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Monday, February 6, 2012

Bored makes me post OOTD's.

See the heels that I am wearing here? You might see it on the other pictures with a different look - XD

I am totally bored at this point, I already finished the things that i need to finish here at work, the paper works, checks, encoding, memos and etsetera. I don't have anyone whom i can talk to on facebook or yahoo, so i decided to browse my albums on facebook and ended up on seeing some of my pictures that were taken last year, where in, it was in whole body shot. This is some of my outfits during our Assemblies / Conventions (I am not ready yet to tell you guys what my religion is, but if you are interested or you already have the idea don't hesitate to put a comment ). Moving on, since I don't have that super mega expensive camera (DSLR) so i can't make a good shots on whole body, wala din kasi akong magandang location or background, that's why eto lang yung mga pictures ko na kita yung Outfits. Pictures were taken at the same location somewhere in Novaliches Quezon City. All were in formal attire. 

When it comes to dress code, i don't usually depend on some rules, once i wanted the dress, i bought it and pair it with a shoes / heels that I think will suits the dress. I'm not the type of person who will splurge when it comes to buying clothes, 'kung anong mura, comfortable at tingin kong bagay saken' I grab it! Kuripot kasi talaga ako. Or maybe it's part of being practical lang, kung anong carry ng budget ko, dapat dun lang ako, kung may magustuhan akong clothes / shoes that is a bit pricey, pinagiipunan ko sya. I've learned this thing from my mom. Nanghihinayang din akong bumili ng mga make-up na pricey. I know some would say, that I put my face on jeopardy because of buying those make-up with low qualites. I think hiyangan din naman yan. (I'm being dramatic na!) hahaha. Sorry. I just wanted the world know who I am. hehehe

Well then, here's the pictures:
Wew, ang lakas ng hangin, papa took this shot! I think it was  taken last July 2011. Look at my face. Yay! ang bilog - bilog!
  • Bolero - Red Girl P150.00 (I bought it on sale at Sta.lucia Mall)
  • Dress - PM or Public market P170.00 (Yes sa palengke lang yan, patube yan that's why nagbolero ako)
  • Heels - Bibo Shoes P650.00 (It's on Sale that's why I've got another pair and I gave it to my Mom)
  • Bag - SM Dept. Store P350.00 (Grab me yata name nyan it comes with color red too)
Would you believe that the dress that i am wearing here came from UK? yep! Ukay yan dear!
I can't remeber how much pero I think 100-150 lang yata yan, I love how it gives me the right silhouette , not too tight nor loose. Just good enough for a conservative look. I am using the same bolero that i used from the above picture. I am wearing le Donne shoes here, sorry it's cropped.

This is Sonny, my cutest ever papa! Kamukha ko noh? (Hey don't laugh, I'm serious, papa ko sya, alam ko nagtataka ka, di ko kamukha no?haha ampon kasi ako). This is the latest pictures among the three, i think I over accessorized myself here, look at my earrings, ang laki no? hahaha pwede ng bracelets.
  • Earrings - Broadway Gems P50.00
  • Necklace - I got it free lang eh :) First time ko yang nagamit and i've got it for almost 2 years na.
  • Dress - I bought online P200.00
  • Shoes - Bibo shoes, i just reinvent it, i stitch lang a piece of cloth and i attached it on the shoes :)voila!
That's all for now! Hope you like it! I'll be posting more OOTD's soon!
Happy weekdays!



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