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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Milani High Shine Lipgloss in 20 Diamonds

I am happy because I can now update my blog and make a new post every 2 days. It seems like an achievement for me. Thanks to all the new stuff that I bought recently and to all those freebies and gifts that I've received, I have now pending post on my drafts.

So this review is all about the Milani Lipgloss that I've got from TBJ Meet and Greet last June.

Cost: P180.00
Where: Free

Ang sosyal lang ng peg no?

This is in clear gloss with shimmers / glitters. That's why it was named as 20 Diamonds. 

Taken without flash so you can see the shimmers :)

Just like with the other lipgloss it comes with the sponge tip applicatior.

You might get notice that the lipgloss looks like pinkish. Nagkastained lang kasi sya, I use this kasi after I applied lipstick.

So here's how the lipgloss looks like:
This was taken without flash.

 The lipgloss has thick texture.
And now with flash:

And here's how it looks like naman on my Nguso, ay LIPS pala.
WITH "THE FLASH". (Joke yun).
More pictures of my nguso:

Now you know the reason why is it called as 20 Diamonds. Parang dinurog yung isang diamond at nilagay yung crust nya sa lipgloss kaya may shimmer ka na! 

*With Milani Lipgloss

When use on top of lipstick:
With Revlon Matte Lipstick .
My upper lip has no lipgloss.

When applied all over the lips, the shimmers don't look o.a naman. So okay na okay sya gamitin on top of your lipstick. It really makes your lips luscious and adds plump on your lips.

On top of Nyx Louisiana

Good Points:
- Affordable
- It makes your lips shiny
- Makes your lips luscious
- It plumps your lips
- It does not taste like soap

Bad Points:
- Not long lasting
- It makes your lips dry after 2-3 hours
- It's hard to get the product out of the tube
- Availabilty (usually it can only be purchase online or on selected imported makeup stores)

Thou I am not a lipgloss lover, I still recommend this to those who wants to have luscious looking lips. But much better if you'll save this during special occasions since it has thick and heavy texture. It's quiet drying on lips so it is not advisable for everyday use, well that's my own opinion. Hindi sya masyadong pasok as "PrettyThriftyThing" for me. (Naks, yun na ang bagong category ko kung approved or disapproved and isang certain product for thrifty person like me.)

Pretty-thrifty-thing rate is: 7/10

And that's it!
Thank you for reading!
Tatangos din ang ilong ko, tiwala lang. haha! #EPIC

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  1. wow that's so shimmery! looking forward for your posts! :))


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