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Friday, May 11, 2012

Review: Deep Shine Control Moisturizer (HG)

Deep Action Shine Control Moisturiser (Matte)

Way back 4 years ago, I've never been to applying moisturizer on my skin. I really hate products which will make my skin oily. Like when you apply cream before you go to sleep, and when you wake up in the morning, when you are about to touch your face you'll notice that you can even use the oil on your face to fry an egg?. Yuck! But things had been changed when I reach the age of 20. After reading lots of articles, I found out that even if you have an oily face, you shouldn't neglect putting moisturizer on your face (do not forget your neck!). This will prevent (not stop) those wrinkles and dryness. Pero, I really don't like those moisturizer which makes even my hands oily after applying it on my face. And when the sunshine comes out, oh no! Hello oily face! That's why I put moisturizer before I go to bed, or during morning if and only if I am into  peeling. But during ordinary days, I don't usually put moisturizer cause It is so sticky! But now, I met this Mattifying Moisturizer, believe it or not, this is the best Moisturizer I had ever met in my life EVER! And it might sound impossible too pero it only cost P36.00! Hey! It's from Watson's beauty line. I got this one on sale together with The PureBeauty Cleansing Water from my last haul. It was the curiosity which makes me to picked up this product, and since it is mura, why not? Go lang, try ko na!

Sorry for the bad lightning, I only used my brother's phone 

P36.00 (On Sale)

I tried it immediately the first night that I bought it. And BELIEVE me, it mattifies my skin! You just have to wait 3 minutes and you will feel the cooling effect of it! I so love it!

To show you how effective it is here's the proof:
Bare Hands, without flash

Bare hands, with flash

Well distributed

It looks shiny at first but after few minutes, it will gone.
After 2 minutes. . . . 
After 3 minutes . . . . 
After 5 minutes. . . 
Just after 5 minutes you will see that the moisturizer shrink in your skin.
And here's the final photo, the comparison after 15 minutes:
See, what it promises on it's label says that it doesn't clog pores and you can see the result in just 1 use, and that's TRUE!! Try this and you will surely agree that this is one of the best Matte Moisturizer. It has a cooling sensation too.

If you are going to ask me what I hate about this product? Honestly I can't see anything. PROMISE!!

Deep Shine Control has blotting paper and other facial products.
You can purchase this product at Watson's.

That's all for today.
Thank you for reading!
Happy Weekend!



  1. Hi ate Jen :) Nung nabasa ko to e sakto may lakad ako at napadaan ako sa watson e pareho pa naman ata tayo ng problema sobrang oily ko rin at pag nag lagay ako ng moisturizer e grabe pang prito na talaga haha. So yun dati nakikita kita ko pa tong product na to sa watson e nadadaanan ko lang di ko pinapansin tapos ngayon wala na sa watson ewan ko kung bakit? :((( hindi ko nga alam kung hindi na nila ititinda kasi walang bumibili e or naubusan? hahaha anyways ate i nice review i want to try talga.

    1. Hi Tin! Naku, malamang, parehas tayo ng skin type. Pero after I discovered it, eto na ang everyday moisturizer/primer ko. Hindi nago-oily talaga face ko dito, kahit na di ba nilagay ko sya sa gabi, tapos pag gising ko ng umaga as in WALA talagang oil. Ganon ba? Last time pagpunta ko ng Watson's sa bayan namen, nakita ko lang yung exfoliating scrub nila, pero yung moiturizer wala, sa SM Watson's ko kasi nabili yung akin. Baka na out of stock o baka soon to be discontinued na nila ang product na ito. Pero hindi dapat kasi maganda talga sya.


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