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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review : Sophie Martin in Ice Pink

It's Wednesday and this will be the 3rd and last review about the Sophie Martin Lipstick that I got last 2 weeks. Last but not the least is the Sophie Martin in Ice Pink shade. Without further ado, here's the swatches and pictures of the lippy. Thanks to my office mate for allowing me to borrow his camera for 3 days.

Cost : P79.00
Shade : Ice Pink
Where : Sophie Martin Dealers

The product information is located at the bottom part of the lipstick tube.
The product is about 1.5-2 inches long.

As you can see, the Ice Pink is a bright pink, and it may look like it has purple-ish  undertone under artificial lighting. But look on my swatches to see the real undertone of this shade.

The Swatches:

 I'm not really good when it comes to identifying the undertone of a certain lipstick, but in my opinion it has blue undertone like the Nyx Louisiana, which makes the shade bright pink but still suitable for morena like me.

On my lips:
 Out of the 9 shades of Sophie Martin Lipsticks, Ice Pink is the most brightest among them. I opted for this shade since, the other shade looks the same . I only get 3 shades which are very different to each other. Sayang naman kasi if you will get those with similar undertones, parang hindi ka rin nagpapalit ng lipstick when you wear it di ba? I hope you get what I am trying to explain. 
I think  I applied 2 layers of Ice pink on this picture. It looks creamy no? And 2 layers is enough to cover my super pigmented lips.

 Left to Right:
Sophie Martin Ice Pink 

So, what do you think guys, will you ever get this shade once you have the chance to buy Sophie Martin Lipstick?
What is your most favorite shade among the 3 shades that I reviewed?
Let me know your thoughts through your comments !

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And that's it for now!

Thank you for reading!



  1. It's pretty sheer but looks very moisturizing! :)
    Parang Revlon lip butter na less pigmented :)

    1. Really ate? Well the good thing is, this is so cheap!

  2. Very affordable pero bongga ung packaging and colors nya. Like you, I'm morena and loves pink so I think having Ice Pink would complement my skin tone.

    I like your shots by the way. :D

    1. Oo sis, parang di 79 pesos no? Try this! Thanks, hehe hiram ko lang ang camera jan.

  3. That shade is always out of stock. You are lucky you were able to get one.

  4. Oooh. I havent tried any of their make up yet but the colors look good.

    1. You should give it a try, it's cheap!

  5. Hi where did you buy this? Im curious... :)

    BTW you might want to join my ongoing contest/giveaway sis... let your friends know too... :)

  6. Nice review sis! where did you get to buy this pala?

    BTW join my contest/giveaway sis... :) share this with your friends too...

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