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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fantastic Monday! : I won Firmoo EyeGlasses!

Now I love MONDAYS! It's just another grateful Monday! Yes guys, isn't it obvious? I am so happy to share to you that I won a pair of eyeglasses from Firmoo.  Monday, why you so good to me?? Last Monday I won amazing prices too (click here) but I haven't got the prices yet. Anyway, I am not actually expecting that I am going to win in giveaway, because I didn't actually send a lot of entries for more chances of winning. And I am not the official winner, the First winner was not able to reply on Ayah's personal message that's why she decided to choose another winner and fortunately I am the One! OH my love! Thank you so much Ayah! You just don't know how happy I am.

Photo Credits to
I am the one who will choose what pair of eyeglasses I want.  Meaning to say, any amount, design, or what ever I want. I am planning to get a non-prescription eyeglass (for everyday use lang sana) kaso I remembered that tatay is using reading eyeglasses that he bought at the market for P35, yes very cheap no? Nakakailang bili din siya kasi madali silang masira, since can't afford ang mga expensive prescription glasses at optical shops and that's why I decided to choose a prescription glasses for him because I know he needs it more than I do (which is magiging pamporma ko lang naman) so I think that's the best thing to do. I will let him choose from Firmoo's website.

I am just so happy kasi tatay really need new reading glasses. And to make him happy, I am going to consider him rather than considering my fashion ek-ek.

So, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you so much Ayah! No need to go to an expensive optical shop for tatay. I know it will make him happy and that's because of you and firmoo! Thank you both!

Please visit Ayah's blog here: |  

I'll let you know lovelies whenever I received their the eyeglasses na.

Thanking you,

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Watson's 3 day Sale : Haul

Hey guys! This is another haul post.

Last time, Watson's had their 3 day-sale. They have Buy-1-Take-1's, 10% off, 20% and 50%.

So for a cheapipay person like me, everytime na makakita ako ng buy1take1 it makes my ears tickle. haha.

Here's what I've got!

All this goodies for more or less P700

Rexona Powder Dry, tig-isa kami ni utol, kahit pambabae sya gusto daw nya kasi mabango and it doesn't make him sweaty. And I think okay talaga pag spray sya, less sweat nga, lalo na for me kasi super pawisin ako. Mabango talaga!I used to hate rexona deo's but this one is a love love!
Rexona Powder Dry B1T1 P149
Peppermint Mouthwash P12 (On Sale)& Pepsodent Double Action P35

My favorite Nivea Goodies 
Nivea Whitening Deo P42 (Small)
Nivea Expression Hydration P36
Nivea Whitening Cell Repair P129

I thought Buy1 take 1 din yung Lory's Hair Cream, yun pala Buy 2 for 295 pala (185 kasi each) so hindi na ko nakabili kasi limited si moolah, I only have P550 pesos to spend for this. So maybe at the end of the month I am going to buy that Lory's Hair cream since I am planning to have my hair straigthened this coming 15th of June (ang hirap kasi super buhaghag ba sa para na kong nagsusuper sayans). haha!

Dermaction Solution for Acne Prone Skin P32 ( on Sale)
Purbasari Body Scrub P79 (B1T1)
Really wanted to purchase body scrub since my skin has few patches and uneven tone, good thing this Pursabari scrub is buy 1 take 1, I am using this 2 a week and I really like the smell. I opted this for Asian Secret's Lulur, why? Just wanted other imported brands if they really works.
Sassy Nail Polish P17 & EB Ever Pencil P34
And there you have it!
A must have goodies that you can find at any Watson's outlet.

Thanks for reading

Have a nice day!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Not so serious PHOTO SHOOTS (Model Wanna be's)

Hi guys, this thing happened 2 months ago (March) I forgot to write about this photo-shoot that we had with my college mates. This is ain't serious since we weren't paid for this. We are just helping our dear classmate (who is already a mom)for her online store.

We didn't even have a good camera, she just borrowed a Nikon digicam on her neighbor to take these shots.

Oha parang nakatira lang.
With my friend Jopay.

Parang basurera lang.
Teh' sabog ka?
The siga Effect.

Etong the best, parang najejebs lang! :D

Mas okay pala pag di kita muka XD
And here are some of the items that I've got:
Wasn't able to include all the items that I'd purchased. But for 9 pieces that I bought, it cost me P1,600 pesos only. All items are branded and brand new.

Please do check my friend's online shop at facebook (Click here).
She also have jelly beans dresses, folded and hung, BAYO and others.

