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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Navy Blue

Curious if what nail polish I used??

Photo credited to Hollie
Introducing the Klik Nail Polish, it is locally available and distributed by Ming Mei Cosmetics. 
It cost P18.00 only (7ml)

Hi there girls! Good evening! Thanks to my brother's phone (Nokia N73) It has 3.2 megapixels, my camera isn't working anymore :( 
Just wanted to share to you my Nail of the Week. I was about to get an Orange shade, but when I saw this Navy Blue shade from Klik (my favorite and cheap nail polish), I told my brother to buy this for me. Wanna see how they look like?

See that cute ring too? It was given to me by my cousin.

Really love the color!

just don't forget to apply top coat :)

It is actually Matte in person :)
But the down side is, of course, it only stays good for 2 days.
But nonetheless, I so love this nail polish.

That's all for now.
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  1. Hi there, Ms. Jen! San ka po sa may Rizal? Btw, you actually commented on my blogpost. :) Thanks! :) I followed you. Hope you'll do the same! Thanks!


    1. I'm from Angono Rizal sis. I already followed you too. Thanks for dropping by sis! Have a great day!

  2. Oh my! I love all the colors. And as far as I remembered, these nail polishes are the cheepest but quality nail polishes! :) I have one in black crackle nail polish also from Klik, only P25.00! :)

    * * *

  3. P.S! I just want to know, does this brand work for water marbling? :)
    B'coz no nail polishes of mine worked for water marbling except San San nail polishes... :((

    * * *

    1. Hi there Risse,
      Haven't tried them yet on water marbling. The one that I used before are from Caronia and OMG Nail polishes, they worked out naman pero I am not satisfied. I think those nail polishes that are quitee expensive are the ones which are good to be use for water marbling. Anyway thanks for commenting sis!

  4. i love the shape of your nails, sounds weird but I don't know how to shape my own fingernails.. great review by the way

    1. Thank you B! Just be patient! You will know how to shape your finger nails soon. I would love to make a tutorial how to shape yours like mine. Thanks dear!

  5. wow!i loove the shade! and the price,very affordable.

    drop by anytime,

    1. Yes they are so affordable! You can try their crakling nail polish too! Thanks for dropping by.


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