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Thursday, March 1, 2012

When Cat's play

This is how my nails look like this week. I was about to go for a plain polish with Sassy 'Aquamarine' but i think it will look like oh so boring so I decided to apply some black strips on it. It ain't successful thou as what you see in these pictures. The design are not actually intended to be like that. You know what I mean, when you are out of idea, you ended up on a random design. And it resulted me to call it "When cat's play', cause it actually looks like cat scratches.

Just a short review about the 'Sassy' Nail Polishes, i found this line last November 2010, their first launched were nail polishes with so called "Nail Art Brush', coz' it comes with a very thin brush that you can work on for nail art designing. But I think, the brush itself is still to thick when you are about to create zebra and tiger prints. But nonetheless, you're 27 pesos can do the job to achieve those simple nail art designs. This aquamarine that I used was kinda multi-color, it is frosted aqua blue that is when reflected by light, it has yellowish tone (specially when it is applied 1 coat only). It's hard to explain, but when you try this you'll definitely see what I am trying to explain here. hehe It only cost around 19 pesos, oh so cheap! I think it stays for almost 2 weeks on your nails, just don't forget to apply a top coat :)

*Nail tip - If you're planning to grow your nails longer, don't be disappointed when it cracks, or it might seem that it is too fragile, that is normal when you let them grow for the very first time. To prevent cracking of nails, apply two or more coats of top coat. And nail-pile it for smoother nail tips. You can also put some cloves of garlic to your top coat, it was said to be that garlic can strengthen your nails. I haven't tried putting it on my top coat because I already have thick and strong nails cause I've been having long nails for a long period of time.   

Hope you like it Sweeties!!

That's all for now,


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