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Monday, September 19, 2011


,Hello there guys, so this is the NOTW :) I would like to apologize cause I wasn't successful in creating a video tutorial because of hectic sched at work. whew! But i posted here some of the pictures so you will have an idea how I came up with the design. One more thing, there is one picture that i missed, (the one where in you need to make random dots for that animal print thingy :P so another 'sorry' for that).

 Left - Blue Spots / Right - Vamp (P 16.00 each)

1. Naked Nails - prep your nails :)

 2. Use the Blue Spots as your base (2 coats for more glitters)

3. Then randomly apply the Vamp Red (any way that you want, straight or slanted or anything) :)
4. Sorry ladies, this is what i am talking about, i skipped the part where of dotting :( but i do hope that you get the idea. Just choose a color that will contrast the color of red, then dot it again with black.
So that's the final look :) 

Hope you like it guys, thou it was actually messy and i was out of idea at that moment when i am doing this.Hopefully next week, i will come up with a good one! Enjoy the weekdays everyone!

Much Love,
- Jenny -


  1. Super like it Honey. More nail art tutorial. Please?? (((:

  2. to Narcissistic_rachel - Super maraming thank you honey! salamat sa pag-appreciate ng panget na nail art ko, i failed with this one, you know that! hehe pero next time aayusin ko na! basta ikaw request mo eh. mwah!


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