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Monday, September 3, 2012

Review: Nivea Fruity Shine in Pink Guava

I am a big fan of Nivea lotions. I've been using it for more or less 5 years and I am very much satisfied with it. But I have't tried yet their lipbalms. Why? Kasi kuripot nga ako that's why I don't wan't to spend 80 pesos just for a lipbalm. Well thanks to Watson's because they usually have the 3 day sale on selected items. And one of it was the NiveaFruity Shine in Guava pink.

The problem: I have dry lips. Maybe because I am too lazy to drink plenty of water. Specially when I am at the office, the only time that I drink water is after I ate lunch. Yes believe it or not, I can sit all day with just one and a half glass of water to drink. We don't have water dispenser kasi here at the office (ang kuripot nila e). So why not give Nivea lipbalm a try since I bought it for almost half of it's real price. Keep on reading below if this product will solve my problem :)

The Solution: Nivea Fruity Shine in Pink Guava

Cost: P40.00 
(on sale) originally at P80.00
Where: Watson's Outlet
Shade: Guava Pink
Also available in
 I bought this on sale. And I've been using this from the very first day that I bought it ! That's how much I like this product :)

It comes with the usual lip balm packaging. It is made of plastic.

Product Description:

What the product promises:

 This is made in Thailand.

 It contains 4.8 grams and approximately 2.5 inches long (the balm only).

 Here's how it looks like inside:
 Really love it's cute packaging!

without flash.
 So here it is.

With flash.

Unlike the other product, this Nivea fruit shine contains a lot of product. You will truly get what you pay for.

 It has a sweet guava scent. And it taste sweet guava too.!

 The shimmers are very subtle.


with flash.

without flash.

Macro Shot.
As you can see, the color is very subtle. It has pinkish undertone.

On my lips:

 I have very dark lips, but still, it makes my lips a little bit pinkish, which I love!
It gives me a glossy finish but not oily nor sticky. Like when you glide it on your lips, a little goes a long way and it does not give you an exaggerate texture. It gives you a natural looking lips that looks so moisturized and smooth one!

This is now my HG lipbalm. I wear it underneath my matte lipsticks and during weekends when I want to have a makeup free face or when I go to the market.

So here's how it looks like with my EB Scarlet:

Wanna know the reason for my bronzing look? Will post soon!

Pretty Thing:
- Affordable
- Love the scent 
- Easy to carry around
- A little goes a long way
- It does not darken my lips 
- It contains a lot of product
- It really moisturized my lips
- Makes my lips soft & smooth 
- Cheap (because i got this on sale) hehe
- You will get more than what you pay for

Ugly Thing:
- Nothing!

YES! I definitely recommend this to everyone, specially to those who are looking for a good lip balm but hate the feeling of having sticky or heavy feeling on lips. This is such a perfect product. Good for everyday use and for your matte lipstick.
I've been wanting to try this, and I've been seeing this long time ago, and I'm glad that I have this now!
Say goodbye to dry lips, and hello to smooth, and luscious lips!

How bout you guys, have you tried the Nivea Fruity Shine too?
Let me know through your comments!



  1. Wow 40 na lang? I gotta try this out :D

  2. You had a great deal for 40php and a lot of product! :D

  3. I think Nivea products has always been cool for the users of it. and that Nivea Fruity Shine is worth it and good for the lips.

  4. Your eyebrows are beautiful! Hihi sorry off topic!
    Pero ang ganda sis :) Anyway love this product also! Used to be my lip balm all throughout HS!

    The Misty Mom

    PS - Will be having a BIG GIVEAWAY soon! Do follow if you wanna be updated about it:)

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