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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Online Haul - Pre-loved things are always worth it!

Hello there sweeties, it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post here. I am very busy at work and even if I am at home, I wasn't able to think of a topic that I am going to post here. Then last Friday, I saw Ms.Liz post on facebook and she was selling some items on her closet. Just like what I've been always mentioning to you guys, I am a very thrifty person.That's why I entitled my blog "PrettyThrifty", because I don't splurge on buying expensive clothes or shoes even in on-line shopping (I am just being practical though). So whenever I see items that are selling through online, and catches my interest, I always look on the price of the certain product. And if it is beyond my budget, of course, I'll accept it nalang na di ko sya pwedeng bilhin dahil unreachable sya ng budget ko. Well, the good thing is, Ms.Liz pre-loved items are definitely budget friendly, it has a low price with good qualities pa din. And i trust and i know how careful she is when it comes to her stuff (I've been reading her blog for a long time that's why i concluded that). So when i checked my wallet, I still have some pennies to purchase those products. Would you believe that 4 items, a dress, a bf polo, a tunic lace blouse and a pair of boots would cost 520 pesos only?YES! They are! Well another 120 pesos pala for the shipping. We all know that the downside of buying online is that, the buyers need to shoulder the shipping fee. Well it's okay, as long as reasonable naman ang price :) Ganon din naman pag nagpunta ka ng malls.

So to cut-off my story, Here's what I've got!
The ff. pictures are taken and owned by Ms.Liz



MARY JANE BOOTIES FOR ONLY P200, such a steal Right?
I received the package after almost 1 1/2 days only. Yeehah! With LBC, and for only 120 shipping fee. So here's my shots on the items.
I really love the shoes, I thought it was heavy but this is too light!

It's almost like brand new but i'm bit worried to wear this at office for sure aasarin ako ng mga kaoffice mates ko.

it has 3 inches heels
and the bf polo, trying to camwhore, hehe

It fits me naman pero i think I'll give this to mom :)

 Cluttered Background. Sorry :(

And lastly, Ms.Liz is so generous, she included beautiful earrings :) I so love it.

Thank you Ms.Liz for the transaction! Thanks also for the letter!

How bout you guys, is online buying IN or OUT for you?

That's all for now,

Friday, February 24, 2012

My Hair Cut and Face Shape (And my hair story)

Pretty morning to everyone! This post will be concentrating not on make-up at this point, I'm gonna try if I have the guts to post an informative one. I am not professional when it comes to giving advice on what hair style should one go for. But I do love reading beauty blogs or hair articles. I read almost everthing about how to take good care of hair, how to have the right hair style for your face shape. Though sometimes, it is really hard to choose what particular cut of your hair will you go for, cause sometimes, we  used to envy those celebrity cuts or hairstyles, thinking that certain hairstyle would look good also to us. But after considering our face shape, we realized then that it doesn't actually suit our face shape, and we might ended up on blaming ourself. 

Way back my childhood days, I have a very long, sleek hair, wherein 3/4 of my hair was straight then the lower part was a bit curly. My Uncle used to disagreed whenever my parents want me to cut my hair. Maybe "nanghihinayang sya sa buhok ko". But as we all know, or maybe you've experienced the same thing like mine, When I was in grade 6, I noticed changes on my hair. It turned out wherein my hair strands used to get curly not only on the lower part but also from it's roots.  And they started to thickened and get's dry. I haven't done any hair coloring or straightening because I'm too young for that. Then when I reached high-school, things get worse. So I used to ponytail my hair every day because I cannot let it untied, "nagmumuka kasi akong santo" , I mean di ba kulot yung mga santo? And I started hating my hair. When I was in second year high school, this so called hair straightening / relaxing buzzed the life of teenager girls. And i tried it (in an expensive salon somewhere here in Rizal). And it went okay. But of course, your hair will grow out and those new grown up hair will look way too different from the hair that has been straightened. So i used to tied it again. And during my college days, the famous "Rebonding" buzz again the ladies life. Marami talagang nauuso. And i tried it too, and it was my mom's gift to me for my graduation. And the result was pretty fine! But yeah, maintenance of hair is equal to "expensiveness". 

