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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hair Products for Rebonded/Brazillian Keratin Treated Hair

Since I have my hair rebonded and brazillian keratin treated, the salon staff recommended me to use Sulfate free shampoo to prolong the keratin treatment that they did on my hair. I also need to use conditioner and hair treatments to replenish the moisturize and strength that my hair lost during several time of torturing it by coloring and bleaching. So I am going to share with you my current hair products which I love.
I will be posting a separated article which will details more about them one by one.

1.) Finnesse Shampoo. Since I am having hard time searching for an affordable sulfate free shampoo, I opted for this one since it is Paraben, Dye, Sulfate Free. It only cost P189.00 (bought at Sta Lucia Dept store). I've been using this for a week and it doesn't lather that much (since it's sulfate free) but it stop the itch on my scalp and make my hair feel so clean.

2.) Rigenol Conditioner - Shout out to Mars Salon for this compliment hair treatment! This may be costly but this do wonders to my hair. It makes my hair shiny and super smooth. I applied this after I shampoo my hair and wrap it with shower cap. Mars and Hair Salon sell this for P1500.00.

3.) Sunsilk Silky Straight Conditioner - I don't know what makes me picked this up in Watsons, but maybe because it is meant for straight hair. I mix this with the Reginol or sometimes applied this after reginol. It's P92.00 at Watson's.

4.)VO5 Anti-Breakage Conditioner - I bought this at Dollar Store for only P85.00 only. I use this alternately with Sunsilk conditioner. It's very lightweight!

4.) Mondes Hair Wax Treatment - I was using this product together with Sunsil Sily Straight conditioner when my hair is not yet cut. I used this almost 2 3 weeks after my hair rebonded to prolong the effect of hair cellophane. I think it somehow expand the cellophane treatment on my hair. Bought this Buy 1 Take 1 at Wastson's for only P105.00.

5.) Vitress Hair Serum - I use this after I washed my hair. When my hair is 70% dry I apply this specially at the ends of my hair strands. It doesn't give you that super oily hair. What I like about this product is that it is non-sticky, affordable and smells amazing. This one is only P89.00.

Upon using the said products for 3 months since I have my hair rebonded and keratin brazillian treated, my hair is still straight and very soft, it also helps my hair to become a little bit shiny. 

How do you take care of your rebonded hair?

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