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Sunday, September 2, 2012

DIY: Shoe Ankle Strap in just 8 simple ways!

The Problem: I have a pair of flats that I bought from "The Little Things She Needs" 3 months ago. The problem is, I was in a hurry when I bought it, so I only fit the flats for a very short period of time, and I didn't even bother to walk it around the store, I just fit it then pay to the counter, because my nephew was very hungry na. Well then, when I wore it for the very first time, and took my few steps, I discovered that the flats were larger than my size, though it is size 36. Maybe it was already worn out (I mean, it's the last pair kasi since I bought it on Sale). I am very disappointed because it always happen to me. I was blinded on it's cheap price and sometimes I usually buy shoes because I just love it's design. So I wear it rarely, and even if I do, I hardly walk whenever I wear it, you know the feeling when you are wearing shoes that is larger than your size, seems like you are pushing your feet backwards para di mo maiwan ang shoes mo. I planned to sell it online, but one thing came up to my mind and share it with you on how I solve my problem :)

Sorry for the gross feet. Bad mosquitoes!
 Cost: P280 (on sale)
Original Price: P480?
Where: TLTSN Robinson's Galleria

I can put my pointing finger inside. That's the allowance of the shoes.
Baka mag-ala Cinderella ang peg ko nito kapag may nakatapak sa sapatos ko no?! 

The Solution: DIY Shoe Ankle Strap
I only spent P4.75 for this! :)

Wanna know how? Keep on reading below!

First, these are the things that you need:
1. 1 yard of black flat garter P4.75
 2. Needle and Thread
 3. Scissors and 2 pieces of buttons.
4. Tape Measure (forgot to include picture)

 1. Cut a 2 inch-length of the black flat garter.(two pieces)

2. Fold it in a loop.

 3. Position it on the inner back corner of your shoe at the very center (where you see the stitch of the shoe).

 4. Start stitching the garter on your shoe in an outward motion. Just like the above picture.

  5. Before you stitch it back inward, place the button through the thread. It well serve as design so it will hide the stitches that you are making.

    6. Keep on stitching and make it sure to lock the thread after.
You are now finished with the loop that will hold the ankle strap.

7. Next is the ankle strap. Measure the circumference of your ankle. Once you get the size, cut the spare garter corresponds to the size of your ankle.

7. Insert the strap on the loop.

8. Secure the strap by stitching it on the loop.
And you are done!

Here's the finish project:

 Sexy ankle strap!
the other loop has been bent lang.
 Now you know what's the purpose of the buttons right?
Instead of letting the stitch shows, why not put buttons to hide them?

 I have now a pair of shoes with ankle strap. I've been dreaming of having one! But now, dream came true ang peg! Plus, DIY pa!
 What I really like about ankle strap is that, it can make your legs longer and sexier!

Before, I used to wear this only thrice from the day that I bought it. But after creating my "diy ankle strap" I wear this 1 week straight! I am not afraid na maging ala Cinderella ang peg.
Problem Solved! 
I have no worries and problem with this shoes anymore.Really comfortable to walk with.
With just 5 pesos, I am able to solve my problem!
I am planning to do the same thing to my Maud pumps, since it is a bit larger on me. But maybe I'll sell it nalang.

Please do my check my previous DIY post "DIY:Shoe flower"

And that's it I hope you guys liked this post! And you find it helpful.
I am thinking if I'll make a DIY post every week, what do you think?
Anyway, if you are planning to do this too, please let me know
You can leave the links on the comment section and you can tweet me so I can check it out too!
Thanks for reading!
lol for the face behind me :)


  1. Cool! I should try this out on my wedges :D

  2. Very useful DIY! :) Especially for people like me who loves doll shoes.

  3. THANK YOU! I have a couple of pairs of shoes that don't fit me right (I'm a size 6, mostly 7s or 8s are available). Now I know what to do with them :)

  4. THANK YOU! I have a couple of pairs of shoes that don't fit me right (I'm a size 6, mostly 7s or 8s are available). Now I know what to do with them :)


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