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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekend Haul: Lissa Kahayon stuff + Watson's goodies

Happy Saturday guys!
I hope you did enjoy this day!
Me, I really enjoyed it, I spent it very wisely :)

Anyway's just like what I mentioned on my previous haul, I'm going to post the stuff that I bought from Ms.Lissa Kahayon last time I went to Etc Fashion Flea Market.

 The items aren't actually from Forever 21, it was just the plastic. lols

A dress and bangles.

 It was love at first sight when I saw this dress. But I thought it was a blouse so I decided to buy this for my mom. I really like it's color and the cloth's texture.

 The dress is only P180.00 (preloved)

Six pieces bangle.

And this cute bangles is only P20.00

I saw a lot of accessories, makeup and clothes at Ms.Lissa's stall, too bad I am really on a tight budget that time :( So these are the only thing that I bought.

Well mom loves it, and actually I wanted to wear the dress too!

And here's my small haul from Watson's:

Fitness Blotting Paper P39.00
Jagger Toothbrush P39.00
ELF Bronzing Powder P 129.75

 This is my first time to have a bronzing powder! Will post a review soon! 
Stay tuned!

Fitness Blotting papaer (100 sheets)

Jagger Toothbrush (really like this one!)

And that's it!



  1. Great new Stuff! Love the Bangles :)


  2. sis I'm looking forward to your review sa elf bronzer..I wanted to buy a highlighter from ELF kasi. And I asked the saleslady kung meron ba sila nun. And she pointed out the bronzer.. And I said, "I don't think highlighter yan, nakalagay nga bronzer eh".. But she said that it can also be used as highlighter... and I find that wierd kasi nga dba parang opposite ang purpose ng bronzer and highlighter.. so I backed out.. hahaha. :) Pero I still want to buy one.. So request lang ako sis, can you evaluate it to see kung pede ba xa maging highlighter?

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