Moreover, I've tried a lot of hairstyles. But I always go for a long hair even if I don't have the perfect locks. It is so girly kasi for me kapag mahaba ang hair ng isang girl. Before I used not to care if what will the hairstylist do with my hair. Wala pa kong alam sa face-shape, hairstyle rules noon. Pero lately, siguro dahil na din sa influenced ng nababasa kong blogs and articles, I started getting conscious on what particular cut will suits my face shape. 

I have round shape. I have small chinky eyes, a bit wide nose, pouty lips (naks!), wide and rounded cheeks, and you can barely see my cheekbones. I cannot wear bangs because it doesn't look good to me dahil nga sa face shape ko. So after searching online, this is I think the perfect haircut for me.

I saw this top-layered haircut from one of the make-up gurus, Bubzbeauty :) Here's my inspirational hair.

This is bubz, we both have the same rounded face,
and after reading her tips, i did went for this hairstyle. 
I know, hers is far way better than mine. The hairstylist didn't
get the exact look.

Back View
So after few months, I know I need to achieve bubz haircut. 
I went again to the salon that I used to have my first inspired top-layered cut, and at this point, It is much better than the first one.
Note that the highlights of mine was courtesy of my mom's beautiful creation DIY hi-lights! hehe
I know you will definitely agree that this is better than the first one, thou I didn't get the exact style from Bubz, but I am pretty happy that somehow this haircut looks okay to my rounded face.
This style is a little bit of edgy and finally I  have bangs na! 

Since I wanted to have shorter hair for a long time, I finally convinced myself na to cut my hair. 
The moment na hindi pa nare-bond ang hair ko way back 2010.
Then after a year, I went again for shorter hair, but at this point, it is rebonded.
haha it is so flat! So I decided to make it shorter pa!

I'm not really sure if this cut suits me, some say that shorter hair looks good to me
but some say that long hair is much better daw. I dunno!

Bob-cut with one sided bangs

after few months it looks likethis i just reversed the parting of my hair.

So there it is. It was such a long post. Whew. Wala naman kayong nakuhang tips. hehe Well anyways, if you have rounded face like mine, you can try the hairstyle that i went for if you think it suits you too. Or much better if you bring a picture with your desired hairstyle before you go to the salon, so you and your stylist will have a good conversation before he/she did the cutting portion. I forgot to mention, I also went for curly hair before. I'll make a separated post again and will included pictures soon. And gonna try to ask for your opinion if which is better, curly or straight hair.

Thanks for reading this post sweeties! Sorry, i was about to include some links about choosing the right hairstyle for different face shape but, inabot ako ng katamaran.  But soon, I will!

Have a happy weekend!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Green effect

This will be a very quick post. Here's my NOTD !
Wasn't able to take some step by step pictures. 
Anyway here's the picture!

That's all for now!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bored makes me post OOTD's.

See the heels that I am wearing here? You might see it on the other pictures with a different look - XD

I am totally bored at this point, I already finished the things that i need to finish here at work, the paper works, checks, encoding, memos and etsetera. I don't have anyone whom i can talk to on facebook or yahoo, so i decided to browse my albums on facebook and ended up on seeing some of my pictures that were taken last year, where in, it was in whole body shot. This is some of my outfits during our Assemblies / Conventions (I am not ready yet to tell you guys what my religion is, but if you are interested or you already have the idea don't hesitate to put a comment ). Moving on, since I don't have that super mega expensive camera (DSLR) so i can't make a good shots on whole body, wala din kasi akong magandang location or background, that's why eto lang yung mga pictures ko na kita yung Outfits. Pictures were taken at the same location somewhere in Novaliches Quezon City. All were in formal attire. 

When it comes to dress code, i don't usually depend on some rules, once i wanted the dress, i bought it and pair it with a shoes / heels that I think will suits the dress. I'm not the type of person who will splurge when it comes to buying clothes, 'kung anong mura, comfortable at tingin kong bagay saken' I grab it! Kuripot kasi talaga ako. Or maybe it's part of being practical lang, kung anong carry ng budget ko, dapat dun lang ako, kung may magustuhan akong clothes / shoes that is a bit pricey, pinagiipunan ko sya. I've learned this thing from my mom. Nanghihinayang din akong bumili ng mga make-up na pricey. I know some would say, that I put my face on jeopardy because of buying those make-up with low qualites. I think hiyangan din naman yan. (I'm being dramatic na!) hahaha. Sorry. I just wanted the world know who I am. hehehe

