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Monday, August 19, 2013

Maxi Peel Review : Before and After

Hello guys! I am back to blogging!
This post has been on my drafts for sooo looong time.
This will be a long post because I am going to discuss my experience upon using the Maxi Peel Exfoliant together with its advantages and disadvantages. And if it really helps to combat major skin breakouts.

Whenever I have big breakout on my face (acne, white & blackheads, bumps) which cannot be treated by toner or facial wash, I always go back to this product. Upon using a lot of products (but not the expensive ones) to combat my skin breakout, I always go back to MaxiPeel Exfoliant. This is the only product (for me) that was proven to stop my breakout. But of course, exfoliation is very hard to deal with. There are some consequences that you need to consider upon using it. That's why I always think twice whenever mom recommends me to use it again.
To shorten the discription of using this product, the best phrase to describe it is this: "Tiis, Ganda!".

Here's how the solution looks like, descriptions and etc:

Before I mention its positive and negative effects, let me show to you how it works on my skin.

Warning : Ugly, gross face ahead!

As dated, this is how my face looks like during my breakout. Acne all around my face. I am always having problem specially with the scars that acne left me.

I used the Maxi Peel Exfoliant for almost 1 month (which is 24 days).

This is how my forehead loos like before and after 24 days of using the MPES.
Here's how my left cheek looks like after 24 days. 
I actually have those permanent scarring (small holes on my face).
You can pretty see the difference that it improves my skin.

Here's my right cheek. That one brown spot there is a mole. I still have few dark scars right there, but I can definitely say that it reduces acne scars.

And here is the chin area:

Here it is after 24 days.

What I benefited:
It removes dead skin cells
It renew my skin
It fights the pimple from coming out
It dries the pimple
It minimize the pores
It gives me shiny looking face
It lifts my skin
It gives me smooth supple skin
It really whitens my skin
It stops my skin breakout

The ugly truth:
It has burning sensation upon applying (when your skin starts to peel)
It dries your skin horribly
Your big pores will turn into black heads (pushing the sebum out)
You will experience having small bumps that is very itchy on chin, cheeks, forehead and so on. .
Flaky Skin
Tingling sensation on broken skin when you wash your face with beauty soap 
(l tried using pink dove but it hurts, the CY Gabriel doesn't give me any tingling sensation)
Uneven application may cause discoloration
Oily Skin
Shiny Face
Weird face lift effect
You will have hard time putting makeup on because of the flakiness of your skin
You cannot stay outside for too long cause you might end up with burn face baby

Final Verdict:
I actually have the LOVE AND HATE relationship with MaxiPeel. The very first time I used it was way back 2009?? My big brother used it too when he had severe acne and it actually worked on him. It  works on me too, but upon using it, I might want to stop during my first to second week. As I mentioned earlier, during my first week, It feels like it worsen my skin breakout, leaving me a very dry, dull and bumpy face. I was about to stop on my second week but mom pushes me to continue (no pain , no gain) but after my 3rd week I can see the good result. After all those suffering (lol) I finally I have a clearer skin with less acne.

This is me with makeup on (May 2013), after a week of not using Maxi Peel:

But the real thing is, I cannot use this for a very long time since it may cause high pigmentation. I also hate the fact that it makes my face more oily and shiny which I don't really like because as you all know, I have super oily skin. Maybe because it renew the layer of skin that's why it produce more oil and gives me shiny look. But methinks that my experience is worth it though I have to try different product to still combat my acne.

I don't really recommend this, unless you really want to try it. The result may vary but the experience during the peeling is exactly the same on each person who uses this. There are consequences upon using it, but the result is worth it, though after using this, a month or two probably your skin will go back to it's natural color and condition (that's what I noticed upon using this). So if you are afraid of experiencing the things that I experienced, SKIP this! But if you really have the same condition as mine, you may want to consider using this but it's upon your  own discretion.

So, yeah. After you see my case, what do you guys think? 
Have you ever tried using this? How do you combat your skin breakout?

Stay safe and dry!

Thanks for reading.

Lazy Blogger Award!

Oh gosh, when was the last time I update this blog? I made a promise to myself that I am going to update this once in awhile but I just FAILED. The reason? Well, I am not that busy at work, but I am busy with other things like our online shop, side-lining as "Makeup Artist" and so on. I actually wasn't able to review a lot of products that I've tried this past few month. I envy those bloggers who always have time for their blog despite of being busy at school or at work. That's why I am awarding myself this:

Due to blogger setting changes, it also makes me lazy to transfer my blog into a new platform. Google, why?

Until this morning, someone commented and asked me when will I be back to blogging. Well, then that simple comment, knowing that there is someone who misses my post makes me think that I should be blog to blogging again. Thank you sis Ile :) I hope someday we will be able to meet in person.

Anyway, it's raining, its pouring, classes has been suspended. I hope you guys are all safe. I am here at work today and writing again something for my blog. Hopefully, I can review the fresh products that I am currently loving like the Revlon Colorstay Foundation, Wet n Wild Eye and Lip Liners, Covergirl Lipstick, and specially the torturing that I am currently doing to my hair. Hopefully. Hopefully.

Keep safe everyone! And to those who are loving and still reading this blog Thank you so much! Love you guys!

Til' next time!

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