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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pond's Flawless White Deep Facial Foam

Sorry for being MIA. I wasn't able to post anything on my blog since Friday. There's something wrong with my Desktop computer, it keeps on shutting down (mukhang kailangan na ng kapalit). Well moving on, since I am not finished yet with my Face Care Routine post, I am just going to finish it this week so I can proceed to new products and another DIY post. (Err, too bad, I revamp my shoes but I don't have my memory card with me during the weekend so I can't show to you how does it looks like before).

So, to start the week, here's another review about the second step that I do during my FCR. After removing my makeup with Pure Beauty Cleansing Liquid, I wash my face with Pond's Flawless White Deep Whitening Facial Foam (wagas ang pangalan!) to remove totally the makeup on my face. I am not really a big fan of Pond's products, since I noticed that majority of their products did not work for me, but this one is okay. Anyway, here's how the product looks like.

Cost : P200.00
Where : Got this for free
But you can bought this on Watson's and any leading department store
Content : 100 ML
The new GenActiv formulation has two main components: 12-HSA or 12-hydroxystearic acid, which renews skin cells, and niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3 naturally found in some foods like salmon and tuna, and is used in cosmetics as  skin-lightening ingredient. It’s proven to improve hyperpigmentation. Pond’s claims to have pioneered the use of vitamin B3 with its comprehensive lightening regime first developed in 1992.
 The back tube and it's ingredients:

I really like the packaging of this facial foam because it is in pink tube, and has a fancy pink cap.

Parang the cap is half the weight of the tube.

It also contains a lot of product.
It has micro scrubs but fret not because it will not irritate your skin naman.
 And yes, even the micro scrubs is in color pink!
I texturized the photo so you can see the micro scrubs.
So, wanna know if it does the job when it comes to removing excess makeup and what it claims to be a whitening facial foam? 

 here's the before and after picture:
See the difference? oh yeah, pardon that distracting face behind me
 (nagkalat talaga ang mga engkanto sa amin hehe).

It really brightens up my face after washing it with Pond's. Making it softer and smoother.But I am not really convince on it's whitening effect, I've been using this for couple of months and can't see the whitening benefit that it claims.

PrettyThrifty Thing:
- Affordable
- I love its scent
- Cute packaging
- It has micro scrubs
- It brightens up my face
- A little goes a long way
- It removes excess makeup
- Glad, it did not break me out.

Ugly Truth:
- Does not tighten pores
- Does not whiten my face
- It cannot remove waterproof mascara

Yes! I still recommend this specially to those who loves Pond's. This is a nice facial foam, since it has micro scrubs which will help you to remove dead skin cells and it brighten up your face after one wash. Thou I don't see any whitening effect from using it for 2 - 3 months,maybe it did, but only 5% of lightening my acne scars, I'm thankful cause it does not break me out unlike the other Pond's facial foam. And also it will surely worth it because it will lasted you for 3 months (within everyday use, morning and evening).  Indeed, this is a affordable and nice product.

Have you tried this facial foam? Let me hear your thoughts about this product. Next Review is all about Eskinol Whitening cleanser :)
Thanks for reading and hope you'll have a nice day!



  1. Ponds has never really worked on me, but I thinking about trying this out, I love the pink packaging :D

  2. Great review! :) I find this good in fighting oily face. Though I am actually quite allergic to Pond's formula. I always get rough face after a week of using this facial wash.

  3. Whitening products aren't really meant to "whiten" the face but to reduce dark spots and have a brightening effect to the skin. The brightening effect does happen when I used to use this product and I can see it did some brightening effect too on your skin! If ever you have dark spots ( like me ) this product should be able to lighten them ( this happened to me )

    Goodluck and stay pretty!



  4. If washing cannot remove make up use make-up remover especially for those who uses make up everyday I think does ponds does have one and its cheap too. I tried it few years ago. Its ok use. But always remember chemical products and make up is not good.:)


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