Well then, here's the pictures:
Wew, ang lakas ng hangin, papa took this shot! I think it was  taken last July 2011. Look at my face. Yay! ang bilog - bilog!
  • Bolero - Red Girl P150.00 (I bought it on sale at Sta.lucia Mall)
  • Dress - PM or Public market P170.00 (Yes sa palengke lang yan, patube yan that's why nagbolero ako)
  • Heels - Bibo Shoes P650.00 (It's on Sale that's why I've got another pair and I gave it to my Mom)
  • Bag - SM Dept. Store P350.00 (Grab me yata name nyan it comes with color red too)
Would you believe that the dress that i am wearing here came from UK? yep! Ukay yan dear!
I can't remeber how much pero I think 100-150 lang yata yan, I love how it gives me the right silhouette , not too tight nor loose. Just good enough for a conservative look. I am using the same bolero that i used from the above picture. I am wearing le Donne shoes here, sorry it's cropped.

This is Sonny, my cutest ever papa! Kamukha ko noh? (Hey don't laugh, I'm serious, papa ko sya, alam ko nagtataka ka, di ko kamukha no?haha ampon kasi ako). This is the latest pictures among the three, i think I over accessorized myself here, look at my earrings, ang laki no? hahaha pwede ng bracelets.
  • Earrings - Broadway Gems P50.00
  • Necklace - I got it free lang eh :) First time ko yang nagamit and i've got it for almost 2 years na.
  • Dress - I bought online P200.00
  • Shoes - Bibo shoes, i just reinvent it, i stitch lang a piece of cloth and i attached it on the shoes :)voila!
That's all for now! Hope you like it! I'll be posting more OOTD's soon!
Happy weekdays!


Friday, February 3, 2012

Accessories Haul

After work, dumaan ako ng market to buy mom's medicine. I was planning to buy silver earrings too, cause i've lost the only silver earrings that i had. So sad, sarado na yung binibilhan ko sa palengke so i went to Unishoppe to look for alternative earrings and this is what I've got.

I really wanted to have pearl earrings, cause it is so versatile, kahit sa work, or even for everyday use. So simple yet elegant. I adore the cute flower earrings too but it was to large I think, parang matatanggal sya so I look for other stuff and I saw this beautiful violet earrings (Kelangan talaga yung mahaba for my rounded face).  (Pearls cost P25)

 This is how it looks like when worn, I really love how the light reflect to the small stones. It only cost P35

Pardon that ugly face of mine, buti nalang nagblurred, haha kundi mas lalong panget, i included this photo lang kasi maganda yung reflect ng flash ng camera. haha walanjang muka yan! XD I'm in a hurry so wasn't able to edit the pictures and add some special effects on it (naks ano yon pang horror??)

And this cute pony tail and hair clam. These two are for P15 only! Super mura di ba? Swak na swak sa budget! I didn't perfect to get a shot wearing the pink headband which cost P25 only. Maybe some other time, my hear is so thick and hard to manage at this point. 

So all in all, these 5 items worth 100 pesos only. Oha oha! 
That's all for now! Happy weekend!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ambush Haul

I was at Landmark Trinoma last monday cause I am processing our working permit. I've been to field for almost 1 week, at nakakapagod yun, that's why hindi ako masyadong nakakapagpost ng bago dito. Well anyway, dahil sa nainip ako kakaantay sa officemate ko, naghanap ako ng kelangan kong bilhin. And this is what i've got.

My MAC Studio Fix Powder almost ran out na, and i think I need to go back to Ever Bilena na, and this week, i'll make a review about this product, the reason why i like it so much. I still have lotion, Nivea Angel Star, but i find it so thick. I bought the whitening cell repair, which is my favorite among the rest, and the Express Hydration which is good for everyday use.

And finally, this cute Make up organizer . Landmark has a lot of things you can buy talaga. Sobrang daming mura. kaso wala lang akong pera. Pero babalik ako soon sa Landmark pag may pera na ko at bibili talaga ko dun.
Total budget damage??
Organizer - 40.00
EB Foundation - 14.00
Nivea Express Hydration - 65.00
Nivea Whitening Cell Repair - 44.00

That's all for now. 


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