Thank you guys for reading!

Have a nice weekend!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I won!: Project Vanity's COM & PLDTHome Esprit Watch Winner.

Photo credits to

Hey guys! Alright, we are all back to work today. MONDAY! A day that we usually hate. But not now, hehe I wasn't able to check my e-mail yesterday, neither my facebook nor my twitter account. So this morning, when I arrived at work, the first thing that I usually do is to open my e-mail, and guess what? Ms.Liz of "ProjectVanity" mentioned me on twitter saying that I won as her Commenter of the Month. Wasn't expecting it anyway. So what is the special gift to me from her?

Here it is:
Photo credits to

Yeah a one free session from Flawless Laser Hair Removal. I don't have any idea on any laser thingy that different clinic has to offer, Haven't tried any of them since I know that it is very expensive, in short "pang-mayaman" at "pang-artista" lang sila.

So there's a little bit of nervousness and excitement that I feel today. Why? Kasi nga baka maignorante ako don. hahaha! Kidding aside, I never been to any derma clinic. And still worried if how does it feels during the  laser treatment. I've read some reviews about it this morning and some says it was good, but some says that it's a bit painful.

Well anyway, I'll just update you guys if what will happen in case na I have the treatment na.

Just wanted to say Thank you to Ms.Liz for choosing me as her Commenter of the month. Feeling ko wala naman masyadong sense yung mga comments ko sa post nya, hehe maybe she is being too mabait lang to me. Thank you again, and to Flawless.

Guys, please check Project Vanity too! If you are looking for a wide range of products, make-up, cleanser, outfit, shoes, anything! Ms.Liz have lots of reviews about wide range of products!

You might just be the COTM too! Just be consistent! Amazing gift is waiting for you!

Sneak moment:
I told my nanay and tatay about this, nagtataka sila ano daw yun? hehe si tatay sabi nya pano ba daw ako nananalo sa mga ganito? After explaining it to him, he told me na yung "Underarm" area daw ang ipa-laser ko, para daw hindi na ko nahihirapan at nangangati kapag nagpapluck ako. Wow! finally, naringgan ko rin ng positive si tatay, he doesn't know about my blog kasi. 

At di pa jan nagtatapos ang ligaya ko!

And about 6:pm yesterday (Tuesday na kasi ngayon) I also won ESPRIT Watch from PLDThome! OH come on! Sobrang saya! Ang ganda ng Monday ko! I love you Monday! I'll make a separate post kapag nakuha ko na yung price! Exited na ko! (hehe salamat sa twitter account ko!).
Thank you @PLDTHome!
Before sabi ko, hinding-hindi ako gagawa ng Twitter account. Pero after all these things. I love you din Twitter! hehehe.



Thanking you,

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sometimes it is really hard to keep a blog updated.

 My title sounds too dramatic, isn't it? hehehe

I wanted to post a lot of things, I still have 5 products to review but I don't have a pretty good camera to take shots of the products I have. Specially, the thing that I am now inventing, the "Before" and "After" photo of using a certain products like "Maxi-Peel", "Garnier" and "Deep Shine Control Moisturizer" to prove that they are effective. Kapag wala ka talagang camera, nagfififty fifty (50/50) ang buhay ng blog mo. Needless to say, still, sira pa din yung Canon Powershot ko. Di ko alam kung maayos pa ba yon or makakabili ba ako ng bago, pero for sure It will took 5 months before ako makabili ng bago, you know naman, I only earn little sa work ko. So, sorry for not posting any reviews here. To make it still updated, I am going to post nalang the items that I've got last time I shopped online at and some nail art designs that I had previously which has been saved on my facebook account. And one more thing, I am really out of things to say on my reviews, so I am into making compositions nalang muna. Basta, I am going to do my very best just to make this blog updated for the sake of my lovely readers.

Just wanted to say "Thank you" to my loyal readers. Wala pa kong giveaway for you guys, but hopefully soon makagawa ako kahit isa. Maybe sa first anniversary ng blog ko. Pero Thank you thank you so much lovelies.

Oops, I am planning to visit some mall this week, on Sta.Lucia East and Robinson's Metro East. If you are going to visit these malls, please do leave a comment, and let's see if there's a chance for usto meet!

Have a nice and greatful weekend.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Labing Limang Araw

Labing Limang Araw

Kalahating buwan mong pinagpaguran,
kinsenas o katapusan ito'y iyong makakamtan,
sweldo mong kakarampot at iilan,
Wala ka ng magagawa kundi pagkasyahin mo nalang.

