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Monday, August 19, 2013

Lazy Blogger Award!

Oh gosh, when was the last time I update this blog? I made a promise to myself that I am going to update this once in awhile but I just FAILED. The reason? Well, I am not that busy at work, but I am busy with other things like our online shop, side-lining as "Makeup Artist" and so on. I actually wasn't able to review a lot of products that I've tried this past few month. I envy those bloggers who always have time for their blog despite of being busy at school or at work. That's why I am awarding myself this:

Due to blogger setting changes, it also makes me lazy to transfer my blog into a new platform. Google, why?

Until this morning, someone commented and asked me when will I be back to blogging. Well, then that simple comment, knowing that there is someone who misses my post makes me think that I should be blog to blogging again. Thank you sis Ile :) I hope someday we will be able to meet in person.

Anyway, it's raining, its pouring, classes has been suspended. I hope you guys are all safe. I am here at work today and writing again something for my blog. Hopefully, I can review the fresh products that I am currently loving like the Revlon Colorstay Foundation, Wet n Wild Eye and Lip Liners, Covergirl Lipstick, and specially the torturing that I am currently doing to my hair. Hopefully. Hopefully.

Keep safe everyone! And to those who are loving and still reading this blog Thank you so much! Love you guys!

Til' next time!


  1. yey special mention! sana nga sis make reviews na! :) it's been so long since you made reviews especially ng mga local brands.

  2. natawa ako dun sa lazy blogger award logo ^^ i think i should bestow this award on myself too :D welcome back to blogging jenny, happy to discover your blog :)

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