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Friday, September 30, 2011

Isang Buwan kang mabibingi pag nagtapon ka ng basura dito.

Hahahaha.. wala lang :))
Mag-ingat sa pagtatapon ng basura, baka mabingi ka!


Because of Typhoon Pedring work has been cancelled and I had the chance to clean my nails and do a new nail design for the week, so this is what i came up with:

  • Prep your nails, Clean it baby!
  • Apply your desired base nail polish (weather it's matte or shiny one), Here I use a frosted white nail polish. Let it dry.
  • Apply 2 coats of glittered nail polish, again, let it dry .
  • Use your desired color for making those cute little flowers (you can do it randomly, any size will do). Use your dotter (if you have one, or you can use match stix or any pointed object like ballpen or pencil)in making the flowers, first, make five dots. Then, slowly slide the dotter (the smaller side) from the middle of the dots and gently pull it downward to make it appear as petals.
  • Then make random dots around the flowers.
  • Finally, apply colorless for shiny finish! That's it.
 More Pictures :) ???

That's all for now. Happy Weekend Everyone!
Hope you like this! :)

Much Love, 
- Jenny -

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Review - EB Evera Brown Eye Pencil

Dahil sinipag ako, okay gawa ulit ng post. So here's the short review about the Ever Bilena Brown Pencil that i bought in my Thrifty Cart Part 2. Pasok sa budget ito mga sis since P45.00 lang sya, I'm almost out of brown pencil na kasi and i heard a lot of good reviews about ever bilena pencils just like what Ms. Noe and Ms. Jes using (Thou gamit nila ang isa pang line ng EB pero if im not mistaken they both using the same pencil). I usually use this for filling my brows specially ngayong may poknat ang kilay ko (ano ba sa english ang poknat? hahaha). I opted brown instead of black since it gives me a more lighter look while the black can really make you look mataray. So here's the swatch. 

So far okay naman sya :) good din gamitin for your waterline if you want the everyday look.
How bout you ladies? What do you use to groom and fill your brows?

- Jenny -

Review - Maybelline Colorbloom and Avon Lip Stain

Since work has been cancelled due to heavy rain cause by Bagyong Pedring, I decided to make my very first review.  So let's make this short and let's proceed to the products

Here's the swatch:
 With flash, Maybelline on the Left side; Avon on right side
Without Flash, i just adjusted the contrast, You can see that Avon is more reddish while the Maybelline is more pinkish natural look.

And here's how it looks when applied on my lips, (sorry guys i have dark lips but i don't even smoke).

Maybelline Colorbloom

Avon Lip Stain.

So you can see that Maybelline is pinkish and lighter than the Avon (ofcourse naman dahil lip balm nga naman sya at lip stain ang Avon and if you have lighter lips, it will be more pinkish). But i do like this Maybelline Lip balm cause it really makes my lips smooth all day (thou sometimes parang may naiiwan syang weird na white sa lips). While the Avon Lipstain naman okay din sya mejo nagdadry nga lang ng konti pero okay na din.
Mas love ko ang smell ng Avon kaysa Maybelline (smells like strawberry ang Avon while Maybelline smells and tastes like soap).
So tabla-tabla ang laban (hehe i mean Quits).
That all for now (still heavy rain outside :( )

Much Love, 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thrifty Cart - Part 2

Yesterday Brother and I went to Watson's to check for Ponds sale ek-ek. hehe So we end up buying these products. Would you believe that these 7 products we're only amounting Like 230.00 pesos??

Yeah, yeah, The Pond's Clear Solution only Cost around 70.00 and Pond's white beauty for 80.00, and it's buy 1 take 1 so tig-isa kame ng brother ko. Actually i'm not into Pond's product, mas like ko ang Garnier or Nivea when it comes to lightening creams, pero okay naman ang scrub / foams ng pond's.Pero dahil syempre buy 1 take 1 edi go ra na teh! Mura eh. hehe  So, if you're into Pond's, check out the nearest watson's outlet near you to avail their B1T1, Hurry ladies, makakatipid kayo for sure :) Another Thrifty thing ito :) 

Included products are:
  • Paganini comb (P 34.75)
  • Ever Bilena Brown Pencil (P 45.00)
  • Afficionado in F68 (48.00)
      Ooops, i'll be reviewing the Ever Bilena that i purchased (in Brown) and also the Maybelline color bloom lip balm and Avon stain. BAck to work na naman tomorrow :( Err..

