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Friday, September 30, 2011


Because of Typhoon Pedring work has been cancelled and I had the chance to clean my nails and do a new nail design for the week, so this is what i came up with:

  • Prep your nails, Clean it baby!
  • Apply your desired base nail polish (weather it's matte or shiny one), Here I use a frosted white nail polish. Let it dry.
  • Apply 2 coats of glittered nail polish, again, let it dry .
  • Use your desired color for making those cute little flowers (you can do it randomly, any size will do). Use your dotter (if you have one, or you can use match stix or any pointed object like ballpen or pencil)in making the flowers, first, make five dots. Then, slowly slide the dotter (the smaller side) from the middle of the dots and gently pull it downward to make it appear as petals.
  • Then make random dots around the flowers.
  • Finally, apply colorless for shiny finish! That's it.
 More Pictures :) ???

That's all for now. Happy Weekend Everyone!
Hope you like this! :)

Much Love, 
- Jenny -

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