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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review : Sophie Martin in Ice Pink

It's Wednesday and this will be the 3rd and last review about the Sophie Martin Lipstick that I got last 2 weeks. Last but not the least is the Sophie Martin in Ice Pink shade. Without further ado, here's the swatches and pictures of the lippy. Thanks to my office mate for allowing me to borrow his camera for 3 days.

Cost : P79.00
Shade : Ice Pink
Where : Sophie Martin Dealers

The product information is located at the bottom part of the lipstick tube.
The product is about 1.5-2 inches long.

As you can see, the Ice Pink is a bright pink, and it may look like it has purple-ish  undertone under artificial lighting. But look on my swatches to see the real undertone of this shade.

The Swatches:

 I'm not really good when it comes to identifying the undertone of a certain lipstick, but in my opinion it has blue undertone like the Nyx Louisiana, which makes the shade bright pink but still suitable for morena like me.

On my lips:
 Out of the 9 shades of Sophie Martin Lipsticks, Ice Pink is the most brightest among them. I opted for this shade since, the other shade looks the same . I only get 3 shades which are very different to each other. Sayang naman kasi if you will get those with similar undertones, parang hindi ka rin nagpapalit ng lipstick when you wear it di ba? I hope you get what I am trying to explain. 
I think  I applied 2 layers of Ice pink on this picture. It looks creamy no? And 2 layers is enough to cover my super pigmented lips.

 Left to Right:
Sophie Martin Ice Pink 

So, what do you think guys, will you ever get this shade once you have the chance to buy Sophie Martin Lipstick?
What is your most favorite shade among the 3 shades that I reviewed?
Let me know your thoughts through your comments !

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And that's it for now!

Thank you for reading!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review: Sophie Martin Mango Peach

This is the continuation of the "Lipstick Series" that I am talking about last week. Here, I'll show to you the other shade from Sophie Martin Lipstick that I've got last 2 weeks. I have 3 shades which are:
Mango Peach
Ice Pink

Today's post is all about the Mango Peach. I will not go into details since I already made a depth review about the consistency and formula of the lipstick,so please kindly refer to my first post. I just wanted to make it short and simple. So here's the pictures:

 There's something weird with this one, I am afraid that it might get broke when I apply this on my lips, parang wiggly yung lipstick. So be careful.

 Micro shot, without flash.
  Again, this shade has satin finish just like the Red Pepper.

Mango Peach as you can see has peach undertone. What you see is what you get when you apply it on your lips.

On lips:

Though the formula is not as creamy as the Nyx Lipstick, you can apply this without lipbalm. Since lipbalm will only lessen the opacity of the lipstick.

Sorry, big pores are showing. Buti di obvious here ang mustache ko. Haha!
The Mango Peach is also a versatile color, it works well both with morena and fair complexion.
This is also good for everyday look and for heavy smoky-eye look.

You have to apply 3 or more layers to make the color stand out.
It stays 3-4 hours. It may look feathery when you re-applied.

Yes! Yes! Yes! I love this shade since its peach. Perfect for everyday look and very versatile. Doesn't make my teeth appear more yellowish. And it doesn't make me look like "maputla" than the L.A Colors lipstick (needs to review it and compare the two). 
Of course, the real deal here is the price. This is very affordable because it only cost P79.00 and payable in 1 month. Isn't it great?

And here's an FOTD wearing the Mango Peach with heavy eyes:

And that's it.
I hope this helps.

Next review will be the Ice Pink!
Stay tune!

Thanks for reading!


Monday, November 26, 2012

My second manicure experience & regretful haircut

Hello guys! I've been MIA for almost 5 days. Been so very busy. I attended our Christian Convention last weekend. So I did some preparation for it, I decided to have a new haircut and have a manicure at my favorite salon near our house.

Last Thursday me and my mom went to "Yoyangs" the salon where I trusted cutting my hair for 3 years na. I was the one who chose mom's haircut and told the stylist to cut her hair "shoulder length" with layers, since mom has pretty curly and thin hair.

While waiting for mom to finish, the manicurist was cleaning the nails on my hands. I don't usually go to salon to have my nails done cause I can do it on my own. But this time, "naisipan ko lang ng mafeel ko naman ang linisan ng iba", the first time that I ever had my first manicure at a salon was last 2009 (before my college graduation) and the feeling is just awesome and sosyal, than doing it on your own! haha It is freaking hurtful on your neck kasi when you do your mani / pedi.

