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Thursday, March 8, 2012

OOTD 2 - Shots on the Roof

Haha, wondering why I entitled it that way? Because this second OOTD of mine was taken at our roof, yes dear on the ROOF. I found that it was the best place to do the pictorial (naks) since It was full moon at that time! And I wanna say 'Thank you so much' my dear nanay (mom) for taking all this shots! You are my superb photographer wanna be. LOL ^^

Sorry guys, you might think that my background was kinda ain't good, and I admit it cause we're not living in a subdivision nor in a village. We're just poor so you can see that, the houses at my back are not good in the eyes. But nevertheless, what I wanted to show here is my outfit.

Jeans: Human Jeggings P500
Belt: SM Dept. Store P200
Skirt: Old Navy - P50 - U.K
White Cardigan - Gift from my BFF

The tube that I am wearing here is actually a skirt. My mom bought this a long time ago when there was a Garage Sale inside the Forbes Park. I have 2 more skirts that she bought and I used to make the other one as tube too. I learned now that, I don't have to use the same clothes every other week, If you know how to reinvent things, you'll definitely find new style :) Thanks to all those amazing bloggers that I've been subscribing too, they somehow thought me how to experiment on clothes!

This is a crazy shot of mine:

Hope you like it :

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