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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ever Bilena in Dazzling Orchid

I rarely buy lipstick. As rare as twice a year. lol. So since I've been needing to buy one, I decided to go for this affordable lipstick from Everbilena. This year, I've been liking lipsticks with darker shades. And after I saw this lipstick from MomGoneVain, I decided to buy it.

It's the Everbilena in Dazzling Orchid (they said it was the newest lipstick line from EB).I think it comes with 8-10 shades. It has semi matte and gloosy finish. The lipsticks with white center has semi-matte finish while the transparent ones has glossy finish.

This retails for 95.00 pesos.
Sorry, I've been using the product for so many times before taking pictures.
 The transparent thing in the center of the lipstick is the reason why it has a shiny effect. It also the reason why it is a bit hard to make the application even.

Here's the swatches:
 (pictures where taken with different camera settings)

I've been having hard time looking for an affordable lipstick with plum'ish or magenta-ish shade, and this by far is the best affordable lipstick from EB.

This lipstick line has 2 finishes, the matte and the glossy. This one is glossy which will prevent you lips from drying and cracking. Approximately it stays on for 4-6 hours (without eating). Sometimes, I want it to look matte so i blot it with a tissue or apply baby powder. This is one of my favorite lipstick as of the moment. I am definitely an Everbilena girl. lol

So how'd you like it?

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  1. "I rarely buy lipstick" -- wow that's new. A lot has changed in two years Jen!

    I'm curious about this new line from Ever Bilena too. I like the finish of this one. It looks really pigmented. I think its better to go with glossy instead of matte because a lot can go wrong with matte lipstick.


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