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Friday, February 12, 2016

Caite Couple Watch

BF and I love watches. We've been seeing a lot of couple watches online, but when we saw "Caite" (kai-tee), an affordable brand of watches (not really sure but internet says it's from Japan), we went to nearest mall where it was available, and fortunately, when we went there, Caite has 20% discount on watches if you buy 2 pairs. Steal!!!

Only few pairs were available that time so we ended up buying this pair:

 It's a stainless watch, water resistant, quartz movement with chronograph for design purposes only.

I love their packaging, hindi tinipid, it has its own box and watch pillow. There is no manual included in the box, since this kind of watch doesn't need an instruction anyway.

The watch is lightweight, but very prone to scratches. The stainless they use was not high quality, the edges were bit sharp. These watches look expensive upon first look. 

This is le bf's watch.

 And this is mine.

The saleslady adjusted the bracelet to fit our wrist.  

It still looks decent and not cheapipay right? 
Would you believe that this cost P369.99/each? Plus we got 20% of the total price! Swak na swak to para sa mga students!

We decided to wear this during special occasions. It might get a lot of scratches if we wear this everytime. So, have you seen or bought watch from this brand?

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