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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Weekend Haul + Shoe Craze at Rusty Lopez!

Hello there guys, how did you spend your Weekend? Well, I spent my weekend at home. Nothing new. I'm the kind of person who loves to stay at home during weekdays or holidays. I am not really an out-going person. Anyway,I wasn't able to take shot on the things that I bought at watsons, but here's the list:
Garnier Light Whitening Moisturizing Body Lotion
Nivea Facial Foam
Maxi Peel (this product really works on me, esp. on my pimples)
Pepsodent Whitening Toothpast (if you'll only know how much  frustrated I am for having yellowish teeth, and that is GROSS!)

Since it's almost 2 weeks last time I bought a pair of shoes, instead of buying a new one for me, I decided to buy a new pair for my mom. You know how much kuripot ang mom ko? Yung ang tagal tagal na nyang pair ng rusty lopez heels was almost 1 1/2 years na yata and even it was already worn out she told me to fix it nalang rather than buying her a new one. But I didn't. I want to treat her naman, cause the time na wala pa akong work, at nagpupunta kami ng mall, she refuses to buy a pair of shoes for her, instead she always considering me or my brother, while saying this line "Hayaan nyo na ko, matanda na ko, mahalaga meron kayo". Nakakainis, ang drama ni mama, she's only 43 pero she keeps on telling us na matanda na sya. Kaya ngayong may work na ko, I always wanted to treat or date her kapag may extra penny pa ko. You know the feeling, everytime that you're giving them a simple thing, and whenever you saw them smile, MASARAP sa pakiramdam na in a simple way napapasaya mo yung mga magulang mo. 
Bago ako maiyak, hehe here's what I've got for my mom:

This is so cheap, RUSTY is on SALE that's why we've got this for only P400.pesos Such a steal, isn't it?

I told my sister-in-law too about the SALE, I know she's been wanting to buy a new pair of shoes. We've been looking through Online but we opted to buy at Rusty :) Would you believe that this cute and comfy wedge would only cost for P300.00??

Such a steal right?
Anyway, what's your favorite shoes specially when it is on SALE?
Let me know and comment in below :)

That's all,


Sorry for this gross foot, but this is how my Polishes looks like on my feet.


  1. hi there! i feel your love to your mom in this post. i agree that we want to give something that we can lalo na at may trabaho na tayo. mothers will be always be mothers. we want only the best for them. i'm away from my mother and now i'm missing her more. :(

    btw, i'm your new follower, please do visit my blog.thank u :)

    1. Mom has been my long time best friend, she's always been the sweetest friend of mine :) And it's very easy to make our moms smile. Oh so sad to hear that, are you living on your own that's why you're apart from your mom?
      Anyway thank you Ms.Joanna for following! I just visit your blog but I haven't read all of the posts, kinda busy at work that's why I only have few minutes to visit my blog. Anyway thank you so much! Mwuah!


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