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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Facial Cleanser : Eskinol Classic White Facial Deep Cleanser

 Here's the 3rd part of my face care routine series.
You can check the main entry here.
First part is here.
Second part is here.

Cost : P28.00
Where : Watson's
Content: 75ML
 After removing my makeup with Pure Beauty Cleansing Liquid and Washing my face with Pond's Whitening Deep Facial Foam, I still need to use cleanser to remove the excess dirt that makeup remover and facial foam cannot deeply remove.

Since I love cheap products, I am currently using Eskinol Whitening Deep Cleanser P28.00.
I am not going to enumerate too much info about the product since I know, a lot of you know about this already. Even our mom knows it, right?

It said to be whitens and controls oil.

 What it promise:
Direction for use:

To prove that this 28-peso product does the job in removing dirt residue, here's the proof:

See, even after washing my face with Pond's, may dirt pa ring naalis yung Eskinol?
Who would have thought that this 28-peso cleanser will finish and complete the job of the first two products that I've used which were obviously have higher price than this?

So let's just list down the good and bad (if there is) thing about this product.

PrettyThrifty Thing:

- Cheap
 - Prevents oil
- Has cooling effect
- It removes tough dirt
- Does not break me out
- You get a lot of product (75ML)
- Gives you a fresh feeling after using this

Ugly Truth:
- Can't see it's whitening effect
- May sting a bit if you have broken skin
- May irritate some who doesn't like product alcohol based cleanser
- You have to put a lot of product onto the cotton to maximize it's cleaning ability
 (shocks, di ako makapaniwala na naconstruct ko tong sentence na to!). 

 DEFINITELY I DO! If you are really in the budget and looking for affordable, mild but does the job in cleaning your face then this is really for you. Plus I think, I rarely heard those who had breakouts in using this. My mom uses this for a long time now because when she use different toner / cleanser it irritates her skin.

And that's it! I hope it helps if you are looking for cheap cleanser.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I broke up from this when I was younger, then my dermatologist told me that astringents won't work for my skin type because of the high alcohol content and for eskinol specifically, it also contains menthol which can further irritate skin. I do have combination skin and putting too much alcohol will over compensate the oiliness, which makes the skin dry and produce more sebum.

    I suggest though that you use a witch hazel or a toner with a tea tree extract in it instead as its much more effective,safe and gentle. ^_^

    Hope this helps girl!

    stay pretty!



    1. Maybe that's the case with me too. But some gentle cleansers like cetaphil has alchohol in it too right?
      Maybe a much gentler alcohol.

      Nothing nice happens to me when I use eskinol. I wonder if I will give up with this product. It doesn't control oiliness, doesn't remove my pimple nor minimize my pores. I wonder why the elder likes using this.

      ~" A Probinsiyana's blog "~


  2. i'm also using eskinol, but in papaya. and it really do the job really well! btw, new follower here :>

  3. I'm also using this! I have three big bottles to finish so la akong choice.. You're right! It does an amazing job in removing dirt. But I also don't notice any whitening effect, as well as oil control. I like the menthol effect though. I make sure I use this every night no matter how sleepy I am already.

  4. Wish they would sell stuff like this here! :D looks good!

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