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Friday, March 23, 2012


Top : Shapes (P 300)
Jeans : Unbranded (P280)
Shoes : B-Club (200)
Earrings : Broadway Gems (50)
Belt: Genevieve (75)

Actually, the word 'WILD' describes the long sleeves that I am wearing here. It is almost like an animal print that's why I decided to entitled it that way. Weird right? hehe hayaan mo na.

Moving on, here's another OOTD of mine. This is what I wore last Monday. This is the 2nd top that I am showing to you from 7 tops that I bought from my friend's online shop. (You can check her facebook account here ---> ).  

Here's another picture:

We really don't have enough space at home to take shots of my OOTD's, we only have very tiny home. lol So you might always see the same backgrounds over and over again.

The long sleeve is made up of satin, and I really love when I wore it, despite of the sunny weather, it gives me the comfortable feeling unlike the cotton tops that I usually wear, it makes me sweat! YAY!

I paired it with a jeans that I bought at the market, and it is actually unbranded. (Syempre palengke eh^^). I am into tucking-in because it looks good and it looks a bit professional specially when I need to go to Makati, (ng magmukang tao man lang). And i wore a pair of suede pumps from B-Club that I bought last year for only P200.00, which was on SALE at that time.

See? magkamukha kami ng Tiger sa likod ko. hahaha
Thank you again nanay for the amazing shots you did! Kasangga talaga kita sa mga kaek-ekan ko sa buhay.

That's all for today, hope you like it :)




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