The manicurist (I forgot to ask for her name) is kind and has light hand. Meaning to say, I wasn't hurt a bit while she was removing the ugly cuticles of mine. She is kind enough to compliment my square nails. I love you ate! So on the other hand, after 10 minutes, tapos na si mo, and voila! She looks younger than me sa haircut nya! Sorry but I can't show you an after picture,  I wasn't able to take a picture :(

The salon staffs were in a hurry that time, they will join the parade kasi around 12pm so half day sila, I went over to chair wherein I'll be having my haircut while si ateng manicurist is cleaning my left hand. I saved a picture on my phone for the haircut that I want and this is the inspiration haircut that I want:

Oi, hindi yung kay Robin ha, kay Mariel!

So as usual, bading yung gumupit sa buhok ko, and this is what he said to me 
"Bubuhaghag ang buhok mo pag ganitong gupit"

I told him na hindi naman ganyan kaikli. You know the feeling na negative kaagad yung sinasabi, imbes na magrecommend nalang na
 "Yan po ba ma'am, sige ma'am pero di po natin sya masyadong gagayahin kasi mejo buuhaghag po hair nyo, gawan po natin ng paraan, okay lang po ba".  

Di ba dapat it should be in a right way. Iba na kasi yung unang naggupit sa hair ko e wala na dun. It was kinda frustrating lang na may mga "bading" na di marunong maghandle ng customer. 
Then after 5 minutes yata tapos na yung hair ko. 
Sabi pa nya 
"Pinahirapan nyo ko ma'am ah"!

As if na pinapamukha nyang super kapal ng hair ko. Eh he even finished it within 5 minutes.
So, when I look at the mirror, I was like "OH shocks! Why ang layo sa buhok ni Mariel, why is it too short?" Pero what can I do, it's over na and I can't put back the hair that has been cut. 
Sabi pa ni bading
 "Dapat dito araw araw plantsa. Nagbiro mom ko sabi "plantsa ng damit pwede na jan". The nsabi ng bading "Naku, patay na nga buhok ni ma'am, papatayin nyo pa lalo". 

As if na natuwa ako? I know panget yung hair ko, pero panget na nga papamuha pang panget talaga.Kainis!Eto nga pala yung gupit ko:

Oh di ba ang layo sa inspiration haircut ko?

 Sa inis ko hindi ko sya binigyan ng tip. Si ateng manicurist lang binigyan ko. Here's how my nails look like after my 2nd manicure ever!:

 Oha, goodbye ugly cuticles!

 Well, nasa huli ang pagsisisi. Dapat di nalang ako nagpagupit.
Just wanted to share with you my bad experience.
Anyways, I'll be posting the rest of my lipstick reviews this week and also some of my FOTD's and OOTD's from weekend.



Thursday, November 22, 2012

Review : Sophie Martin Lipstick in Red Pepper

Sorry for not posting anything for 3 days. I am very busy and the sad thing is, I haven't bought a new camera. And maybe the next time that I can update this blog will be next week. I am very thankful to all my loyal readers who keep on reading this blog, I love you guys!

Anyway, so here is another lipstick review for you guys. As you can remember this is my very first time to try the Sophie Martin Lipstick. So here's my thoughts about this super cheap but nice lipstick! You know that I am a hunter of bargain beauty products so why not give a try for this brand.

Here's the few information about Sophie Martin :
Sophie Paris’ journey to success is fueled by hard work, exceptional skills, supreme talent, strong motivation and pure guts. Encouraged by the strong acceptance in the Indonesian market and nearly saturating the population with the Sophie fever, there was no other way to go but to expand internationally.

So in 2002, Sophie Paris invaded the Philippine market as it opened its first affiliate in the country. Putting up its first Manila Head Office in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, Sophie Martin Philippines, Inc. (SMPI) instantly established itself as a significant player in the country’s Direct Selling and Multi Level Marketing Industry as being the company of choice for high quality yet reasonably priced fashion products.

With a wide array of French-designed bags, watches, garments, shoes, and other fashion products to choose from and offering additional 80 fresh new styles every 6 weeks, members and clients alike always find something to fall for in every catalogue. Backed by highly competitive products, a lucrative marketing plan, and efficient sales and marketing tools, SMPI’s member base continues to grow counting up to more than 260,000 members and over 100 Business Centers nationwide.