Marami kang nais bilhin,
O kaya'y sa mamahaling restaurant ay kumain,
Bibili ba ng sapatos para mawala na ang paltos,
Sa sobrang luma at sikip mo ng sapatos?
O kaya'y bibili ng damit kahit tokador mo ay puno na at siksik,
ng mga damit mong di mo man lang matiklop kahit saglit.

May bago kang gadget na nakita,
nangako sa sarili na pagiipunan mo muna,
pero tila naaata't ka na,
mabili lamang  ay mangungutang ka pa.

Pero paguwi mo ng bahay iyong napuna,
Lalagyanan ng bigas aba'y wala na?!!
Kape, gatas at asukal ay ubos na
Wala ng shampoo, sabon ay tunaw na.

Dali-dali kinuha ang iyong pitaka,
2 Bughaw na papel inabot mo kay Ina,
"Ma ito, ipang grocery mo muna".

Nakaramdam ka ba ng panghihinayang?
Sa tuwing nagaabot ka sa kanila para sa inyong pangangailangan?
O nakakaramdam ka ng saya
Sa pagbibigay mo sa kanila ng may pagkukusa?

Oo,Sweldo mong pinagpaguran,
Labing limang araw mong pinaghirapan,
Lahat ng pagod mo ay biglang lilisan,
Kapag napangiti mo na ang iyong mga magulang.

Ganyan ka rin ba??

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lipsticks Mix: LimeCrime Pink Planet + Ever Bilena Scarlet +FOTD

I know all of you are aware of "Two toned Lipstick", thou I haven't tried wearing such thing, I opted to make a post about "Lipstick Mixing" wherein you use two different shades of lipstick. And maybe some of you already tried it. So in this post, I used two different shades of Lippies. 

1. LimeCrime Pink Planet 
2.Ever Bilena Scarlet

The two lippies has HUGE difference to ano another, the LC is in pink shade with blue undertone while the EBS is a matte red lipstick with orange undertone. I always combine these two whenever I want a bright lipstick but still wearable. I cannot wear the LC alone because it makes my teeth more yellowish (which I really hate) and the EBS is a bit drying to my lips and cannot be worn when you are having a smokey e/s.

Lime Crime Pink planet + Ever Bilena Scarlet

So how did I do this combining thing? First, I applied the LC and top it with EB. Or you can actually do it vice versa (it will make your light lipstick stained nga lang with the bright one pero it can't remove naman).

Actually, combining the two lippies gives you different shade, the picture below is vice versa to the picture above. Here, underneath is the Ever Bilena Scarlet while the LimeCrime Pink Planet is on the top. See the difference?

And here's my EOTD:

Hee, I used the DGcam here at the office, I can't take pictures at home kasi sira pa din ang DGcam ko. How poor I am!

So, that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed reading. You guys can try this mixing thing too if you haven't tried them. Post in the comment box below if you have the same post like mine. I am going to try the two toned lipstick next time :)

Thanks for reading lovelies!
Til' next time!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Review: Deep Shine Control Moisturizer (HG)

Deep Action Shine Control Moisturiser (Matte)

Way back 4 years ago, I've never been to applying moisturizer on my skin. I really hate products which will make my skin oily. Like when you apply cream before you go to sleep, and when you wake up in the morning, when you are about to touch your face you'll notice that you can even use the oil on your face to fry an egg?. Yuck! But things had been changed when I reach the age of 20. After reading lots of articles, I found out that even if you have an oily face, you shouldn't neglect putting moisturizer on your face (do not forget your neck!). This will prevent (not stop) those wrinkles and dryness. Pero, I really don't like those moisturizer which makes even my hands oily after applying it on my face. And when the sunshine comes out, oh no! Hello oily face! That's why I put moisturizer before I go to bed, or during morning if and only if I am into  peeling. But during ordinary days, I don't usually put moisturizer cause It is so sticky! But now, I met this Mattifying Moisturizer, believe it or not, this is the best Moisturizer I had ever met in my life EVER! And it might sound impossible too pero it only cost P36.00! Hey! It's from Watson's beauty line. I got this one on sale together with The PureBeauty Cleansing Water from my last haul. It was the curiosity which makes me to picked up this product, and since it is mura, why not? Go lang, try ko na!

Sorry for the bad lightning, I only used my brother's phone 

P36.00 (On Sale)

I tried it immediately the first night that I bought it. And BELIEVE me, it mattifies my skin! You just have to wait 3 minutes and you will feel the cooling effect of it! I so love it!

