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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I've been subscribed to Zalora for a very long time, but I haven't made any purchase from it. Since Boyfie and I are looking for affordable casio watches, we've been searching online to fine a shop which sells the cheapest. And we found it at And since I've read a lot of good and smooth trasanctions from online shoppers about their Zalora experience, we decided to make our first shopping with them.

So how's our shopping experience? - It was very convenient. Before proceeding to checkout, I talked to a Zalora representative through chat about all of my queries regarding to the process of my mode of payment, shipping and of course about the item I am purchasing.

We ordered last August 10, midnight and my package arrived after 5 days which falls on August 15, Friday.

(AND PROVINCIAL DELIVERIES TAKE 5-7 DAYS, Metro Manila takes 1-2days)

My mode of payment is COD (Cash on Delivery), it was very convenient for me because I am too lazy to to to the bank and deposit my payment, or do the online banking (since I forgot my password there, lol).Hassle Free I must say!The courier texted me early Friday morning if what time should they deliver my package. I told him that he should be at home around 9:30 since I have work that day. And he arrived exactly at 9:30. 
My package was nicely wrapped in Zalora box. I really love the packaging, it feels like you are a very special person seeing your name at the very front of the box. 

Zalora also includes a discount voucher code for my next purchase.

Zalora also offers  a Return or Exchange policy if you aren't satisfied with your purchase or if the item you purchase has any damage or whatsoever.

The watches come with their respective boxes with it's product descriptions. Inside the box is the watch itself, warranty card and manual. The watches were safely wrapped with bubble wraps. 


  • 10 Year Battery
  • 100M Water Resistant
  • LED Light with Afterglow
  • Dual Time
  • Daily Alarm
  • 1/100 second digital stopwatch
    Measuring capacity: 23:59'59.99"
    Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times
  • Hourly Time Signal
  • Auto Calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2099)
  • 12/24 Hour Formats
  • P 1195.00

- Resin case and band
- 50m water resistant
- Stopwatch
- Alarms
- 12/24 hour timekeeping
- Buckle fastening



I am very satisfied with my first Zalora purchased!

My thoughts on Casio watches:
Both watches are very lightweight. 
The straps are made in plastic which is not prone to dirt.
You will not worry that it will get wet every time you wash your hands since it's water resistant. 
I also love how it looks when worn. 
The size is perfect for me and of course the color is very feminine 
but can be incorporate with semi formal outfits.
The Casio HDD has matte finish so it's perfect for men.
Both watches are very easy to adjust.
Both look sturdy.
I only paid P2,190.00 pesos for the two watches + free shipping.

So yeah, I recommending Zalora if you are lazy to go to malls and shop for your new watches. I compared Zalora price to other online shops and I got the super sulit deal with it because it offers Free Shipping, Cash on Delivery and of course a Free Return or Exchange if you aren't satisfied with your purchase. And most specially it is a very TRUSTED online shop.

Thanks Zalora! Til' next transaction!

Zalora offers free shipping for orders P1,000.00 above nationwide. They also offer Cash on Delivery nationwide and you can choose various mode of payment such as through PayPal and Bank deposits. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mars Hair and Salon Experience

I've had my hair rebonded for 3 times since 2009 and all of the salons that I had my hair rebonded didn't satisfy me. Click HERE for my previous rebond history. So last year someone (anonymous) recommended me to have my hair rebonded on Mars Hair Salon which is located in Muntinlupa. I hesitated at first because it is too far away from my place and I am still thinking that time if I will let my curly hair to grow or have it rebonded. So, I browse the internet if I can search a review about the salon but there's still no blog review about it, but it has a lot of comments on SPOT.PH until I found their facebook account. And hey, it has 45k likes ha, it makes me wonder more na maganda talaga ang service nila.

Until last month, June, me and my friend decided to have our hair rebonded on Mars Salon. It took us 4 rides and  almost 2 hours to get to the salon. We arrive around 11:30 am which allows us to save some bucks because of their Happy Hour Promo.

(I am not going to give a long details about the salon, since I want to focus on the result and the experience we had there. But you can visit MARS Hair Salon facebook account to know more about their background and their current promo).

The Salon is located at Parkhomes subdivision, Tunasan Muntinlupa. It is a simple and small salon. The staffs are very friendly and accommodating. I already set an appointment with them through facebook. Mars Salon is very fast when it comes to answering my queries and giving me the instructions on how to get to the salon, and reminding me about my appointment. Yes, one of the best service a salon can offer.
Here are some of the pictures I took inside the salon.
Super maginaw inside! 

They also have free wifi. So WI-FI pa more!

Choco is my stylist, and Ricky is my friend's stylist.  At first, we signed some forms for salon records. Then our stylist gave us the treatment that our hair needs, and the outcome of the treatment. 

My Friend Vidah, and Ricky

Choco and me

Since I have super DRY, COLOR TREATED AND BLEACHED HAIR, Choco told me that the outcome of the rebond treatment on my hair is not super straight. The ends will not be the same with my virgin hair. So he needs to apply KERATIN TREATMENT prior to rebonding to protect the hair from chemicals that the rebonding process will do. 