Cost: P79.00
Where : Sophie Martin Dealers
Shade : Red Pepper
Content : 3.8 grams
So first, let's talk about the packaging of the lipstick. It comes with the usual shiny black plastic tube. But it comes with the cute pink print on the tube. The label is a shiny metallic pink which made the lipstick looks like an expensive one.

It's nice because the lipstick is very sealed.

At the bottom part of the lipstick you can see the color shade, product number, expiry date (which is great), content and the manufacturing.

And also on the plastic seal, the ingredients were printed. I am not so familiar with all of the ingredients but you can see that it compose of castor oil, beeswax and avocado oil which is great for moisturizing our lips.

This is how the lipstick looks like inside.

The product is approximately 2 inches in length.

It comes wit the usual pointed  and slanted tip lipstick.

Now, here's the swatches:

Without flash.

Macro Shot.
The Red pepper has a satin finish texture. It is not creamy but it glides smoothly when applied on lips.
The color is not opaque but you can maximize it's color by applying layers on your lips.
I'm not sure of its undertone, that's why I decided to compare it with the other red lipstick that I have.

Left to Right:
Ever Bilena Scarlet, Nyx Rose, Sophie Martin Red Pepper, Maybelline Sangria Red  .

Ever Bilena Scarlet, Nyx Rose, Sophie Martin Red Pepper, Maybelline Sangria Red  .

On my lips:

Did not apply any lipbalm underneath, see how it makes my lips moisturized?

It adds shine to my lips thought it is not really opaque. The color may change depending on how pigmented your lips are.

Final thoughts:



Monday, November 19, 2012

Review : Maybelline ColorSensational Hooked on Pink

This week, my blog will post reviews about the lipsticks that I bought recently. You can check out the list HERE. Ugh, I am still thankful that my camera somehow works. It's just hard "tsambahan kumbaga". I am still happy though cause it does not fail me to take great shots of the products, I just need patience when I work with my "50/50" camera.

So here's my thought about the ColorSensational Lipstick in Hooked on Pink (065).  I Actually bought this for only P150.00 on my kapitbahay. This is padala kasi so they sell it instead. It will cost P399? kasi at supermarkets and since I am very curious about this lipstick from Maybelline (this is actually my first ever Maybelline lipstick!), without hesitation I grabbed it and paid it.

The Colorsensational Lipstick came up with this very elegant packaging. It comes with the pink and silver tube. Once you have it, you feel like you're sosyal and you will be proud of putting this out from your beauty kit once you need to retouch anywhere!

The bottom part of the lipstick tube has the information about the product, the serial number, shade number and shade color.
Content : 4.2 grams

Here's the swatches:
With flash, under artificial lighting.
The photo is not retouched nor edited.
Without flash, under artificial lighting.

Without flash, macro shot.

Macro Shot. This shot was texturized for you to see the consistency of the lipstick.

On my lips:

(I did not apply lipbalm or anything underneath)
Without flash.

With flash.

As you can see, the Hooked on Pink is a pretty plummy shade. It isn't the bright pink kind of lipstick. It kinda works for those who has fair to dark complexion. Specially for a morena person like me, I notice that it suits me naman, so I can say that this shade is versatile. You can wear this everyday or with heavy smokey eyes.

And the great thing about this ColorSensational is that, it is hydrating and moisturizing. I don't need to apply lipbalm underneath to keep my lips moisturized. The lipstick alone will surely keeps your lips smooth and moisturize all day long. I also love the scent of this lipstick, it smells like biscuit. Just to summarize my thoughts about this lipstick here's my breakdown:

Yes, definitely. If you are into high quality lipstick but don't want to spend too much money, you can try this ColorSensational Lipstick from Maybelline. It offers a lot of shades from bright pinks to fabulous reds!
 You can check out Maybelline facebook account here tokeep updated with the latest news!

And here is an FOTD of mine wearing the Hooked on Pink:
 I paired it with the brown and white e/s.

And that's it!
How bout you loves, have you tried the ColorSensational Lipstick from Maybelline?
I would love to hear your comments!


Disclaimer : The pro's and con's stated above were based on my own opinion and honest and unbiased observation.

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