To show you how effective it is here's the proof:
Bare Hands, without flash

Bare hands, with flash

Well distributed

It looks shiny at first but after few minutes, it will gone.
After 2 minutes. . . . 
After 3 minutes . . . . 
After 5 minutes. . . 
Just after 5 minutes you will see that the moisturizer shrink in your skin.
And here's the final photo, the comparison after 15 minutes:
See, what it promises on it's label says that it doesn't clog pores and you can see the result in just 1 use, and that's TRUE!! Try this and you will surely agree that this is one of the best Matte Moisturizer. It has a cooling sensation too.

If you are going to ask me what I hate about this product? Honestly I can't see anything. PROMISE!!

Deep Shine Control has blotting paper and other facial products.
You can purchase this product at Watson's.

That's all for today.
Thank you for reading!
Happy Weekend!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Isa sa mga authors ng
Aking nakakulitan, nakapalagayan ng loob,
ManongGuard kung sya'y tawagin
Ito'y naging hiwaga para sa akin
Dahil kung iyong iisipin, machong macho ang dating.

Hinuha ko sya ay bente ocho anyos
Anupa't pilit inalam kanyang mga datos
I really don't know where to start,
I don't even know his first name or last. (nosebleed, tagalog ulit).

Humingi ako ng tulong kay pareng internet,
Ngunit walang naibigay na tulong , resulta'y naging panget
Sa forum ng PEX ako'y may nasagap
Ilang mga detalyeng tila mapagpanggap.
May ilang nagsasabing isa raw sa author ay aktibista,
Habang ang 2 iba pa ay taga gawa ng pelikula
At anak ng AFP ang natitirang isa pa.

Lumipas ang ilang araw at ako muli'y may nalaman
Nagpakilalang ManongGuard, ako'y binigyan ng larawan
Mahaba ang buhok, katawan ay may kalaparan.
Kung tatanungin mo "anong itsura niya?"
'Kinalulungkot ko pero di ko rin mahinuha
Ang litrato kasi ay nakatalikod ang kuha (nyahahaha)

Pilit inalam at inimbestigahan
Kung akin bang mapapaharap nakatalikod nyang larawan
Sa tulong ni AQUA aming napag-alaman
Dating nakatalikod ngayo'y nakaharap naman,
Anong itsura?? Nevermind. . . . . . . .
Pero aking nalaman yun pala ay impostor,
Nagpanggap na ManongGuard, aba'y ang galing parang aktor!

Oh mga author ng,
Alamin ang inyong pangalan sa akin ay isang hamon
Gugulin ko man ang aking maghapon,
Sa paghahanap ng katiting na impormasyon
Mabibigo ba ako tulad ng sa kahapon?

Sabi nga ng kanta ng Siakol na banda,
"Balang araw konting tyaga makatitikim na din ng nilaga",
Siguro naman sa aking pagtsatsaga
Darating ang araw akin din silang makikilala,
Hindi man ngayon, bukas o sa makalawa,
Baka sa susunod na buwan o mga taon pa nga.

Kahit ngayon ako'y may konti ng alam,
Di ko naman ito pwedeng ipag bigay alam.
Hindi ko rin naman ipinagmamayabang
Masaya lang ako dahil mayroon na akong nalaman.

Ngunit ang tanong ngayon: Nasaan na sila?
Busy sa chicas o nagbabakasyon pa ba?
Bakit tila' wala na silang pabasa
Hinuha ko, mayroon lang silang surpresa
Ibibigay sa tamang panahon sa mga mambabasa
Maghintay lang tayo at umasa
Babalik muli ang MgaEpal na Ninja.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Navy Blue

Curious if what nail polish I used??

Photo credited to Hollie
Introducing the Klik Nail Polish, it is locally available and distributed by Ming Mei Cosmetics. 
It cost P18.00 only (7ml)

Hi there girls! Good evening! Thanks to my brother's phone (Nokia N73) It has 3.2 megapixels, my camera isn't working anymore :( 
Just wanted to share to you my Nail of the Week. I was about to get an Orange shade, but when I saw this Navy Blue shade from Klik (my favorite and cheap nail polish), I told my brother to buy this for me. Wanna see how they look like?

See that cute ring too? It was given to me by my cousin.

Really love the color!

just don't forget to apply top coat :)

It is actually Matte in person :)
But the down side is, of course, it only stays good for 2 days.
But nonetheless, I so love this nail polish.

That's all for now.
Thanks for dropping by!


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