      That's all for now.

      Much Love,

      Wednesday, September 21, 2011

      Prettythrifty goes Crazy :]

      Good morning beautiful ladies :) Dahil sa walang magawa dito sa office, hehe napraning ako at sinubukang gumawa ng bagong post :)

      Since di pa ako nakakagawa ng about make-up post or anything, this is how i look like today :) Face of the day kung baga XD

      Namiss ko kasi ang pagcucurl ng hair (w/o using any heat), So i just braid my hair last night and i let it loose today! Parang nanibago na naman ako, it's been 7 months na kasi, after kong makapagpare-bond and ngayon ko lang ulit nakita ang mukha ko na may curly hair (Parang nakakasoft and nakaka-cute kasi ang curly hair eh hehe).

      Sorry for the low-quality of pictures, just like what i told you i'm in the office right now so camera lang ng lappy ang gamit ko

      Product's i used:
      1. Maxi Peel concealer cream - in Fair (P 20.00)
      2. Ever Bilena Foundation Powder (In oriental)(P 140.00)
      3. Brown Pencil for eyebrow (unbranded)
      4. Black Pencil & Liquid Eyeliner for the eyes :)
      5. White Pencil (unbranded) for waterline, i also applied some pink shadow on my water line
      6. Careline Eyeshadow (in Vanilla) for brow bone highlight (P 100??)
      7. Elf Blush in Glow (P 129.00)
      8. Ever Bilena Mascara with Fiber  (P 150.00)
      9. Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Bloom (Pink Blossom) & Your desired pinkish lipstick (P 99.00)
      10. I used the Gosh Brush for application of Blush :)

      And oops, the top that i am wearing today is from the ukay-haul :) (Beynchingko pesos lang yan)!

      Nangangako po ako sa inyo na sa susunod na pagpapakita ko, malinaw na po ang mga litrato ko. (Sana ay makatulog kayo ng maayos pagkatapos ninyong makita ang mukha ko XD ).
      Almost everyday ganyan po ang itsura ko :) Make-up routine kung baga yang mga products na namention ko sa itaas. Hayaan nyo po sa susunod, bibili na ko ng mga liners na may brand para sa inyo :) hehe alam nyo na kuripot ako kaya yung iba jan sa bangketa lang. hehe Have a great day guys!

      Much love,

      - Jenny -


      Monday, September 19, 2011


      ,Hello there guys, so this is the NOTW :) I would like to apologize cause I wasn't successful in creating a video tutorial because of hectic sched at work. whew! But i posted here some of the pictures so you will have an idea how I came up with the design. One more thing, there is one picture that i missed, (the one where in you need to make random dots for that animal print thingy :P so another 'sorry' for that).

       Left - Blue Spots / Right - Vamp (P 16.00 each)

      1. Naked Nails - prep your nails :)

       2. Use the Blue Spots as your base (2 coats for more glitters)

      3. Then randomly apply the Vamp Red (any way that you want, straight or slanted or anything) :)
      4. Sorry ladies, this is what i am talking about, i skipped the part where of dotting :( but i do hope that you get the idea. Just choose a color that will contrast the color of red, then dot it again with black.
      So that's the final look :) 

      Hope you like it guys, thou it was actually messy and i was out of idea at that moment when i am doing this.Hopefully next week, i will come up with a good one! Enjoy the weekdays everyone!

