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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mars Hair and Salon Experience

I've had my hair rebonded for 3 times since 2009 and all of the salons that I had my hair rebonded didn't satisfy me. Click HERE for my previous rebond history. So last year someone (anonymous) recommended me to have my hair rebonded on Mars Hair Salon which is located in Muntinlupa. I hesitated at first because it is too far away from my place and I am still thinking that time if I will let my curly hair to grow or have it rebonded. So, I browse the internet if I can search a review about the salon but there's still no blog review about it, but it has a lot of comments on SPOT.PH until I found their facebook account. And hey, it has 45k likes ha, it makes me wonder more na maganda talaga ang service nila.

Until last month, June, me and my friend decided to have our hair rebonded on Mars Salon. It took us 4 rides and  almost 2 hours to get to the salon. We arrive around 11:30 am which allows us to save some bucks because of their Happy Hour Promo.

(I am not going to give a long details about the salon, since I want to focus on the result and the experience we had there. But you can visit MARS Hair Salon facebook account to know more about their background and their current promo).

The Salon is located at Parkhomes subdivision, Tunasan Muntinlupa. It is a simple and small salon. The staffs are very friendly and accommodating. I already set an appointment with them through facebook. Mars Salon is very fast when it comes to answering my queries and giving me the instructions on how to get to the salon, and reminding me about my appointment. Yes, one of the best service a salon can offer.
Here are some of the pictures I took inside the salon.
Super maginaw inside! 

They also have free wifi. So WI-FI pa more!

Choco is my stylist, and Ricky is my friend's stylist.  At first, we signed some forms for salon records. Then our stylist gave us the treatment that our hair needs, and the outcome of the treatment. 

My Friend Vidah, and Ricky

Choco and me

Since I have super DRY, COLOR TREATED AND BLEACHED HAIR, Choco told me that the outcome of the rebond treatment on my hair is not super straight. The ends will not be the same with my virgin hair. So he needs to apply KERATIN TREATMENT prior to rebonding to protect the hair from chemicals that the rebonding process will do. 

My Hair background : I have super thick hair. I have my hair colored last August and bleached it (ombre) last September. It is also curly, unruly, rebellious and dry. It is very chemically treated which leads into having split ends. I am very afraid if what will be the outcome. My hair will truly challenge Choco.

My treatment : Matrix Rebond (P1,600.00 any hair length), Keratin Treatment (P500.00) and Cellophane (Free, Happy Hour promo) + Free Mani/Pedi.

As per Mars Salon, here's what they did to my hair:
 1. If the hair was previously chemically treated, apply the Keratin treatment to the areas of concern. 
#Selfie while having keratin treatment
Waiting for 2nd procedure.
 2. Moist the hair and apply the rebonding creme.  
3. After 45-60mins, perform a strand test and elasticity test to the hair. Apply the synthesized creme.
 4. Wait for 25-30mins before rinsing. Dry the hair after rinsing, blowdry, and iron. 

Ironing part, they use 2 kinds of Flat Irons.
With Choco again:

5. Apply the neutralizer and the cellophane treatment. 
6. Wait for 15mins and then rinse & wash the hair with a conditioning treatment. 
7. Blow dry the hair.
There's too much tugging while Choco is combing my hair. My hair ends is very frizzy because of the bleached part. Honestly saying, my neck hurts a bit during the combing and ironing process. 
Oh and by the way, their stylist is not that talkative, but they make fun of my hair because it is very thick. Sabi nga ni Choco "Million Hair" daw ako, and "Bukas pa daw matatapos" bago matuyo ang hair ko. Well, I hate it when stylist make fun of my hair, but truth hurts ika nga. Hehe (well in case you're reading this Choco, don't worry  hindi naman ako naoffend, makapal talaga hair ko hehe ). 
The staff who is doing the "washing and shampooing has the super gaan hands!Also to ate who is doing the mani/pedi, super gaan din ng kamay.

My stylist had hard time fixing my hair. It is very resistant daw kasi sa gamot. So it took almost 8 hours to finish my hair. And here it is:

Choco did trim my hair, almost 3-4 inches to get rid of the dry ends. Since I have free cellophane, I opted for burgundy cello. We left the salon around quarter to 8pm. Here's the final result:

We arrive home almost 12pm, it was a long ride.
As we all know, the real outcome will show after you washed your hair 3 days after the rebonding process. Here's my hair after I washed it:

You can clearly see that the ends are frizzy and kinky. So I immediately informed the salon through FB to let them know my hair status and they immediately respond to my message. They asked me to send pictures of my hair. After the assessment they told me to drop by to the salon so they can make an adjustment or treatment to my hair. They also gave me a complimentary hair treatment. And that will be a second part of my experience at Mars Salon. I will blog about it next time so stay tune for it.

