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Monday, November 19, 2012

Review : Maybelline ColorSensational Hooked on Pink

This week, my blog will post reviews about the lipsticks that I bought recently. You can check out the list HERE. Ugh, I am still thankful that my camera somehow works. It's just hard "tsambahan kumbaga". I am still happy though cause it does not fail me to take great shots of the products, I just need patience when I work with my "50/50" camera.

So here's my thought about the ColorSensational Lipstick in Hooked on Pink (065).  I Actually bought this for only P150.00 on my kapitbahay. This is padala kasi so they sell it instead. It will cost P399? kasi at supermarkets and since I am very curious about this lipstick from Maybelline (this is actually my first ever Maybelline lipstick!), without hesitation I grabbed it and paid it.

The Colorsensational Lipstick came up with this very elegant packaging. It comes with the pink and silver tube. Once you have it, you feel like you're sosyal and you will be proud of putting this out from your beauty kit once you need to retouch anywhere!

The bottom part of the lipstick tube has the information about the product, the serial number, shade number and shade color.
Content : 4.2 grams

Here's the swatches:
With flash, under artificial lighting.
The photo is not retouched nor edited.
Without flash, under artificial lighting.

Without flash, macro shot.

Macro Shot. This shot was texturized for you to see the consistency of the lipstick.

On my lips:

(I did not apply lipbalm or anything underneath)
Without flash.

With flash.

As you can see, the Hooked on Pink is a pretty plummy shade. It isn't the bright pink kind of lipstick. It kinda works for those who has fair to dark complexion. Specially for a morena person like me, I notice that it suits me naman, so I can say that this shade is versatile. You can wear this everyday or with heavy smokey eyes.

And the great thing about this ColorSensational is that, it is hydrating and moisturizing. I don't need to apply lipbalm underneath to keep my lips moisturized. The lipstick alone will surely keeps your lips smooth and moisturize all day long. I also love the scent of this lipstick, it smells like biscuit. Just to summarize my thoughts about this lipstick here's my breakdown:

Yes, definitely. If you are into high quality lipstick but don't want to spend too much money, you can try this ColorSensational Lipstick from Maybelline. It offers a lot of shades from bright pinks to fabulous reds!
 You can check out Maybelline facebook account here tokeep updated with the latest news!

And here is an FOTD of mine wearing the Hooked on Pink:
 I paired it with the brown and white e/s.

And that's it!
How bout you loves, have you tried the ColorSensational Lipstick from Maybelline?
I would love to hear your comments!


Disclaimer : The pro's and con's stated above were based on my own opinion and honest and unbiased observation.


  1. I love this collection form Maybelline, my mom bought one from Watsons and 300+ ang price. You got a great deal!

  2. I want to try their longwear lipsticks naman. This is a good pink color with red hues. Bagay sating morena.

  3. I've always wanted to buy maybelline lippies. Kaso mejo expensive for me and I think I have too many lipstick already. :( Ala bang online store yang kapitbahay nyo? hahaha.

  4. ganda ng color!! pero never pa ako nakatry ng maybelline lipstick mostly balms lang ako..hehe ^_~

  5. I'm obsessed with maybelline lipsticks lately.. I wanna get more. Great review Jenny!


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  6. But the color looks good on you and I love this kind of touch of pink. Thanks for sharing! :)


  7. I like the shade and it looks good on you. I love maybelline!

    ~ Sweetstrings

  8. I have the Red Revival shade. It's great...doesn't "feather" like some other brands. It's surprisingly long-lasting for something that's fairly priced. I haven't tried other shades 'cause I'm more into bright red shades lately. Paler shades sort of "age" me. I'm still quite hesitant with pinks and I may need a little more education on thanks!

  9. the "with flash" has emphasized how cute it is. really fit on your lips :)

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