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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Review - Maybelline Colorbloom and Avon Lip Stain

Since work has been cancelled due to heavy rain cause by Bagyong Pedring, I decided to make my very first review.  So let's make this short and let's proceed to the products

Here's the swatch:
 With flash, Maybelline on the Left side; Avon on right side
Without Flash, i just adjusted the contrast, You can see that Avon is more reddish while the Maybelline is more pinkish natural look.

And here's how it looks when applied on my lips, (sorry guys i have dark lips but i don't even smoke).

Maybelline Colorbloom

Avon Lip Stain.

So you can see that Maybelline is pinkish and lighter than the Avon (ofcourse naman dahil lip balm nga naman sya at lip stain ang Avon and if you have lighter lips, it will be more pinkish). But i do like this Maybelline Lip balm cause it really makes my lips smooth all day (thou sometimes parang may naiiwan syang weird na white sa lips). While the Avon Lipstain naman okay din sya mejo nagdadry nga lang ng konti pero okay na din.
Mas love ko ang smell ng Avon kaysa Maybelline (smells like strawberry ang Avon while Maybelline smells and tastes like soap).
So tabla-tabla ang laban (hehe i mean Quits).
That all for now (still heavy rain outside :( )

Much Love, 

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