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Friday, August 31, 2012

Event: ETC Fashion Flea Market + Free Bag from Abby Jocson!

Weekend is here!
So this is the best time to share with you the latest event that I attended last Sunday, August 26.
I was one of the 20 fortunate winners of Free Bag courtesy of Designs by Abby Jocson!
A big YEHEY for that! 

Photo Courtesy: Abby Jocson
Ms. Abby, owner of the online store, was one of the merchant (along with Asian Vogue, Renegade Folk, Lissa Kahayon, and a lot more) who has been part of the ETC Fashion Flee Market held at Ronac Art Center, San Juan.

"Designs by Abby Jocson is a proprietary design house that showcases contemporary designs that cater to both the alpha female and modern Juliet – hybrid bags that suit strong, ambitious women yet are flexible enough to attract their charming, romantic alter egos.

Her eponymous design line is reflective of her own intrinsic character. In today’s fast paced, highly competitive urban jungle, her bags highlight a microcosm of today’s career woman- active, competitive glamazons who know how to reconcile the differing elements of work and play ."
Photo Courtesy: Abby Jocson

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Almond Sassy Nails

Sorry guys, I can't show you new nail art designs (the one that I posted from the last few weeks has only been recovered on my fb page). I am not in the mood to create colorful nails during weekend so I just stick now to simple and plain nail polishes.

One of my favorite cheap nail polish is from this certain nail polish Brand. It has a lot of colors to offer, from glittery, satin, opaque and also matte. And take note, they are very very cheap! 

Wanna know what's the nail polish that I used? Click read more...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Review: Excel Lip Cream in 512 (Red Orange)

Hi there! I hope that everyone is enjoying the long weekend!
Well thanks to holiday, I am able to make another product review.
Since Clarisse is excited for another Excel Lip cream review, here it is sis!

As you all know, I am a bit disappointed to excel lip cream, just like what I mention on my first review (here)
this lip cream is extremely drying on lips, but I did not stop until I find ways on how to lessen its drying effect.
Wanna know how?
Keep on reading below!

Cost: P35.00
Where: Chic & Vogue
Shade: 512 (orange)
The number shade is same with the 512 (brown)

The product is actually sealed.

What you seen in the tube is what you get when you applied it on your lips.

It has the same number shade with the brown one, I dunno why.

The shades were all labeled by number at the bottom of the tube.

It says on the label that it is lip gloss but it is actually a lip cream.

Sponge applicator for easy application.
Here's the arm swatch:

 As you can see, this shade has orange undertone. It is a bright orangey red but still wearable thou. And I'm glad that it does not make my teeth appear much yellowish.

 Almost the same with EB Scarlet, but this one is more orangey.



2 hours has been past after I applied the Excel Lip cream:

These pictures below were taken after I ate lunch, approximately 4 hours after I applied the Excel lip cream:
With Flash, under indoor lighting.

No retouching. Still, it looks good no? Just minimal fading on the inner corner of my lips.

And here's after 7 hours:
So here it is, it is still there, I already ate dinner at SM taytay, and I took a shot when I arrived home.

But you might wonder, the dryness is lesser now. My lips didn't look like cracking, right?
So what did I do?

The Solution: Apply a creamy lipstick before you apply Excel Lip Cream. Yes, it is much better if you will use your creamy lipstick rather than your lip balm. Why? Because I notice it that lip balm will only make the Excel lip cream sticky on your lips. To make the dryness minimal, I used Nyx Rose before I apply Excel lip cream.
Left: Nyx Louisiana, Right: Nyx Rose
This is the shade of Nyx Rose:

Just make sure to select the lipstick which has the same or near to shade of your Excel Lip Cream.
Nyx round lipstick aren't long lasting. I'm glad that I came up to this idea. Even The Nyx Louisiana goes well with my Excel Lip cream in 505. I will review it again soon!

And problem solved! This shade is one of my favorite now. I am starting to love the Excel lip creams now!
That's it!
Hope it helps!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

DIY: Shoe flower

The Problem: I have high heel shoes which is more than 3 year-old. The accessories that were attached on it's ribbon had been already worn out and some of them had been lost. So should I throw it away or just let it look like a worn out one like this?

The Solution: DIY shoe flower / ribbon. Yes, one way of revamping your shoes through DIY stuff! Instead of throwing them away or keeping them inside your shoe cabinet, take them out and make them fabulous. How? Keep on reading!

 I am not good in giving instructions. 
So please pardon me for the poor word usage.
And for the not-so-clear instructions.

Materials you need:

 1. Scissors
2. Needle and Thread
3. Prepare a chiffon cloth, or silky cloth or something like the orange flower on the above picture. 

*I bought mine for 30pesos (not sure thou), I normally put that before on my bag but since I am not using it anymore, I decided to make it more useful.

Here's the instructions, please refer to the pictures below:

1. Tie the cloth on the shoe.
2. Tie it the way you make a ribbon.

3. Once you make a one sided ribbon with your desired size, stitch it. Lock the thread once in awhile to secure the position of the ribbon.

 4. Keep on making a random loops by pinching in the cloth or by twisting it. But make it sure to stitch tight on each loops.

5. When done, do the same steps on the other side.

6. And your done!

You now have a fabulous shoes!


See, sometimes you just have to be creative. No need to spend some bucks and you can even save your favorite pair of shoes!