My Verdict : Mars Salon staffs are very accomodating. They are professional and they really know what they are doing. They are very honest when it comes to the outcome of your hair treatment. They are also very informative about the chemicals they are putting on your hair. Am I satisfied with the result? Choco bought our meryenda the time when we were getting hungry, so thanks Choco!Honestly saying, YES! I am still satisfied even though my hair didn't look so much straight. RESULTS ALWAYS VARY DEPENDING ON YOUR HAIR TYPE. So avoid expecting too much. At least they did not burn my hair unlike the other salons I had been. Mars Salon is by far the best salon I have my hair rebonded. They are professional and they are giving the best they can.

I am highly  recommending this salon!
One of the best accommodating salon ever.

Thanks Ms. Nel and to all Mars Salon Staff.

I am not paid nor asked by the said salon to make this review. All of the statement above are base on my honest opinion.


  1. 4 rides??? wow that's really really far! Pero mukhang sulit naman. The results are really great and super ok ang price. Parang I wanna have my hair rebonded na rin tuloy. Sis, you should blog more!
    A Hint of Sunlight

  2. nice! matry nga magpa-salon soon. i mean, i'm the DIY type kasi though i l-o-v-e my hair so much. so like, one time, nung nagpa-make-up and nagpa-ayos ako sa salon na malapit samin for a wedding i'll attend, they were all like, "ang ganda ng buhok mo!" "ginaganto ko din buhok ko pag gumigimik ako eh pero sayo natural. ang ganda talaga". "parang buhok ni ruffa gutierrez" (never knew ruffa was curly-haired too) and so much more compliments while they were fixing my hair. haha. So i was a bit surprised kasi i've never been to a salon for like 3 years? pinahaba ko hair ko ng 3 years. ahaha. and i thought it was badly damaged pero mukang hindi naman pala. hehe. anyway, ayun, naayos ba nila yung frizz sa hair mo? hehe. and i like the color by the way. ano din pala hair care mo? i'd love to know! :")

    xoxo, rae

  3. Ganda ng gawa nila. Your hair looks so shiny. :)

  4. sis, thank you sa blog mo. at first hesitant kami mag travel kasi malayo and nagdalawang isip ako kung nearby salon nalang or known salons. buti talaga nabasa ko ito. after a month ng rebond sa hair ko hanggang ngayon parang galing salon parin. nagustuhan ng mga friends ko and funny enough, nauna pa pala sila sa akin sa mars.

    1. Hi Ms.Jaime! Ako rin po hesitant din at first kasi nga magastos sa pamasahe. Pero happy po ako sa result kahit na ngayon eh maikli na yung hair ko.Wag na po kayo magpapableach ng hair hehe gaya ng akin kasi sayang kapag nirebond talagang magdadry po. Magaling po ang Mars Salon specially sa after service.

  5. Hi, What a nice story to read up, I enjoyed the way you have expressed!! Also I wanted to endorse this wigs company which is a better choice for hair salons to endorse please check this Lace Front Wigs This is provided by PinkLaceWigs, this is one of the best hair care wigs providers, I would advice to just have a look at their site to know more about their products.

  6. Ate Jenny, thank you sa review mo and hindi ako nagsisi. Kami ng sis ko. At magaling and maganda ang color nila. Impressive! Sa alabang branch po kami nag pagayos ng hair.

    1. Hi I'm glad you satisfied! I hope magbukas na ang Makati branch nila para mas malapit na sa amin hehe. You're welcome

  7. Nag-parebond ako nung isang araw dun. Maganda ang result sa buhok pero may attitude lang yung staff. :/

    1. Hi, in what branch did you visit? Actually some of the stuff make fun of my thick hair, I felt a little bit offended but I don't want to be rude so I just make fun with them nalang.

  8. Hi. Do you have a picture of your hair after it was repaired? Thanks

    1. Hi, yes I do have. I can e-mail it for you if you want. Naging client ka din ba nila?

  9. Hi. Do you have a picture of your hair after it was repaired? Thanks

  10. Hi, gaano katagal yung rebond sayo? Can you send me a picture of your hair after it was rebonded too? I might visit their Alabang branch this month kasi. Thanks.

  11. nakatry na ko dito sa parkhomes branch din. ombre yung pinagawa ko pero si choco rin ang naginvent ng mixture ng colors. galing nila and very professional talaga. as of now dry and frizzy na hair ko maybe because of the bleached. looking forward to visit them again for my brazillian blowout treatment!

  12. nakatry na ko dito sa parkhomes branch din. ombre yung pinagawa ko pero si choco rin ang naginvent ng mixture ng colors. galing nila and very professional talaga. as of now dry and frizzy na hair ko maybe because of the bleached. looking forward to visit them again for my brazillian blowout treatment!

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