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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Some might think that I already abandoned this blog, well you are 100% correct! This year is the most special for me, because I got married last May 21! Anyway just wanted to share with you our pre-nup photos.

Anyway, bf and I got engaged last year, but the formal proposal with his family happened last January this year.I didn't expect that bf will throw a surprise "pamamanhikan" that day since we were already engaged but then, he still did. Since then, stress started to devour me for the preparation of our simple wedding.


I will also share to you how much my outfit was and how to save money in planning your prenup shoot . But of course if you have lots of money then BOOK A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER.

Photographer : Raymond & Che Jimenez
Location : La Mesa Eco Park
Assistant : My brother
Stylist : Me!

We decided to have our prenup at La mesa eco park. Entrance Fee is P50.00/head (I called them and ask if there's permit needed for photoshoot, the representative said the photographer needs to sign a waiver upon arrival at eco park, but we decided not to since lahat naman ng nakikita namin na nagphotoshoot hindi na nagwaiver lol), and we paid P500.00 for the cottage. 

Here's how you can save money if you are on a tight budget:

 1. Ask a friend who has a good camera (which loves photography) to become your photographer on your prenup photoshoot. 

2. Look for outfit online or at malls, simply choose your theme and match it with your outfit.

3. Search online what usually the poses of couples during prenup shoot. Practice it at home.

4. Look for a park near you or a place which is memorable to you and to your partner.

5. Bring props! Props can bring big difference specially if you are out of poses. hehe

6.Just be natural, laugh and talk to your partner while photographer is taking pictures. Be comfortable.

 Since we are being practical, we don't need super magandang picture, yung simple lang pwede na. So here's some of our pictures.

My husband's shirt was from Divisoria. P150 lang bes! And his old shorts. 
Shoes were from World Balance.
My dress was from fb online store which I bought around P250.00
Boots were from Payless and costs around P1500

Our first theme was kind of relax and quirky poses. Hence the color shade was blue.
Wag sa damuhan bes!

Second theme was more on the sweeter side and more formal.
All you need is props beh.
Second outfit was bought online at instagram, my dress was thrifted and cost around P120?
Shoes were from payless also which I got on sale for P250.00
Husband's outfit was bought from mall.
Earrings were from Divisoria too!
Lamang ang matangkad bes!
Sakit na tagiliran ko bes!

We create the props.

You always need to give your genuine smile. Pretend like, kilig na kilig kayo sa isa't isa kahit na in reality hirap na kayong magpose.

Ang here's a little solo poses :

My dress were bought from Robinson's Department store for around P800
Accessories were from divi and the props was a print out and cardboard.

 His coat was from divi too.

And the final theme was formal of course

Bouquet was actually for my bridesmaid, which was handly made by me.

And there you have it. Those were some of the pictures from our pre-nup. It can still be memorable even if you are on a tight budget. Just use your imagination and tips online. Preparations and the wedding day itself should be, not a financial burdensome to overcome but a celebration to bring great happiness to two people.


  1. nice one very helpful thank u for posting im also on a tight budget 😀

  2. Is there a cr for changing outfit and outlet for electric curler incase? Thank you 😊

    1. There is a comfortroom. I am not sure with regards to electric outlet kasi okay na lahat nakaayos na ko nung nagpunta kami change outfit nalang talaga

    2. Hi if magpapa waiver sa photographer is there a fee?

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  6. Was browsing through the net on prenup shoots done on parks and then I saw your blogpost. While I was scrolling down, I got surprised with your props and found out na JW din pala kayo. Hehe. Nice photos sis!

  7. Very informative post. Thrifty helpful :). Please continue posting more thrift tips :)


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