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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Review : Sophie Martin Lipstick in Red Pepper

Sorry for not posting anything for 3 days. I am very busy and the sad thing is, I haven't bought a new camera. And maybe the next time that I can update this blog will be next week. I am very thankful to all my loyal readers who keep on reading this blog, I love you guys!

Anyway, so here is another lipstick review for you guys. As you can remember this is my very first time to try the Sophie Martin Lipstick. So here's my thoughts about this super cheap but nice lipstick! You know that I am a hunter of bargain beauty products so why not give a try for this brand.

Here's the few information about Sophie Martin :
Sophie Paris’ journey to success is fueled by hard work, exceptional skills, supreme talent, strong motivation and pure guts. Encouraged by the strong acceptance in the Indonesian market and nearly saturating the population with the Sophie fever, there was no other way to go but to expand internationally.

So in 2002, Sophie Paris invaded the Philippine market as it opened its first affiliate in the country. Putting up its first Manila Head Office in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, Sophie Martin Philippines, Inc. (SMPI) instantly established itself as a significant player in the country’s Direct Selling and Multi Level Marketing Industry as being the company of choice for high quality yet reasonably priced fashion products.

With a wide array of French-designed bags, watches, garments, shoes, and other fashion products to choose from and offering additional 80 fresh new styles every 6 weeks, members and clients alike always find something to fall for in every catalogue. Backed by highly competitive products, a lucrative marketing plan, and efficient sales and marketing tools, SMPI’s member base continues to grow counting up to more than 260,000 members and over 100 Business Centers nationwide.

Cost: P79.00
Where : Sophie Martin Dealers
Shade : Red Pepper
Content : 3.8 grams
So first, let's talk about the packaging of the lipstick. It comes with the usual shiny black plastic tube. But it comes with the cute pink print on the tube. The label is a shiny metallic pink which made the lipstick looks like an expensive one.

It's nice because the lipstick is very sealed.

At the bottom part of the lipstick you can see the color shade, product number, expiry date (which is great), content and the manufacturing.

And also on the plastic seal, the ingredients were printed. I am not so familiar with all of the ingredients but you can see that it compose of castor oil, beeswax and avocado oil which is great for moisturizing our lips.

This is how the lipstick looks like inside.

The product is approximately 2 inches in length.

It comes wit the usual pointed  and slanted tip lipstick.

Now, here's the swatches:

Without flash.

Macro Shot.
The Red pepper has a satin finish texture. It is not creamy but it glides smoothly when applied on lips.
The color is not opaque but you can maximize it's color by applying layers on your lips.
I'm not sure of its undertone, that's why I decided to compare it with the other red lipstick that I have.

Left to Right:
Ever Bilena Scarlet, Nyx Rose, Sophie Martin Red Pepper, Maybelline Sangria Red  .

Ever Bilena Scarlet, Nyx Rose, Sophie Martin Red Pepper, Maybelline Sangria Red  .

On my lips:

Did not apply any lipbalm underneath, see how it makes my lips moisturized?

It adds shine to my lips thought it is not really opaque. The color may change depending on how pigmented your lips are.

Final thoughts:




  1. I haven't tried any red color from sophie but I really like their lippies. I was expecting this one to have a good color pay-off actually. Hahaha. Orange ba undertone nito sis? If so, then oks na oks para sa mga pinay. :)

    sis, picture naman ng new hair mo! hahaha! I hope you'll get to buy a new camera na!

    1. Try mo sis, maganda din daw yung russian red sabi ni Maggie.

  2. looks like 2 in 1. lip balm and lip color :)

  3. Matry nga ito soon. LOL ahahaha

  4. Oh no! I want to try it pa naman :c

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