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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Affordable Scents Below 500 pesos!

Hi guys! I know I haven't posted here on my blog for so long, so since something pushes me to write again I decided to recommend something for you. I know not all of us can afford those expensive perfumes specially it is a must for this scorching hot season we have here in our country. Here are some of the perfumes  that I personally like and maybe you would like too!

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Bath and Body Works in Sweet Pea
- I was able to try this scent last year and bought it online together with VS Love Spell (which I don't like, so I won't recommend it), I got it for only P280.00 (old packaging) but this usually retails for P400-500 pesos at Watsons or online. I love its sweet but not overwhelming scent. This one suits students and office girls who want to smell nice and girly with just the right amount of sweetness!

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Body Fantasies in Fresh White Musk
- A friend sent me this and it was love at first spray. I thought it would be like just the cheap body spray that you can buy on department store since this brand is not that famous, but I really love its scent. It is cottony and musky. Best for those who don't like sweet scent. This stays long. Mag-aamoy mayaman ka! Hehe yun bang it lingers on your nose. I am having hard time looking for this body spray, fortunately I saw it in Watson's near us for only P389.00 only for 236ml which will last for 3 months! 

(left-right: Bulgari Blu, DG Light Blue and Lacoste White)
ZenZest Impression of D&G Light Blue
- Le bf loves Zen Zest so I tried it and after smelling their impressions of expensive perfumes, I decided to get the D&G light blue. I don't have any idea how does the original one smells like but I love the Zenzest impression of the said brand because it gives you the fresh powdery scent (I'm not really good in describing scent hehe). I've emptied 2 bottles of this and will surely purchase again!

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ZenZest Tangerine
A lot of blogger love this scent so I decided to try it for myself. And "hindi ako nagkamali", it is really refreshing plus masarap sa ilong! This one is kinda unique scent plus its affordable too. I even love its packaging, mukang mahal! It has fruity fresh scent perfect this summer season! Try it!Chix na chix ang dating!
ZenZest Vanilla Ice Cream
- I am a fan of vanilla scents! So this one is a must try. Nakakagutom! This one is perfect for summer no hilo effect sa byahe! You can't stop smelling your clothes or your wrist once you spray it on. The only downside is that, the scent doesn't stay long, so you have to spray again after 2-3 hours. But still, I love and recommending this!

And there you have it! Let me know in the comments if you have some favorite and affordable scents the is worth to try! 


  1. Napaka timely , hehe magpopost din ako about my favorite scents, kaso nasa draft pa. Sis, Tangerine favorite ko din! Di ko alam nagbebenta pala Zen Zest ng D&G inspired. May nabili ako sa for Me, cute packaging niya kaso not so long lasting,kaamoy ng D&G/VS Pink fresh and clean. I might try the zen zest next time baka it lasts longer.

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