Just be patient on making loops and by twisting the cloth to came up with your desired design.

Next DIY:
How to make ankle straps for your flats.

And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed it and you find this helpful as well!
This is my very first time to make a DIY post. I hope I did justice to my shoes.

I also went to ETC Fashion Flea Market this afternoon at Ronac Art Center to pick up my free bag from Ms.Abby Jocson. Will review it soon!

How bout you guys? Do you have some ideas on how to revamp your old shoes?
Share them through comments!!

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Gems on my nails.

Long weekend is here!
High five for another holiday this coming Monday!
To make your weekend complete, I have here another NOTW for you!
So if you are planning to have your nails done tomorrow, here's something that you can play with.

This is a very simple nail art design. But the rhinestone will surely make it fabulous and gorgeous, isn't it?

Wanted to try this too, here's what you need:
- Any black nail polish
- White nail polish
- Dotter or any tools with pointed tip
- Few pieces of rhinestones

How to do this:
- First, prep your nails.
- Next, create a french tip in a V-shape using the black nail polish.
- Reapply the black polish if needed.
- Wait for 2- 5 minutes until it dries.
- Create some dots at the edge of the V-shape french tips.
- Second to the last, put the rhinestone at the center of your nail tip where the V-shape meets.
- You can use your colorless or top coat to adhere the rhinestone on your nails.
- Then lastly, apply top coat (2 coats)!

And VOILA! You now have expensive looking nails! The rhinestones really make a difference no?

This was taken way back 2010. Hehe I cheated you guys. I only wear a simple and plain nail polish as of the moment, so I share this with you instead.

And here's something to complete your nails, for you toenails:

It may look gross to you, I used to have long nails on my toes, but now I don't, I find it hard to wear pumps or close shoes when I have long nails on my toes.

And there you have it!

Thanks for dropping by!
Hope you will enjoy the long weekend!

Spoiler: I found a better way on how to lessen the dryness of excel lip cream.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review: Excel Lip Cream in 512 (Brown)

Hi guys! Here's another product review for you!
Just like what I mentioned on my previous haul, my friend Rachel is selling excel lip creams.
I heard and saw this lip creams for a long time now but didn't have time to try it so I decided to give a try and buy 3 shades to her.
But she is too kind to give me 2 excel lip creams for FREE! Yey! Thank you chel!
Anyway, I already read some review about it from my fellow bloggers, and majority of the reviews were negative. They said that this lip cream is almost like acrylic paint and is very drying when applied on lips. It is very long lasting but very hard to remove.
So to prove it, I know I should give it a try. 
So read below my thoughts about this.
*Warning: Picture Heavy!

Cost: P35.00
Shade: 512

This is approximately 3- inches.
 It comes with the usual sponge applicator.

This is the lightest shade among the 5 lip creams that I have here as of the moment.
This too  has a little bit of shimmer on it.

Here's the swatch:

I think it has peach undertone (I am not good in this) and has frosty finish but will soon diminished because it will becomes dry and matte after few seconds.

Close up.

And here's how it looks like on my lips:

 I didn't put any lipbalm or gloss.

With Flash

This shade is different among the others, because the rest are too loud and more drying than this one.
This shade is good for smokey eye-look and if you are sporting an everyday look.

Excel lip creams are known for being long lasting. Yes this one is long lasting, when I did the arm swatching, I overslept with it and even stayed there after I washed my bags and shoes (on the next day) with only minimal fading.

Since this is very drying on lips, I applied Milani Lipgloss on top of it:

It feels a little bit sticky when topped it with lipgloss. But I think it will help to lessen the dryness.

 The following good / bad points were pointing all the shades, it is in general:

Pretty Thing:
- Cheap
- Long lasting
- No weird scent
- One layer is enough 
- A little goes a long way 
- Adds volume to your lips
- Has lots of shades to offer
- The tube contains a lot of product 

 Ugly truth:
- Availability 
- It dries too fast
- Super drying on lips
- 2 layers make it appear uneven
- It may give you a fake look
- Ingredients aren't printed on the tube
- Shade number is similar to the other shade
- Not all the lip balms might work for this
- Made in China (not so sure)

I am forcing myself to like this product (but so far this is my favorite shade). But unfortunately I find it hard (the other shade)to deal in with it's drying formula. It really really makes my lips dry to the highest level! I applied lip balm underneath it (Nivea) and on top of it but it only makes the lip cream sticky and uneven. After 30 minutes you can see that your lips are like cracking. Para bang lupang na el Nino? Yep ganon sya. Pero di pa naman ako gumigive-up hahanap ako ng way kung pano malelessen yung dryness nya!

So to tell you the truth guys, much better if you will look for something else, like Nyx lip creams at least you will not regret after buying it. I recommend this lang to those who are very much curious about this and has good lip balms that has the super power when it comes to moisturizing your lips but will not make the lip creams sticky. But overall, 50/50 saken to. I love it but hate the drying formula.

This is MOI wearing it:

There you have it! Don't worry guys I still have 4 shades to be reviewed soon. Baka okay yung iba!

Hope this will help!

 Curious if what shade is this? STay tuned for the next review of another Excel lip cream!
 Thanks Rachel for the free lip creams!

Hey guys if you wanted to buy Excel lip creams you can check it out HERE.
 She can give it to you in a very affordable price!

What do you want to see in my very first Giveaway?

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