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Friday, August 31, 2012

Event: ETC Fashion Flea Market + Free Bag from Abby Jocson!

Weekend is here!
So this is the best time to share with you the latest event that I attended last Sunday, August 26.
I was one of the 20 fortunate winners of Free Bag courtesy of Designs by Abby Jocson!
A big YEHEY for that! 

Photo Courtesy: Abby Jocson
Ms. Abby, owner of the online store, was one of the merchant (along with Asian Vogue, Renegade Folk, Lissa Kahayon, and a lot more) who has been part of the ETC Fashion Flee Market held at Ronac Art Center, San Juan.

"Designs by Abby Jocson is a proprietary design house that showcases contemporary designs that cater to both the alpha female and modern Juliet – hybrid bags that suit strong, ambitious women yet are flexible enough to attract their charming, romantic alter egos.

Her eponymous design line is reflective of her own intrinsic character. In today’s fast paced, highly competitive urban jungle, her bags highlight a microcosm of today’s career woman- active, competitive glamazons who know how to reconcile the differing elements of work and play ."
Photo Courtesy: Abby Jocson

The only way to claim the prize is to pick it up at the event.
Though I am not really good in direction, I went there to picked up the bag and of course to meet Ms.Abby too!
(Naligaw pa ako ng konti, yung konduktor kasi sa bus sabi yung Ronac Art Center daw was behind the Petron, so I walked almost 1 kilometer along Santolan Road pero puro pader lang ang nakikita ko, so I asked the tricycle drivers if they know where the Ronac Art Center is, but they didn't know where it is. My gulay! Then I decided to go back to Petron and I found out that Ronac Art Center is just beside the Petron!).

Photo Courtesy: Ronac Art Center
Then, finally I found the bazaar, it was located at 3rd floor pala, eh I ended up on the wrong floor, I stayed 5 minutes at the 2nd floor (na super tahimik, I was like Bazaar ba itech? naliligaw ako!) then I asked a womam if where the bazaar is, she told me it's on the 3rd floor. 

Photo Courtesy: Ronac Art Center
Whoa, then here we go! I enter the bazaar and I was really shocked. I am very shy to look around because it seems like people there are very sosyal. Nahiya talaga ako, specially I don't have enough money to spend at that time. I am on a tight budget. So I just walk around quickly and look for Ms.Abby's stall. 

I do not own the pictures below (Photo Courtesy of ETC):

Renegade stall

Auction area

After few walks, I instantly found it! So even if I look haggard (after the long walking under the sun) naka smile pa rin ako when the photographer of Ms.Abby took a picture of me. (May kasama pang nginig nginig sa labi sa pagsmile). Ms.Abby handed me the free bag. I wasn't able to take picture with her because I am too shy. I just say "Thank you" to her and shake hands with her.

Again, I don't own the pictures below. Photo Courtesy of Ms.Abby Jocson.
Ms.Abby's stall

Ms.Abby and Mr.Chet
  Mr.Chet, is very nice. He assisted me and greet me when I was looking for Ms.Abby's stall.

Here's the pictures of the winners:
Haggard me :(

So to make my visit worth it, I take a walk around the bazaar, I stop on Ms.Lissa Kayahon's stall and buy some stuff there:
Will post soon what's inside! :)

But I wasn't able to meet her because the merchant told me that she left early.

Upon looking on the stall fronting Ms.Lissa's stall, Kris Lawrence, Rafael Rosel and J-R were there. I was like, O_O, papabols! lol. Syempre, hiyang hiya naman ako kung magpapapicture pa ko kasama nila di ba?

Then I left the bazaar after that. Kapag wala kasi akong kasama super nahihiya talaga ako. So parang I stayed there for only 20 minutes. Ang hirap ng wala kang pera tapos maraming temptations sa harap mo.

Ooops, here is the bag pala :)

It is a green clutch actually. Good for storing your documents or ipad (but I don't own one, lapad (mantika) lang meron kami). I really like the color and the design of it :)
It looks simple but elegant right?

Inside the clutch is the Abby Jocson's logo! I love it when the owner of a certain bag labeled their products with their name or name of the store.

I think I will be using this whenever I go to mall or during special occasions.

So glad that I am one of the winners.
I really wanted to buy mom a bag from Ms.Abby's store, but I just can't. I really don't have enough money at that time. The bags are very beautiful, elegant, sturdy and has good qualities. It looks differ when I saw it in personal. 

I would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank you, Ms. Abby" for being so generous. It is a privileged to met you. 

Het guys, if you wanted to buy bags, you can check Ms.Abby's online store HERE.
She is actually having a clearance Sale, 4 bags for only P999.00 only!
Here are some of her collections:

And that's it.


  1. Girl sana sinama mo ko kung wala kang kasama! Hehehe! Ang sosyal ng event! I love your bag! Punta ka sa Phil Cosmetics Expo? :))

  2. Girl sana sinama mo ko kung wala kang kasama! Hehehe! Ang sosyal ng event! I love your bag! Punta ka sa Phil Cosmetics Expo? :))

  3. coolness! yay! :)

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