how it looks like when worn, uhuh, thanks to Sassy nail polish for that bright polishes on my toe nails!
We are Jen's new friends!

Leaving you a picture of us with our Sexy Back. We're bringing sexy heels, oh yeah!

Tatay saw me wearing this at home, and my brother asked me to stand up and he said: Papa, tignan mo si ate, mas matangkad na sayo!", the, I stood up and we measure each other's height, I almost reached my tatay's height, he's 5'9" and almost an inch taller than me. I was whoa! Ang tangkad ko, sabi ni tatay: "What, it's elevator shoes". haha natawa ako. 

Haven't tried them walking inside the house, nakakahiya baka magmukha akong engeng. haha. The Maud is a bit (konti lang naman, siguro di pa ko sanay) hard to walk in with, because it's quiet heavier than Kryz, pero the insoles are comfortable and soft. While the Kryz is a bit hard to wear, the mid-area is quiet narrow thou I have narrow feet. Siguro it will loose then after wearing it several times.

Thrifty alert:
If you are looking for affordable shoes online, be patient. Yes, I almost spent 3 hours on searching and browsing for shoe store which is on sale. Since I cannot afford those expensive ones. I can browse almost hundreds of it. But the search is worth it! Would you think that at first glimpse, you'll be able to guess how much the shoes I am wearing. I bet not! So this time I am going to share to you some of the sites that I've been visiting and eying to buy shoes soon! You can buy shoes from the ff. sites that cost not more than 1,000.

So!FabPrice Range: P499(sale) and up

Shoe Etiquette
Price Range: P480(sale)-P1,700.00

Team Chi on
 Majority of the shoes here are FREE Shipping Nationwide.
Price range P400 and up

Diego Liliw shoes
 Price range from P380 - 550.00

Regenade Folk
Price Rang: P599 (on sale) - P2,300.00

 Diamond serve at
This shoes cost P1095 only!

And there you have it! It was such a long post! 
Thank you everyone for reading!
It was nice meeting you daw said Maud and Kryz!

Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

What's inside the clutch from TBJ Meet and Greet?

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!
Haha, I am just going to share with you what's inside the clutch bag that we've got as souvenir slash giveaway from The Beauty Junkee's Meet and Greet that happened last June 16, 2012 (Click here to know the story).

Pictures Please!



Left - Right:

Loreal RevitaLift Intensive Night Repair Essence (Dermalift + Proretinol A)

Loreal UV Perfect BB Cream (With SPF 50!)
Loreal Youth Code Pre-Essence (Serve's as a moisturizer, face primer)
For Luscious and plumping lips:
Milani Lipgloss (20 Diamonds)
Jordana EasyLiner for Lips (Mulberry Creme)

And last but not the least a nail-polish!
Ms.Shen really knows what a girl really needs!

Black Radiance nail polish
That's from Ms.Shen and Ms.Martha! They are so generous to gave these gorgeous giveaways to 10 girls who were served as special guests on their meet and greet!

We also got these Reward Card from Makeupholics.

And of course Martha's new business card! Gorgeous red!

Hopefully, before I ran out of the Loreal products, I will really push myself to make review about them as soon as possible. Just stay tuned sweeties!

Just leaving you some sweets tonight!
Got these from Meet and Greet too! I shared it with my nephew and my cousins!

Thanks for reading!
Goodnight everyone!
Leaving you an FOTD of mine on the event:
laki tummy!

What do you want to see in my very first Giveaway?

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