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Monday, March 26, 2012

Glamoured Tips

Here's my NOTW :) I have nothing else to post that's why I decided to share my nail of the week to you.
I also have another version of this,thanks to fb, i have my album there of my nail-arts so this has been my inspired design :

So here's my nails for the week:)
 This is taken with flash. Inspired with gradient nailart design

And without flash :)

Hope you like it :)


Friday, March 23, 2012


Top : Shapes (P 300)
Jeans : Unbranded (P280)
Shoes : B-Club (200)
Earrings : Broadway Gems (50)
Belt: Genevieve (75)

Actually, the word 'WILD' describes the long sleeves that I am wearing here. It is almost like an animal print that's why I decided to entitled it that way. Weird right? hehe hayaan mo na.

Moving on, here's another OOTD of mine. This is what I wore last Monday. This is the 2nd top that I am showing to you from 7 tops that I bought from my friend's online shop. (You can check her facebook account here ---> ).  

Here's another picture:

We really don't have enough space at home to take shots of my OOTD's, we only have very tiny home. lol So you might always see the same backgrounds over and over again.

The long sleeve is made up of satin, and I really love when I wore it, despite of the sunny weather, it gives me the comfortable feeling unlike the cotton tops that I usually wear, it makes me sweat! YAY!

I paired it with a jeans that I bought at the market, and it is actually unbranded. (Syempre palengke eh^^). I am into tucking-in because it looks good and it looks a bit professional specially when I need to go to Makati, (ng magmukang tao man lang). And i wore a pair of suede pumps from B-Club that I bought last year for only P200.00, which was on SALE at that time.

See? magkamukha kami ng Tiger sa likod ko. hahaha
Thank you again nanay for the amazing shots you did! Kasangga talaga kita sa mga kaek-ekan ko sa buhay.

That's all for today, hope you like it :)


Thursday, March 22, 2012


Hi there, here's another OOTD of mine.The top that I am wearing here is from my friend's online shop. Gonna try to make a separated post for that and share to you what I've got when I visited her house. So this is 1 of the 7 tops that I've got. I wore this during the office hours with jeans and a pair of chunky heels, then I just change the bottom at night, wherein we will be going to our Christian Meeting. Lots of my friends and even my aunt really love the combination that I did. I just tucked the chiffon top in to the skirt and tie the ribbon on to the smallest part of my hips.
Top: Shapes 
P400Skirt: Gift
Shoes: Ferretti P399

That's all for today!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend Haul: Watson's Summer Sale

Hi sweet gals, this is what I've got from my weekend Thrifty Haul :)
I went to Watson's to checked out their summer sale. And of course to see if there's a leaflet of my favorite blogger Ms.Martha.

I am actually looking for face cream or moisturizer, but since I have no penny left, I opted to buy this Pure Beauty Facial Cleanser which is on it's 40% SALE originally P150, now for only P59. Such a steal right? I wanted to get their Toner (P99.00) and Night Cream (P149) pa sana na naka 50% off. Pero Wala na talaga kong pera. I still have something to pay kaya sinave ko na si Ninoy Hehe, Ooops those Block and White Lotions are on it's 50% SALE and I've got those for only 78 pesos! And the Vaseline Bar soap are on it's buy 1 take 1 promo!

This is 2-in1 cleanser, an antioxidant one, that can be use as face mask. This is actually made in Korea :)
I'm now on its 3rd day and I am loving this product, mom uses this too and she said that it has the softness effect on her face. Hope there will be no break out!

Gonna try to get the other products from this line kapag nagkabudget ulit. 
Total damage sa bulsa? All those stuffs for only P230.00:) That's the reason why I so love the Watson's.
How bout you ladies, have you tried something from Pure Beauty Line of Watson's? Lemme know them through your comments! 
Have a nice weekdays!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

OOTD 4 + FOTD - Summer Breeze

Finally! I am sustaining to post Outfit of the Day as requested by Ms.Iya of prettylittlepetite. The dress that I am wearing here was from my last Online-Haul from Ms.Liz of Projectvanity. I wore this during our convention.

I called this summer breeze because even if it is summer here in the Philippines, this dress is so comfortable!  And yes this is the maryjane booties that I've got together with the dress!



And the FOTD:

Products Used:
Lips - Ever bilena in Scarlet
Eyes - ELF e/ quad & Maybelline Mascara

How bout you gals, how do you style yourself this summer?


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Haul + SM Department Store SALE

Hello gals! Can't believe that I did purchase some goodies again this weekend. Napaparami yata ang gastos ko? hehe Anyways, I am really out of Mascara and I am looking for a quad eyeshadow that I am going to use for our Special Assembly last March 10 at QC. So, i made up my mind (in the tune of Chasin' pavements of Adele ^^) on buying the Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara, and since SM Taytay has only few stalls of make-ups, I did go for ELF brightening eyeshadow, and give it a chance if I will be satisfied on it. And since I've been torn between a shoulder bag or a flat shoes, I decided to buy the one which will caught my attention or something that is on SALE. And this is what I've saw. SM Dept. store is on it's Summer SALE from March 1- 31, 2012 (on selected items only). I fell inlove with a lots of bags there, from parisian, secosana and others. But I only have P750.00 to splurge. haha! So I look around and this is what I've got!

the two S.A was kinda making 'asaran' to each other, I heard that one of the S.A wants to buy this bag, sorry girl naunahan kita :P
i love the design of this bag
Isn't a steal?? I love this because it is quiet large and I love its color. I was about to get the satchel one but the strap looks so weak and parang masisira kaagad sya. 

