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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend Haul: Watson's Summer Sale

Hi sweet gals, this is what I've got from my weekend Thrifty Haul :)
I went to Watson's to checked out their summer sale. And of course to see if there's a leaflet of my favorite blogger Ms.Martha.

I am actually looking for face cream or moisturizer, but since I have no penny left, I opted to buy this Pure Beauty Facial Cleanser which is on it's 40% SALE originally P150, now for only P59. Such a steal right? I wanted to get their Toner (P99.00) and Night Cream (P149) pa sana na naka 50% off. Pero Wala na talaga kong pera. I still have something to pay kaya sinave ko na si Ninoy Hehe, Ooops those Block and White Lotions are on it's 50% SALE and I've got those for only 78 pesos! And the Vaseline Bar soap are on it's buy 1 take 1 promo!

This is 2-in1 cleanser, an antioxidant one, that can be use as face mask. This is actually made in Korea :)
I'm now on its 3rd day and I am loving this product, mom uses this too and she said that it has the softness effect on her face. Hope there will be no break out!

Gonna try to get the other products from this line kapag nagkabudget ulit. 
Total damage sa bulsa? All those stuffs for only P230.00:) That's the reason why I so love the Watson's.
How bout you ladies, have you tried something from Pure Beauty Line of Watson's? Lemme know them through your comments! 
Have a nice weekdays!



  1. is that pure beauty an organic one? how is it been so far? i mean does it irritate your skin or a bit itchy? sorry for being too OC.hehehe.. right now im on the look out for some organic skin care.. haven't haul for quite sometime cause im depressed at the moment and that's unhealthy for me cause i tend to buy what i don't need when im both happy and depressed :)

  2. Hi there Ms.Jonna! I'm not sure thou if it is organic, there's a lot of ingredients in this product, gonna try to read them later again when i got home so I can share it to you, but I do believe that it is somehow not organic. It's a pomegrenate facial cleanser. I'm a bit worried, cause I'm having zits on my face, haven't been using this for a week, so I don't want to conclude that this is the reason of the sudden skin break out of mine. It is still under observation, hehe maybe after 2 weeks of using this product, that's the best time to judge it If it works for me. By the way, I am in the exfoliation process that's why it is somehow has a little bit of stinging effect for me, but there's no itchiness. My mom tried this produtc too and she loves it! Oh yeah, it's made from Korea :) The smell is so good :) Don't bother to ask questions, they are all welcome here:) Thanks for dropping by!

  3. thank you so much dear. let's drop the formality, just call me Jonna :)


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