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Friday, February 3, 2012

Accessories Haul

After work, dumaan ako ng market to buy mom's medicine. I was planning to buy silver earrings too, cause i've lost the only silver earrings that i had. So sad, sarado na yung binibilhan ko sa palengke so i went to Unishoppe to look for alternative earrings and this is what I've got.

I really wanted to have pearl earrings, cause it is so versatile, kahit sa work, or even for everyday use. So simple yet elegant. I adore the cute flower earrings too but it was to large I think, parang matatanggal sya so I look for other stuff and I saw this beautiful violet earrings (Kelangan talaga yung mahaba for my rounded face).  (Pearls cost P25)

 This is how it looks like when worn, I really love how the light reflect to the small stones. It only cost P35

Pardon that ugly face of mine, buti nalang nagblurred, haha kundi mas lalong panget, i included this photo lang kasi maganda yung reflect ng flash ng camera. haha walanjang muka yan! XD I'm in a hurry so wasn't able to edit the pictures and add some special effects on it (naks ano yon pang horror??)

And this cute pony tail and hair clam. These two are for P15 only! Super mura di ba? Swak na swak sa budget! I didn't perfect to get a shot wearing the pink headband which cost P25 only. Maybe some other time, my hear is so thick and hard to manage at this point. 

So all in all, these 5 items worth 100 pesos only. Oha oha! 
That's all for now! Happy weekend!



  1. Awesome buys for an accessories maven! Its great that you're adventurous when it comes to accessories! Accessories really does make a difference in an outfit and one's "look". In my case, way back when I was a kid, I tend to lose earrings most of the time. Up to this day, I only wear earrings on special events like a formal party or something like that. My mom and grandma seem to be very frustrated that I hardly wear the jewelries they give me and I'm like, nah, jewelries aren't my thing. hehe.. The only thing I'd wear though is a necklace that my fiance got me and a watch. lol. that's how low-key I am. LOL

    I hope you'd do posts about how to accessorize from day to night!



  2. hehe, ganon po ba? Pero I always go for those accessories na di mahal at di branded, at first my Skin cannot resist wearing fancy accessories. IT makes my skin itchy, pero nasanay di po kalaunan. hehe When i was a kid, like nung elementary pa po ako, may nadadaanan akong market tapos i dropped by there para bumili ng mga hair clips,ponies, hairbands and etc, nagiipon ako mula sa baon ko para makabili ako at makaipon ng mga accessories. hehe Ang tipid ko po no?
    haha i experienced that too, nawawala ko pa yung gold, sometimes careless din po ako. Pero ngayon, i limit it when i accessories, like i wear lang necklace that i bought for myself, at earrings.
    Ang sweet nyo naman, hehe that's nice, kapag may sentimental value yung bagay masarap gamitin kahit everyday! Thanks for the comment Ms.IYa! I'll try to make a post about how to accessorize from day to night! :) xoxo

  3. I also love looking at accessories, hanggang tinggin ( did i spell that right? ) nalang ako. I guess there will come a day that i'll really appreciate jewelries/accessories. My mom and I would also buy clips and hair stuff too when I was in kinder to grade school, but since i'm too pasaway, I end up taking it off during lunch time..haha

  4. hehehe 'tingin' po :) but it's okay, i understand it naman. is it hard for you to speak in tagalog po na? I was kinda wondering, do you have chinese blood? hehe curious lang po.
    haha sarap ireminisce yung mga childhood moments naten no Ms.Iya?

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