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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lipsticks Mix: LimeCrime Pink Planet + Ever Bilena Scarlet +FOTD

I know all of you are aware of "Two toned Lipstick", thou I haven't tried wearing such thing, I opted to make a post about "Lipstick Mixing" wherein you use two different shades of lipstick. And maybe some of you already tried it. So in this post, I used two different shades of Lippies. 

1. LimeCrime Pink Planet 
2.Ever Bilena Scarlet

The two lippies has HUGE difference to ano another, the LC is in pink shade with blue undertone while the EBS is a matte red lipstick with orange undertone. I always combine these two whenever I want a bright lipstick but still wearable. I cannot wear the LC alone because it makes my teeth more yellowish (which I really hate) and the EBS is a bit drying to my lips and cannot be worn when you are having a smokey e/s.

Lime Crime Pink planet + Ever Bilena Scarlet

So how did I do this combining thing? First, I applied the LC and top it with EB. Or you can actually do it vice versa (it will make your light lipstick stained nga lang with the bright one pero it can't remove naman).

Actually, combining the two lippies gives you different shade, the picture below is vice versa to the picture above. Here, underneath is the Ever Bilena Scarlet while the LimeCrime Pink Planet is on the top. See the difference?

And here's my EOTD:

Hee, I used the DGcam here at the office, I can't take pictures at home kasi sira pa din ang DGcam ko. How poor I am!

So, that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed reading. You guys can try this mixing thing too if you haven't tried them. Post in the comment box below if you have the same post like mine. I am going to try the two toned lipstick next time :)

Thanks for reading lovelies!
Til' next time!

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