I told you, pag nakakita agad ako ng Orange or Red tag, hinihila nila ako papunta sa kanila. "Kuripot Queen" eh. LOL
Elf Quad eyeshadow in Buttenut
Maybelline Hypercurl Volum Express Mascara
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Scarlet


How bout you gals? What did you purchased this last weekend?

OOTD 3 - Boyish in Me

Here's my OOTD :)

THANK YOU NANAY! (She's always been my best photographer!) hahaha

That's all for now,

Print the News

Photo Credits to WIKIHOW

I've been planning this Nail Art Design for so long now. But I've been always forgetting to do this. When I saw a blogger who did this design, I decided to make it too. 
I actually selected words one news paper, Like the word 'BOOM',  'JENNY', 'I LAB IT', & of course the word 'GUARD', but I was FAILED!

Sorry gals, I didn't perfect the transferring of the print of the news paper to my nails. I dunno maybe my application is wrong or maybe it has something to do with the nail polish that I used or the last thing is, the alcohol which is an Isopropyl. 

Well anyway, to came up with this design, all you need is the following :

  • Matte or Pastel Nail Polish
  • News Paper
  • Isopropyl or Ethyl Alcohol
  • Top Coat

6 Simple Instructions:
  1. Paint your nails in a light grey, nude, or light pink nail polish color. Let it dry thoroughly before doing the next step.
  2. Pour a bit of rubbing alcohol into the cap or into a small jar.
  3. Take a small piece of newspaper. Press it firmly on your nail for a few seconds.
  4. Peel it off carefully. You'll find that the inkfrom the newspaper will be left behind
  5. Get a cotton bud and some nail polish remover to clean up your nails.
  6. Apply a topcoat to your nails. This is needed because without it, the newspaper will rub off. It also gives your nail some extra shine. And your Done! VOILA!

Gonna try this Design again soon! I'll promise I'll make it more cleaner and clearer :)

How bout you sweeties, have you tried this nail art design? Lemme know:)


Thursday, March 8, 2012

OOTD 2 - Shots on the Roof

Haha, wondering why I entitled it that way? Because this second OOTD of mine was taken at our roof, yes dear on the ROOF. I found that it was the best place to do the pictorial (naks) since It was full moon at that time! And I wanna say 'Thank you so much' my dear nanay (mom) for taking all this shots! You are my superb photographer wanna be. LOL ^^

Sorry guys, you might think that my background was kinda ain't good, and I admit it cause we're not living in a subdivision nor in a village. We're just poor so you can see that, the houses at my back are not good in the eyes. But nevertheless, what I wanted to show here is my outfit.

Jeans: Human Jeggings P500
Belt: SM Dept. Store P200
Skirt: Old Navy - P50 - U.K
White Cardigan - Gift from my BFF

The tube that I am wearing here is actually a skirt. My mom bought this a long time ago when there was a Garage Sale inside the Forbes Park. I have 2 more skirts that she bought and I used to make the other one as tube too. I learned now that, I don't have to use the same clothes every other week, If you know how to reinvent things, you'll definitely find new style :) Thanks to all those amazing bloggers that I've been subscribing too, they somehow thought me how to experiment on clothes!

This is a crazy shot of mine:

Hope you like it :

Weekend Haul + Shoe Craze at Rusty Lopez!

Hello there guys, how did you spend your Weekend? Well, I spent my weekend at home. Nothing new. I'm the kind of person who loves to stay at home during weekdays or holidays. I am not really an out-going person. Anyway,I wasn't able to take shot on the things that I bought at watsons, but here's the list:
Garnier Light Whitening Moisturizing Body Lotion
Nivea Facial Foam
Maxi Peel (this product really works on me, esp. on my pimples)
Pepsodent Whitening Toothpast (if you'll only know how much  frustrated I am for having yellowish teeth, and that is GROSS!)

Since it's almost 2 weeks last time I bought a pair of shoes, instead of buying a new one for me, I decided to buy a new pair for my mom. You know how much kuripot ang mom ko? Yung ang tagal tagal na nyang pair ng rusty lopez heels was almost 1 1/2 years na yata and even it was already worn out she told me to fix it nalang rather than buying her a new one. But I didn't. I want to treat her naman, cause the time na wala pa akong work, at nagpupunta kami ng mall, she refuses to buy a pair of shoes for her, instead she always considering me or my brother, while saying this line "Hayaan nyo na ko, matanda na ko, mahalaga meron kayo". Nakakainis, ang drama ni mama, she's only 43 pero she keeps on telling us na matanda na sya. Kaya ngayong may work na ko, I always wanted to treat or date her kapag may extra penny pa ko. You know the feeling, everytime that you're giving them a simple thing, and whenever you saw them smile, MASARAP sa pakiramdam na in a simple way napapasaya mo yung mga magulang mo. 
Bago ako maiyak, hehe here's what I've got for my mom:

This is so cheap, RUSTY is on SALE that's why we've got this for only P400.pesos Such a steal, isn't it?

I told my sister-in-law too about the SALE, I know she's been wanting to buy a new pair of shoes. We've been looking through Online but we opted to buy at Rusty :) Would you believe that this cute and comfy wedge would only cost for P300.00??

Such a steal right?
Anyway, what's your favorite shoes specially when it is on SALE?
Let me know and comment in below :)

That's all,


Sorry for this gross foot, but this is how my Polishes looks like on my feet.

What do you want to see in my very first Giveaway?

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