My Hair background : I have super thick hair. I have my hair colored last August and bleached it (ombre) last September. It is also curly, unruly, rebellious and dry. It is very chemically treated which leads into having split ends. I am very afraid if what will be the outcome. My hair will truly challenge Choco.

My treatment : Matrix Rebond (P1,600.00 any hair length), Keratin Treatment (P500.00) and Cellophane (Free, Happy Hour promo) + Free Mani/Pedi.

As per Mars Salon, here's what they did to my hair:
 1. If the hair was previously chemically treated, apply the Keratin treatment to the areas of concern. 
#Selfie while having keratin treatment
Waiting for 2nd procedure.
 2. Moist the hair and apply the rebonding creme.  
3. After 45-60mins, perform a strand test and elasticity test to the hair. Apply the synthesized creme.
 4. Wait for 25-30mins before rinsing. Dry the hair after rinsing, blowdry, and iron. 

Ironing part, they use 2 kinds of Flat Irons.
With Choco again:

5. Apply the neutralizer and the cellophane treatment. 
6. Wait for 15mins and then rinse & wash the hair with a conditioning treatment. 
7. Blow dry the hair.
There's too much tugging while Choco is combing my hair. My hair ends is very frizzy because of the bleached part. Honestly saying, my neck hurts a bit during the combing and ironing process. 
Oh and by the way, their stylist is not that talkative, but they make fun of my hair because it is very thick. Sabi nga ni Choco "Million Hair" daw ako, and "Bukas pa daw matatapos" bago matuyo ang hair ko. Well, I hate it when stylist make fun of my hair, but truth hurts ika nga. Hehe (well in case you're reading this Choco, don't worry  hindi naman ako naoffend, makapal talaga hair ko hehe ). 
The staff who is doing the "washing and shampooing has the super gaan hands!Also to ate who is doing the mani/pedi, super gaan din ng kamay.

My stylist had hard time fixing my hair. It is very resistant daw kasi sa gamot. So it took almost 8 hours to finish my hair. And here it is:

Choco did trim my hair, almost 3-4 inches to get rid of the dry ends. Since I have free cellophane, I opted for burgundy cello. We left the salon around quarter to 8pm. Here's the final result:

We arrive home almost 12pm, it was a long ride.
As we all know, the real outcome will show after you washed your hair 3 days after the rebonding process. Here's my hair after I washed it:

You can clearly see that the ends are frizzy and kinky. So I immediately informed the salon through FB to let them know my hair status and they immediately respond to my message. They asked me to send pictures of my hair. After the assessment they told me to drop by to the salon so they can make an adjustment or treatment to my hair. They also gave me a complimentary hair treatment. And that will be a second part of my experience at Mars Salon. I will blog about it next time so stay tune for it.

My Verdict : Mars Salon staffs are very accomodating. They are professional and they really know what they are doing. They are very honest when it comes to the outcome of your hair treatment. They are also very informative about the chemicals they are putting on your hair. Am I satisfied with the result? Choco bought our meryenda the time when we were getting hungry, so thanks Choco!Honestly saying, YES! I am still satisfied even though my hair didn't look so much straight. RESULTS ALWAYS VARY DEPENDING ON YOUR HAIR TYPE. So avoid expecting too much. At least they did not burn my hair unlike the other salons I had been. Mars Salon is by far the best salon I have my hair rebonded. They are professional and they are giving the best they can.

I am highly  recommending this salon!
One of the best accommodating salon ever.

Thanks Ms. Nel and to all Mars Salon Staff.

I am not paid nor asked by the said salon to make this review. All of the statement above are base on my honest opinion.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ever Bilena in Dazzling Orchid

I rarely buy lipstick. As rare as twice a year. lol. So since I've been needing to buy one, I decided to go for this affordable lipstick from Everbilena. This year, I've been liking lipsticks with darker shades. And after I saw this lipstick from MomGoneVain, I decided to buy it.

It's the Everbilena in Dazzling Orchid (they said it was the newest lipstick line from EB).I think it comes with 8-10 shades. It has semi matte and gloosy finish. The lipsticks with white center has semi-matte finish while the transparent ones has glossy finish.

This retails for 95.00 pesos.
Sorry, I've been using the product for so many times before taking pictures.
 The transparent thing in the center of the lipstick is the reason why it has a shiny effect. It also the reason why it is a bit hard to make the application even.

Here's the swatches:
 (pictures where taken with different camera settings)

I've been having hard time looking for an affordable lipstick with plum'ish or magenta-ish shade, and this by far is the best affordable lipstick from EB.

This lipstick line has 2 finishes, the matte and the glossy. This one is glossy which will prevent you lips from drying and cracking. Approximately it stays on for 4-6 hours (without eating). Sometimes, I want it to look matte so i blot it with a tissue or apply baby powder. This is one of my favorite lipstick as of the moment. I am definitely an Everbilena girl. lol

So how'd you like it?

What do you want to see in my very first Giveaway?

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