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Friday, August 24, 2012

Gems on my nails.

Long weekend is here!
High five for another holiday this coming Monday!
To make your weekend complete, I have here another NOTW for you!
So if you are planning to have your nails done tomorrow, here's something that you can play with.

This is a very simple nail art design. But the rhinestone will surely make it fabulous and gorgeous, isn't it?

Wanted to try this too, here's what you need:
- Any black nail polish
- White nail polish
- Dotter or any tools with pointed tip
- Few pieces of rhinestones

How to do this:
- First, prep your nails.
- Next, create a french tip in a V-shape using the black nail polish.
- Reapply the black polish if needed.
- Wait for 2- 5 minutes until it dries.
- Create some dots at the edge of the V-shape french tips.
- Second to the last, put the rhinestone at the center of your nail tip where the V-shape meets.
- You can use your colorless or top coat to adhere the rhinestone on your nails.
- Then lastly, apply top coat (2 coats)!

And VOILA! You now have expensive looking nails! The rhinestones really make a difference no?

This was taken way back 2010. Hehe I cheated you guys. I only wear a simple and plain nail polish as of the moment, so I share this with you instead.

And here's something to complete your nails, for you toenails:

It may look gross to you, I used to have long nails on my toes, but now I don't, I find it hard to wear pumps or close shoes when I have long nails on my toes.

And there you have it!

Thanks for dropping by!
Hope you will enjoy the long weekend!

Spoiler: I found a better way on how to lessen the dryness of excel lip cream.



  1. cute polish on the edge of the nails! just very chic :)

  2. Aww! Love your nails so much!!!
    Btw,, can't wait for your next lip cream review!

  3. Your nails are really long! Ang hirap magpahaba ng nails! i love your nail art design <3

  4. Hi girls, thank you! :) More nail art designs to come!

  5. your toes are REALLY cute!! seriously beautiful, kinda hot ;)


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