      Much Love,
      - Jenny -

      Saturday, September 17, 2011

      Haul: Gosh Stippling Brush

      This afternoon, niyaya ako ni tatay na mag U-kay daw, at dahil mahilig din akong magbubungkal sa U-kay go ako!
      I also purchased nail polishes for new nail art that i'm planning for this week (hopefully magawan ko sya ng simple tutorial,for you guys! ). I usually buy nail polishes at Hortaleza inside the Angono Market, and when I'm looking for some brushes, I noticed this cute brush. I asked the tindera if Kabuki brush pa sya, so sabi ko patingin ako (Cause it really looks like a kabuki) and you know how cheap it is?..

      Yeah it's only P 59.00!! Can you imagine that?!But i'm quite concern about it's price, that's why I asked the tindera if I can touch it, (the brush) so nilabas nya at when i touched it, it was so very soft, I thought unbranded itong brush pero when i looked on it's packaging it's from GoshCosmetics (I haven't heard it before so when i arrived home i decided to browse if there is such brand on net, and there is! you can log on to see their product line). So here's how it looks like.

      Gosh Stippling brush.

      I've been using this almost everyday when applying Liquid foundation (Ms.Angel of pinkoolaid advices me that it was intended for liquid fonda or bb creams, I even use it to set my powder fonda!


      Friday, September 16, 2011

      Ang Himala (The Miracle)

      Hello pretty ladies :) Title is quite interesting right? Haha i decided to entitled it "The Miracle" dahil talagang isang himala dahil inilibre ako ng aking dear brother when we went to SM Taytay last September 10, Saturday, we went there actually to inquire at Sun Cellular para sa internet connection sa bahay, kaso we end up on looking some thing na mura at mabibili! Take note, nilibre nya ako! waaaaahhhhhh..He bought me these two cute "belts" from Genevieve :)

      This is GF-T Special Offer - P 75. 00 ( yeah it's cheap, only 75.00)

      And this cute thin belt :)
      GF-T Oval Scallop - P 50.00 (see, mura di ba?)

      I think kaya nya ako nilibre kasi mura lang ito, sabi pa nga nya (Sige na te, magpabili ka na kung ano mang gusto mo basta wag lang lalampas ng 100 pesos!). Hahahaha oh di ba ang bait ng kapatid ko? wahahahahha. Well, it doesn't really matter if cheap lang ang ibinili nya saken, cause you'll definitely see products here sa blog ko na mura (that's why it's Pretty Thrifty), what matter is, you know how to make cheap things a fabulous one once you wear them, Am i right? So salamat aking kapatid sa panlilibre mo. :D Naappreciate ko iyon!
      So if you wanna try some cool and cute belts,with very cheap prices try to visit Genevieve boutiques :) You'll definitely love them!

      Much Love,
      - Jenny -

      Thursday, September 15, 2011

      I NAILED it !

      Ooops, I haven't told you yet, before I fell in love with beauty products I was actually addicted to NAIL ARTS. Eversince, like i started doing it when I was in grade 4, (altho bawal ang magnail polish sa public school) I was into it :) like It was my first Love talaga! You can check my facebook account if you wanna see those nail arts, here's the link:

      But since I started blogging, from now on I'm going to use this to posts my "nail of the week" thingy :)

      So check it out guys! The very first post will be here, very very soon! :)

      Much love,

      Tuesday, September 13, 2011


      I'll be reviewing the ff products within the week:

      1. Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Shine-Free Foundation (in Beige)
      2. Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Bloom (Pink blossom)
      3. Ever Bilena Two way Foundation (Oriental)

      I'm new to this world!

      Sa wakas natuloy din ang plano ko na makabuo ng sarili kong blog :) So, hi to all of you guys! :) I am very inspired of those bloggers na lagi kong sinusubaybayan that's why i decided na gumawa na din ng akin.

      Well, I came up with the title "Prettythrifty" (thou im not pretty ehehehe) kasi I will be starting on reviewing those super budget friendly na products.

      So guys, sana suportahan nyo ako! hahaha (parang tatakbong Mayor eh noh?) Since, bago palang ako dito pagpasensyahan nyo na ang itsura ng blog ko :)

      What do you want to see in my very first Giveaway?

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