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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hair Products for Rebonded/Brazillian Keratin Treated Hair

Since I have my hair rebonded and brazillian keratin treated, the salon staff recommended me to use Sulfate free shampoo to prolong the keratin treatment that they did on my hair. I also need to use conditioner and hair treatments to replenish the moisturize and strength that my hair lost during several time of torturing it by coloring and bleaching. So I am going to share with you my current hair products which I love.
I will be posting a separated article which will details more about them one by one.

1.) Finnesse Shampoo. Since I am having hard time searching for an affordable sulfate free shampoo, I opted for this one since it is Paraben, Dye, Sulfate Free. It only cost P189.00 (bought at Sta Lucia Dept store). I've been using this for a week and it doesn't lather that much (since it's sulfate free) but it stop the itch on my scalp and make my hair feel so clean.

2.) Rigenol Conditioner - Shout out to Mars Salon for this compliment hair treatment! This may be costly but this do wonders to my hair. It makes my hair shiny and super smooth. I applied this after I shampoo my hair and wrap it with shower cap. Mars and Hair Salon sell this for P1500.00.

3.) Sunsilk Silky Straight Conditioner - I don't know what makes me picked this up in Watsons, but maybe because it is meant for straight hair. I mix this with the Reginol or sometimes applied this after reginol. It's P92.00 at Watson's.

4.)VO5 Anti-Breakage Conditioner - I bought this at Dollar Store for only P85.00 only. I use this alternately with Sunsilk conditioner. It's very lightweight!

4.) Mondes Hair Wax Treatment - I was using this product together with Sunsil Sily Straight conditioner when my hair is not yet cut. I used this almost 2 3 weeks after my hair rebonded to prolong the effect of hair cellophane. I think it somehow expand the cellophane treatment on my hair. Bought this Buy 1 Take 1 at Wastson's for only P105.00.

5.) Vitress Hair Serum - I use this after I washed my hair. When my hair is 70% dry I apply this specially at the ends of my hair strands. It doesn't give you that super oily hair. What I like about this product is that it is non-sticky, affordable and smells amazing. This one is only P89.00.

Upon using the said products for 3 months since I have my hair rebonded and keratin brazillian treated, my hair is still straight and very soft, it also helps my hair to become a little bit shiny. 

How do you take care of your rebonded hair?


  1. That's really very expensive for P1500. I also use vitress but I want to try other products. I also want my hair to get rebonded pero ewan ko ba, maybe it's not yet time.

    (" Sa Mata ng Isang Probinsiyana ")


  2. As usual di naman ako makrelate dahil maikli lang ang buhok ko LOL

  3. napaka informative talaga ng mga blogs mo almost done reading it...
    more update pa please..
    would like to follow you on fb, twitter and ig... nu po account mo?
    god bless

    1. Hi there. Thank you very much for expressing your appreciation. I am really happy to read such comment on my blog. Unfortunately I don't have a public fb page for my blog (but I decided to create one). You can follow me on twitter @jenfosgie (But i'm not that active on facebook). I will keep you posted once I'm done with PrettyThrifty facebook page.

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